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  1. I started my 9yo son back in September and got him a set of Ruger Wranglers. They took a little work but the only $$ outlay was a set of lighter springs, the rest was just polishing. He shoots em great. You can get em for $189 new. I also got him a Henry H001 lever gun for $289 new. Called Henry and they sent me a youth stock for it for free!! The hardest part was leather and I ended up just making his rig but there are several good pards on here that will make a good set for him reasonably as well. Whatever you do, keep him interested. Shooting with my boy is the greatest joy of this game.
  2. Cholla, thanks! I have noticed that handles, along with everything are nuts right now. Who’d a thunk? Anyway - this is the precise type of feedback I was hoping for thank you. JJ GJ: thank you as well. Very helpful! JJ
  3. I come again to the fount of all cowboy knowledge. . . I’m a new shooter that’s taking up casting. I recently came into possession of a couple Lyman 4 cavity molds without handles. I’m curious to know whether I have to find Lyman handles, or will other brands work as well? Just trying to cast the widest possible net. thanks in advance for any help you can give! JJ
  4. My 9 year old son and I recently started in the game and I bought him a Henry lever 22. Got a youth stock from the factory and he shoots it great! Based on Oak Creek’s post above I’ll have to look into the Widder action job but I will say it runs pretty well out of the box. Good luck on your hunt. JJ
  5. Hey Major, several years back Olympic Arms in Olympia, WA reproduced the Whitney. Not sure how many (if any) parts were interchangeable but there might be some parts out there for the Olympic version. Unfortunately they are out of business now. Not sure if that’s any help but thought I’d throw it out there. JJ
  6. Sending pm on #3 I have a couple questions. Thanks! JJ
  7. There was a thread on this forum a couple weeks back on this topic. A couple pards, including Mudflat Mike responded that they had some. Take a look through some older posts and I think you’ll find what you’re looking for. good luck! JJ
  8. Mr. Cord - sending you pm. I’ll take the first set of .358 and .452 dies with .45 top punches. Thank you very much.
  9. Thanks Warden! I do believe you’re right. The catalogues always mention the 450/4500 for interchangability but not the 45. I recon ‘cause they haven’t made the 45 for about that many years now! I think they’re all the same dies though. My 45 has a set screw to hold the die in place. Thanks again for your thorough advice and links. JJ
  10. Howdy folks. New shooter here who picked a fine time to start burning a lot of ammo! Anyway - looking for some sizing dies for my Lyman 45 and always seem to be a minute late when you guys post em. Looking for .356, .358, .430 and .452 PM me with any feedback, please! JJ
  11. I’d be interested in backing this up if things don’t work out with Preacherman. Thanks! JJ
  12. Update Nem: my buddy is away at his daughters for Christmas weekend returning tomorrow morning (Monday). He’ll check stock when he gets back and let me know. Thx. JJ
  13. Ok, I’ll call him and circle back. Not sure what his Christmas plans are so bear with me. JJ
  14. Nemesis: A friend recently bought an estate and I’m pretty sure he has some .222 brass in the bunch. It’s almost certainly 1x fired (not sure) and I think he wants $0.15 each for his rifle brass. If you’re interested I’ll call him this week to check stock and I’ll just pick em up and sell them straight over to you at $0.15 ea plus shipping in flat rate. Let me know. Also let me know how many pieces you’re after. God knows when you’ll get em with the post office delays but if I ship after Christmas it’ll prob be faster!! JJ
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