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  1. Time to make room in the safe for an incoming rifle. I own two Original Golden 39A’s and am selling the newer one, made in about 1977. Shoots fine and looks decent. I don’t think it has ever been refinished. The blueing is turning to patina on the barrel and left side of the receiver. The halves’ numbers match and the pictures show how years have turned some blueing and not other places. I replaced a few parts last year, such as screws and cartridge cutoff spring. Stock has normal dings and is quite good for being over 40. Scope is a fixed 4X Bushnell that sits nicely on a 22LR First $375 plus shipping takes her home. Will also do a face-to-face in north central Florida, wearing masks of course, like cowboys on the trail.
  2. Thanks to all you Cowboys for the kind words and the recommendations. For now the only modification will be the addition of butt leather. Just found a local Leather Smith that already makes custom butt leather for the Evil Roy with a window that shows the factory “Evil Roy” on the butt stock. Grandma does not want “Evil Roy“ showing so Leather Smith Bob is making one with “HOPE” in that place instead. Here’s a shout-out recommendation for BOBSLEATHERWORKS@aol.com Still looking for a Henry Evil Roy for my second granddaughter. I have over a year to find one.
  3. Looking for a second one of these Henry 22LR rifles for my second granddaughter. Oldest granddaughter receiving one for her 12th birthday I need one within the next year for my second granddaughter. Neither granddaughter Shoots CAS, yet, but both can bang steel at 600 yards with their dad’s 6.5 Creedmoor on their bellies. And my oldest granddaughter got her first deer at age 10. Yes, I’m super proud of my granddaughters and have their USMC Dad’s ok to buy each of them their first rifle. I’d prefer a face-to-face sale in Florida this year, possibly at the Florida State match in November. Any cowboy or cowgirl got one of these in their safe that they can part with? The “Evil Roy” edition is not scarce and I can always buy the second one on GB. thanks for looking.
  4. Entering this conversation with the possibility of a trade. I have an Uberti 1873 Winchester clone, of course, chambered in 45 LC. Don’t know the history of the rifle before I bought it last year. Short stroke kit and butt stock leather. Send me a PM if this is of any interest and we can continue the conversation.
  5. Could you send a few better photos, and a better price to me at cgrudy@msn.com thankx
  6. Two full opened boxes of 44 Cal gas checks. I’m in need of 45cal, any brand, for my Marlin 45-70. 1000 for 1000, paying our own shipping. thanks for looking.
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