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  1. Are you going to be at the GA State match next weekend?
  2. Thanks @Rillito Red. Can't wait to sport my new vest.
  3. If you will take payment electronically, (Cashapp, Venmo, PayPal, or zelle), I'll take vest #3.
  4. To transfer a shooter database into CAS Scoring see if the SASS program will generate a .csv file, or an excel spreadsheet. In either case, you may have to open the file in excel and do some editing. When I did this to seed a new scoring ipad I found that some columns were required or it would stop the import when it got to the empty cell. In my case I had to enter several bogus SASS numbers, then save the spreadsheet as a .csv file. To do the actual import email the file to yourself, open the email on the iPad, and from the email tell it to open the file with CAS Scoring.
  5. This was my first clean match award, and still one of the most unique
  6. I don't need the dog food, but where do I sign up for all the coupons you seem to get in your email?
  7. I need to add one thing. The knife pictured in the OP claims to be an 8" blade. I seriously doubt that to be accurate. The blades looks to be the same length as the handle, which would be perfect for a 4" blade (making the whole thing 8", and potentially very comfortable to wear and hold). If that blade is actually 8" than that is one rather large handle, and do not buy it.
  8. Unless you're preparing food, or hacking your way through a jungle, the vast majority of people never need more than an inch or two of the blade. Everything beyond that is just for looks.
  9. Ah, yes. I misread. I was looking at the pocket RO card.
  10. There's nothing here about whether the action is open or closed. If it's open, there is no call to make unless another gun is fired before retrieving the rifle. If closed, SDQ. If open, AND another gun gets fired (or the rifle gets set down on the UT), minor safety plus misses for any unfired rounds. Same answer for Branchwater Jack EDIT: I stand corrected below on Branchwater Jack's scenario.
  11. Before putting slime in the tires, I would pick up a cheap valve stem tool, and replace, or at least tighten the valve stems.
  12. I love that stuff. I'll take it if you still have it.
  13. I made this one for myself about a year ago. I was reinventing the wheel trying to get the loops the right size. I'll send you a PM.
  14. What would a new bag like that sell for?
  15. Good looking gun. When I looked up that serial number it came back as 1920. https://winchestercollector.org/dates/
  16. Some ranges I shoot at don't allow anything larger than 7.5, but that's a side track to this thread. Does the larger shot increase the splatter on the gallery?
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