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  1. Footnote - I have a list of everyone who wants to buy all the components if broken up, as well as everyone who would take it all if shipped. So I don’t really need any additional responses unless you are desirous of taking it all either face-to-face or delivered to SE Regionals as originally posted. After regionals I will probably go to those lists - thank you everyone for the PMs thus far
  2. Paring down the calibers. Would like to sell all together - face to face - local to upstate SC 1866 Taylor’s Uberti Saddle Ring Carbine - good condition Pair of Great Western II Piettas with 5.5” barrels with boxes/papers - very smooth guns Square Deal B 44-40 caliber conversion kit ( not the whole press - just the conversion ) Approximately 150 reloads ( 50 empty out of 200 pieces total ) Approximately 250 200grn RNFP bullets for reloading Factory box of 50 Magtech Cowboy loads - 200grn RNFP $2100
  3. They do make a setup for 44-40 - that is what I load on - the SDB limitation is pistol length cartridges.
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