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Hells Comin

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You must have come in second or you would have gottent the boxed set. :lol:






T Bone has come up with some great awards.  One of my favorites is the hand tooled leather set of mini-saddlebags.







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I love CAC...it is very much like going 'home for Christmas':wub:


I think one Cowboy VS Lawman  charity match that BRR (Buffalo Range Riders) we offered unique awards.

We honored 1st-3rd

The awards were etched Mirrors in nice frames.

1st were rather large

2nd were a bit over 13"

3rd was about 10"


The etching was above and below, leaving the middle free, to be used as,well, a mirror.

Everyone seemed to enjoy them.


I believe Mica McGuire has one...maybe Boggus Deal...


I did not keep photos of them.

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This was my first clean match award, and still one of the most uniqueIMG_20220401_082549.thumb.jpg.288c4001492cace2ee0d81a915cba1af.jpg

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A few years back Copperhead Joe was looking for awards for Black Gold and of course Coal was the answer. The first year he had chunks of Coal Mounted on plaques. Pretty unique except there were awards laying everywhere up there. Walk down the drive and coal was laying everywhere. So the next year he found someone who would grind the Coal down and mix it with epoxy and cast it into shapes. The first year was a revolver and the next was a rifle I think or it may have been the other way around. Anyway they were very unique and fit with the area. I would post a picture but I would have had to win my category to actually receive one. Maybe one of the winners could post a picture. I just got to unpack them.

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