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  1. Time to let some guns go, just in time for the holidays. 1. Pietta Frontier model in 45 LC that carries an Old Silver frame with laser engraving on both the frame and the 7.5” barrel. This handgun is still in production and can be found on the Cimarron website. I bought it unfired and put less than a box of lead through the barrel. Asking $500 plus actual shipping to you FFL. 2. Uberti 1858 Conversion revolver in 38spl with a 5.5” barrel. Has been shot some but shows very little wear, and never in competition to my knowledge. Asking $435 plus shipping to your FFL. 3. Ruger Super Redhawk 9.5” barrel in 44Mag topped with a Burris 2X pistol scope. This handgun was born in 1988, according to the serial number, and has not seen much use. I’ve owned it for a few years and only shot hand cast lead through it, and now even that recoil is a little too much for me. Asking $1,000 plus actual shipping to your FFL. More pictures are available, just ask via PM. Also, a face-2-face transaction is possible in Central Florida, all in compliance with state and federal laws. Thanks for looking, Capt’n Rudy
  2. Here’s a very unique firearm that needs a new home. It’s a Remington 870 12ga that is decked out in tactical attire with gold engraving that’s all NRA. It was engraved by America Remembers which only made a limited run of 500. They sold for $1500 when they were available, and I’m asking somewhat less. Price is $900 which includes shipping to your FFL. Trades will be considered sent via private message. Especially looking for a Ruger New Vaquero Bisley 357 polished SS. Thanks for looking, Capt’n Rudy
  3. Hey Professor, sir, This is so tempting. Does it include the Ramrod and other brushes and torch needed to fire the cannon? Yes, rather different than the guns that I shot off of the Coast Guard cutter deck. regards, Capt’n Rudy
  4. That is quite all right. Sometimes that happens. Best to you.
  5. Two belts here that are excess to my needs. I used the Shotgun Belt for a few years and finally replaced it with a “draw-two” belt. Running a ‘97 nut could never draw four so I always drew two twice. There’s still some life left in this shotgun belt. The elastic is starting to get weak but is still quite functional. Handmade by Half Breed in Central Florida. $50 shipped Priority Mail. Second belt is broken-in and clearly has many years left in it. I picked it up thinking I would build a second rig, and never got going. $35 shipped USPS. Please see the pictures for dimensions and condition. Personal checks accepted from SASS Members, all others please use USPS MO. Thanks for looking, Capt’n Rudy (US Coast Guard retired)
  6. Sold to a local shooter for the asking price. Thanks everyone for looking…. Capt’n Rudy
  7. Hey Slim Chance, a magnet sticks to everything except the grips. Trust that answers your question. Thanks for then interest, Capt’n Rudy
  8. Here’s a pistol that needs a new home. Hardly fired, and functions beautifully. Includes original box and paperwork, and two mags. Asking $550 for a face-to-face cash transaction in Central Florida, with a CCW permit-carrying buyer. Or $600 shipped to your FFL. Thanks for looking, Capt’n Rudy
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