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  1. Howdy Pards, Looked through some old posts about recommendations for badge makers but wanted to get an update if possible. Our club needs to have some more badges made (hooray we’re adding members!!) and our former supplier has raised their prices from $20 to $50!! Would be great to find a SASS member who is in this biz so we could support them. Any recommendations friends? Thank you in advance! JJ
  2. Those are awesome BB! Thanks for posting. I had not seen the cimarron version with octagons before. JJ
  3. Sage advice W.K. Thank you for taking the time to write this! Very helpful. JJ
  4. Warden, thank you very much for this in depth answer, with photos to boot! Much appreciated sir! JJ
  5. To all who replied - thank you! This is all great advice. It makes sense that any mfg over time can suffer from volatility in quality but it sounds like, generally speaking, they’re all serviceable. As for period-originality, I’m not super hung up on that but I also want to stay fairly close to the traditions of the game. As for octagon barrels - no doubt they are a modern incarnation - I just think they look darn cool! Being that I’m not in dire need, and prices are currently high, I’ll take my time to find the ones that suit me best. Like most of you, I’m sure that’ll be only one stop on t
  6. I’m new to the game and currently shooting a set of original Vaqueros in 38/357. I want to get a set of SAA clones (just cuz) in .45 Colt and am curious if there truly is a difference in quality between the major companies, or does it all just boil down to personal preference? I am really fond of the octagon barrel models, and I’ve been looking at the Pietta Gunfighter II, but this led to my question of quality differences between Uberti, Pietta, etc. While we’re at it, why all the discussion about “4 click” vs. “3 click”? Is this a case of preference or is there a material difference?
  7. No problem Charlie! Thanks much. If anything should go sideways, just line me up. Thx! JJ
  8. Howdy folks: Newer shooter here and my LPP supply exceeds my SPP supply so it’s time to try Wild Bunch! Anyone got some mag pouches they don’t need? I have a holster that will work but if you’ve got a rig that you don’t want to split up, let’s talk. I’m a 34 waist. please PM me with what you’ve got. Thanks in advance friends. JJ
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