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  1. Stainless 45 Colt or 44 Mag Bisleys would be the only trade I am looking for at this time - thank you
  2. Found a backup rifle so I hadn’t bumped this up lately. Now I’m thinkin’ about some stainless 45 Bisleys so back to the top for Christmas !!
  3. This should answer everyone’s concerns - Cap addressing mod variations
  4. 7 1/2” 44-40 - these are the other set that were from Three Foot Johnson if you missed the last pair. This pair includes a set of basic slim-jim holsters and one set of white NC Ordnance grips. $790 shipped to your FFL for everything( must accept from a non-FFL ).
  5. I have the first two mentioned - they are good shooters and a good person to deal with.
  6. Unfortunately cash poor till I sell something myself.
  7. Does this one have the tang safety ?
  8. Dude you can’t keep going cheaper on these or I’ll never sell my over priced pair....LOL
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