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  1. Starline is currently allowing back orders of 45CS brass, which in my experience means they are planning a run soon and it likely won’t be too long of a wait. Just thought I’d pass along. JJ
  2. My buckaroo and I started shooting CAS exactly one year ago. We shoot at two diff clubs and I have not seen a decline in that timeframe. From what I hear we are holding pretty steady with the pre-Covid levels in 2018/19. I think it’s definitely down compared to the heydays back in the early 2000’s but we typically attract 20-30 shooters at each monthly (some of which are shooting both Sat & Sun on the two day monthlies). We had 65 shooters at one annual and over 100 at the other annual. We’ve adopted optional .22s at the monthlies as well (no harm, in my opinion, cuz it kept folks having fun and attracted a couple new shooters). Covid has kept a few away and others are shooting a little less frequently due to components. I agree with Sixgun Seamus that the continued shortage will pressure even the people who were well stocked as the shortage endures. Overall, though, we’re holding the line. JJ
  3. This thread Gives me some things to think about now that my 9yo son has started shooting CAS with me. Not that it freaks me out but there are some pretty simple protocols and habits I can instill in him now that should serve him well over his life. Thanks for this thread guys and gals! JJ
  4. Just like the title says. Anyone got one laying around that they don’t need before I go shopping? PM me with details please. Thanks! JJ
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