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Wine her,
Dine her,
Call her,
Hug her,
Support her,
Hold her,
Surprise her,
Compliment her,
Smile at her,
Listen to her,
Laugh with her,
Cry with her,
Romance her,
Believe in her,
Cuddle with her,
Go shopping with her
Give her jewelry,
Buy her flowers,
Hold her hand,
Write love letters to her,
Go to the end of the earth and back again for her.



Arrive naked.
Bring Pizza & Beer

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12 years ago my wife passed. Over time I recovered, sort of. Was wondering… Then two things happened. I read the statement “the number one way to impress a woman is ‘learn to cook’”. And then I saw the food network (now Guy Fieri network) show “Worst Cooks in America”.  Now I have always cooked but, up to that time, I did not know how to cook.


I looked around for cooking classes. There are different types of classes. One that is common is “come and watch our chef(s) do it. It does not matter how much he/she tells, you learn nothing. The other type is “we tell you, give you a recipe, and you go for it, ingredients, knives, pans, stoves, …”. At the end of the class there is a sit down meal where everyone eats or takes home what was made. These classes were great. But the best part was the interaction with other people, I could stop being a hermit.


Those classes were 3-4 hour things that only required driving to the school (Cambridge School of Culinary Arts).  The classes were called “recreational”, they also had a professional program, actually four, I had learned that Culinary Institute of America also had what they call boot camps. The fee includes chef jackets, pants and toques so you look like their professional students. A problem was that the class required travel but I did it, Hyde Park, San Antonio, and Napa Valley.


the result, a thousand hours of culinary training but OMG there’s still a ton of stuff I’d like to learn.

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1 hour ago, Kid Rich said:

My culinary training started when I was 15 working mornings before school in a truck stop with a Chinese cook. He made the best sweet rolls I've ever eaten. Every thing was made from scratch, no mixes or premade anything.


Some of the best food I've ever had was in truck stops.

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My little sister has a husband who works, comes home and cleans the house and cooks most of the time and she treats him like dirt.  She is condescending and sharp to him.  BUT they do have 2 children so she may do the second list.  


I don't do any of the things he does, my wife sometimes treats me better, but there may be a reason we had to adopt all of our children.  

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