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  1. Howdy Friends, I’m just getting started and my 9 yo son wants to play the game with me (yippee!). My Arsenal is complete and I’ve got my son’s revolvers (wranglers with reduced power spring kits) and scattergun covered. Now I’m trying to complete his outfit with a rifle. My ‘73 is just too darn heavy for him. Was thinking of a Browning BL 22 to stay caliber-consistent with the wranglers, but I’d like to hear if anyone has a “dust gatherer” that they’d like to pass along and also any sage advice On make, model and caliber from this high quality group of friends. He’s fairly tall for his age but I’ll still need to shorten the stock a bit to fit him on nearly any rifle. Thanks for your advice and any hardware you have that I might consider. JJ
  2. Guys - sorry for the late replay and thank you's but I really appreciate all this advice and great ideas. My wife reminded me the other day that I have done a bit of leather craft in the past, so I decided to make the belt myself. Going with a 2" wide ranger style. He loves it so far (progress pic attached). I figured out a way to make it extendable by about 8" without losing "the look". Now for some sewing, tooling and staining, and he'll be all set. I'll buy holsters though - not that ambitious yet with my crafting. However, Kirk James and Slowhand Bob have really got me rethinking the .22 route!! Thanks again guys - one of the things I like best about this new hobby is enjoying it with my boy! JJ
  3. A guy near me is liquidating a whole truckload (literally) of shotgun reloading equipment. I’m trying to hook up with him sometime in the next few days. If he has one, I’ll shoot you another reply. JJ
  4. Thanks guys! All great advice that I will follow-up on. Now I just have to make it as fun as possible for him so he wants to play the game long term! J.J.
  5. I was a retail gun dealer for 10 years, and have been a consumer of Hornady products for 30. While I have had very few problems with their products over that time - when I (or my customers) have they are rock-solid. Was just reminded of that this week! Refreshing these days. . . .
  6. Hey Folks - I am brand new to the game, and my 9 year old son wants to do this with me. I'm struggling to find any decent quality leather belts out there for the buckaroos. I'm not necessarily looking for competition-level stuff yet, but I also don't want "cap gun" plastic either. I'm sure more than one of you has tackled this already, so any advice is welcomed. I'll be outfitting him with either Ruger Wranglers (with lightened hammer springs!) or Bearcats, most likely. Thanks all! Reb
  7. Thanks Bullett. I plan to shoot with the long bbls initially so we’ll see how that goes!
  8. Howdy folks - brand new SASS member here trying to set up my arsenal. I already have a BSS that’s my main upland gun and would love to find another set of barrels that I can have fitted and cut for CAS. Mama told me if you don’t ask, you don’t git! Thanks for any help you can offer. “Reb” #110206
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