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  1. Have pair of Uberti El Patrons in 357 but they are 5 1/2” barrels and I have never shot CCI primers in them to make the claim that they would go bang. I always used Federal.
  2. Can you post a picture of the schofields ?
  3. I’ll take the Bisley grips - PM me payment details please thank you
  4. Reaper   email me at wintertexan@netscape.com   

  5. I’ll take hat #16 - PM me payment details please Thank you
  6. My girl watching and making sure I’m getting my work done in my office
  7. Reaper, Thanks.

    Ted Cross

    2508 Gary Ln

    Arlington, Tx  76016

    Send your and I'll get'em on the way.


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AlOvera


      Pkg on AM stage.  Est arr 6/19 barring stage robbers and indian raids.

    3. Carolina Reaper

      Carolina Reaper

      Thanks for the update

    4. Carolina Reaper

      Carolina Reaper

      Received them yesterday - in good condition as advertised. Whoever made them - I like the reinforced screw area - sadly I have cracked a couple sets of brand new grips over the years even when trying to be extra careful.

      Nice doing business with you- thanks

  8. send $25 paypal to  rlluehr@yahoo.com


    send me your shipping inform

  9. send gold to 



    12141  7th st

    Houston,Tx 77072



    check is fine  send me your shipping inform

    1. Carolina Reaper

      Carolina Reaper

      I will get it out tomorrow - thanks

  10. About the only way to contact John Lee is by direct email or by phone,both of which are in his message. Like a lot of us older folks, it’s not easy to figure technology out. I’m first in line for ether  the 5 1/2 or the 7 1/2 this weekend if Tusco doesn’t cancel their shoot here in Ohio. 

  11. Send to

    Jerry McDaniel

    102 Moonglow Trail

    Huntsville, Al. 35806


    Send me your address and I will go ahead and ship it.  Thanks



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    2. Carolina Reaper

      Carolina Reaper

      Received today - thank you. That is some clean stuff - won’t be hard to tell my old shells from these...lol

      Do you wet tumble with pins or something?

    3. Sawyer


      Walnut first for 4-5 hours, then corncob for a couple more.  Glad you like it.

    4. Carolina Reaper

      Carolina Reaper

      Did you get the check OK? I had not seen it processed and wanted to make sure you received it.

  12. What are you looking to get for it sir ?

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    2. Sarival Slim
    3. Carolina Reaper

      Carolina Reaper

      Yes sir - not sure if I can get to the post office tomorrow or if I can get my wife to. If not I can do it after my local shoot Saturday if that is OK.

    4. Sarival Slim

      Sarival Slim

      No worries, no rush. Let me know when it's on it's way. Sarival :).

  13. Deleted

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    2. Lone Roc Ranger
    3. Carolina Reaper

      Carolina Reaper

      Picked up at my FFL - in the excellent condition you described in your ad. Hopefully get to try it out tommorow. Thank you.

    4. Lone Roc Ranger

      Lone Roc Ranger

      Great, enjoy and thanks again. Regards, Roc

  14. SASS Alias: Carolina Reaper SASS #: 104342 Where you are from: South Carolina How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: little over a year
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