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  1. Vortex Monocular sold to Preacherman.
  2. That’s nice lever gun sold in August and has already been shipped to the new owner. Thanks for the interest. sorry.
  3. This is one great rifle. I bought one last year from the original owner who bought it new in 1960. I added a Nikon 3 to 9 x 40 and started casting 200 gr gas checked bullets for it. Last trip to the range it had five rounds in 1 1/4 inches at 100 yards and nine rounds at one and three-quarter inches at 100 yards. It’s a pleasure to shoot and I prefer it over my Winchester 1894 in 3030.
  4. Hey Doc, I’ve got about 275 44Mag cases all cleaned that I’ll let go for $35 plus shipping from 34442. Got enough brass laying around and can let this batch go. regards, Capt’n Rudy
  5. That’s a beautiful rifle. Haven’t seen one in that condition! I have one with serial S7247 which has a Marlin rail and a Weaver “Tip-Off” mount with a 2x Weaver scope. Mine is not in near the condition of yours. The rifle came off a boat in the Florida Keys with some rust and also termite holes in the stock. I refinished the stock and reblued the entire rifle. It’s a wonderful shooter and gets a lot of looks at the range. Best of luck with your sale. Someone will be very pleased.
  6. Cleaning out some gear I no longer need. All prices are plus shipping. Please include your zip code in reply. And I’m looking for a Lyman/RCBS mold in 44 Mag to buy or trade for. Need a gas check mold for a lever gun. Items: SOLD Lee 38 mold 358-158 new $60, selling $30 SOLD Lee 9mm mold 356-124 new $60 selling $30 SOLD REMOVED Lyman mold 30 cal 311291, new $91, selling $50 Warne pic rail for Remington 700 SA, new $60, selling $30 SOLD Skinner Express sight off Marlin 1895 which I’ve sold, also fits 336, new $110, selling $60 SOLD SOLD Wilson case trimmer, antique, selling $25 SOLD SOLD Vortex Solo Monocular 8x36, NIB, bought as gift for my son a year ago and of course he already had one, and too late to return. thanks for looking, Capt’n Rudy
  7. Rifle sold to Prairie Dog. I’ll send you a PM in the morning with shipping total and my address.... Capt’n Rudy
  8. BTT with price lowered one more time. Now asking $900, plus shipping.
  9. Kerry, yes the rifle with ammo is for sale. And I just lowered the price to $950. Small world, Last week I bought a rifle from Wade Fargo from Treasure Island. That new rifle is why this one is for sale. PM me if you’d like to discuss more details, cause you can save on shipping and FFL fees. later, Capt’n Rudy
  10. BTT Back before COVID shut down my neighborhood poker game, we’d play a lowball seven-card game where you could buy the last card up for a quarter. So shouldn’t a seller pay a little for a bump to the top, for the last card up? Maybe I’ll even start something here, a new tradition. The asking price will be reduced with each bump to the top by me. Price just reduced from $1,000 to $950, plus shipping. Now that doesn’t prevent another cowboy from helping me out with a comment that takes the listing back to the top. what da ya think??
  11. When it comes to shipping firearms one must follow both Federal Regulations as well as state statutes. For example; Florida Statute permits a FL resident to ship a firearm within the State to another FL resident (Who is reasonably known to not be prohibited from possessing). I doubt that is the case in California. I always verify that the buyer is a Florida resident by requiring a drivers license in advance, and that he or she is permitted to possess the firearm by requiring a copy of his or her Florida Concealed Weapon/Firearm License. If in doubt I will simply require the use of an FFL at the buyer’s end. Note that while you can ship a handgun within the state of Florida to a non-FFL, you (non-FFL) can not use the Post Office, and FedEx and UPS require overnight shipment. It’s actually less expensive to use my local FFL to transfer and ship the handgun to the buyers‘ FFL, even in Florida. Please let me know if I am incorrect in my understanding of the above. Face-to-face transactions in Florida are always easier. It was worth the drive yesterday to Tampa to buy a rifle directly from Wade Fargo. Thanks again Wade! By the way, I have a 45LC lever gun for sale. With reloaded ammo.
  12. Cowboys looking for ammo will need to keep looking. 45 LC ammo is part of the package with the 1873. Sorry ‘bout that.
  13. Capt’n Rudy Will take it today when I meet you to purchase your Ruger No. 1
  14. Hey Straight Shooter, yes, it is one sweet rifle and I’d keep her if in 38/357. Got a drawer full of dies and enough calibers to reload already. Rifle being sold to make room for a newer single shot rifle. My sweetheart wife says I can buy more guns but they have to fit in just one safe!
  15. SW Shooter, That’s a funny question, and gave me a chuckle. I think you’d like to know if the magazine will hold ten. I’ve never put more than one round at a time down the barrel. The magazine will hold eleven rounds. Just loaded her to test that. I only run 200 gr RNFPBB sized .452 Hi-TEK polymer coated from Red River Bullets. Due to the short stroke in the rifle it will NOT run 230 gr because the COAL is too long. I had the same issue with my 38/357 Uberti after I installed a Pioneer Gun Works SS kit. It would only cycle 357. Yes, I did the install kit myself and learned a lot about 1873 timing. This 45LC was already timed perfectly when I got it and I’ve run couple hundred rounds thru her during practice without an issue. thanks for asking, Capt’n Rudy
  16. 1873 Uberti in match-ready condition. Slicked up and ready to run. 19” round barrel, case-hardened lever and hammer, lightened springs, short-stroked with aluminum carrier, large brass front sight, leather butt and lever. It was slicked up for cowboy action, but I don’t know who did the work. See the pic to determine degree of short stroke. It has seen some matches and has a few dings but has a lot of life left in it. I bought it last year on impulse and I don’t care to keep it, cause I using my 38/357 Uberti for CAS. Sometimes hard to control those impulses, and now need to sell this 45LC to make room in the safe for another lever gun. Price just reduced to $850. I’ll reduce the price each time I send a BTT. No ammo included in sale. Buyer pays all UPS shipping, rifle to your FFL, or direct to a Florida resident located in Florida with proper ID (yes, that’s perfectly legal in Florida). Thanks for looking. Capt’n Rudy (retired Captain, US Coast Guard)
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