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  1. I’ll take these if still available - PM me payment info
  2. I’ll take them sir. PM me payment details. thanks
  3. If you don’t find some on here - worknranch has a couple options for around $150
  4. Plus the hammer and the trigger and the hex screws for the 2 top grip frame screws to my knowledge
  5. BP would be the year marking - 2001 as Dawg stated
  6. Are original and new model interchangeable? I know Midway has stainless “large frame” as they put it for $109.
  7. send $25 paypal to  rlluehr@yahoo.com


    send me your shipping inform

  8. Dang - if they were size 10 I’d take both pair...
  9. Last time I needed 1878 lock parts I got them from Steve Young - steve@stevesgunz.com
  10. Y’all are trying to lead me astray. I traded my series 70 just before I discovered cowboy action. Probably my #1 gun trade regret. If I still had it I would probably get sucked into wild bunch or some such nonsense. Thank you for the offer though sir.
  11. appreciate the offer - kind of in a groove with my current shotguns and have a couple backups. But who knows - my interests may change next week...lol
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