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  1. Dawg, I would like to buy them if Hopalong passes on them. PM sent. Thanks, Chert Rock
  2. If Hopalong passes on them, I’d be interested in them. Chert Rock
  3. Would you break one lot into 1,000pcs boxes? Id be interested in 1,000.
  4. You never fail to pull another rabbit out of your hat. To the top.
  5. I recently did a jogging stroller conversion as well. I know there are a multitude of different models out there I believe this one was called an Expedition. The video runs a little long, but I didn’t make any stills.... IMG_1604.MOV
  6. I have notifications set for all varieties of primers from Midway and didn’t receive any notification of available stock.
  7. I’d like the cap pouch. Let me know how you prefer to be paid.
  8. You and me both! I’ve wanted them since the last time he considered selling them. Timing just hasn’t been right for me to swing it. TTT again.
  9. Yep. Sender has filed a claim. Sadly, it was an item I purchased here on The Wire. Non replaceable just stands to get whatever insured value may be. Would much rather have the goods than a refund....
  10. Same story here. Package hasn’t arrived and last known location in tracking was November 10th in Utah. On the 14th of November an update simply stated it was still on the way but would arrive later than expected. No further updates as of today.Considering this one is a loss at this point.
  11. Sure would like a lot of that brass .38! Perhaps if there’s any left after Chris Kringle gets done with me..... Merry Christmas Preacherman!
  12. Seems Mister Badly and I used the same baby buggy. IMG_1604.MOV IMG_1604.MOV
  13. +1 They are cowboy shooters. We have a local cowgirl that is sponsored by them, Midwest Hale. Use her promo code at checkout for 5% off. Promo code: Hale5
  14. No more authentic, just more versatile for this particular purpose.
  15. Well, I’d say that a new “Winchester” isn’t REALLY a Winchester except by name anymore, it’s a Miroku Winchester model 1873. Made in Japan, by Miroku. Call it what you like, but that’s that. A Uberti is a Uberti Winchester model 1873. Made in Italy by Uberti. While most folks agree the Miroku is a finer, stock rifle from the box, the Uberti is the rifle that wins titles.(That title winners shoot) Parts to make a Miroku into a race gun are few and far between. In contrast, the Uberti is the small block Chevy of lever guns. Basically it’s what you want out of a cowboy rifle. Do you want a fine, stock gun that has Winchester stamped on the barrel along with the words; Made In Japan, or do you want a cowboy rifle that can be made to run like a scalded dog with turpentine wiped on his butt? Either one is perfectly acceptable, but serve the cowboy in far different respects. A Miroku Winchester is a nice, smooth gun that some like very much. For me, it’s not really a Winchester anymore except by name, therefore I choose a vintage. or what I consider an authentic Winchester for other than CAS. I DO LOVE a nice Winchester!
  16. +1 Our local clubs try to maintain distancing but do not require masks at any time. Usually at a monthly with 20-30 shooters, 1or 2 will show up wearing one. At the end of the match there is seldom a mask in sight. We don’t condemn anyone for wearing one, but also do not require anyone to abide by a rule that imposes the choices of others upon them. We are all responsible for our own health and welfare. Our state match was just a few weeks ago. With over 200 shooters, I can’t recall a single mask worn at the awards banquet. On the range, I recall seeing 2-3 masks scattered around roughly 20 posses.
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