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Rumblings in the Desert - EOT 2022

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Well work continues to make EOT 2022 the great match that it is, work party on Saturday, big turnout. We completed construction of some additonal board walk, painted the stage signs, touched up the cargo boxes, and finished the roof of the new Dillon Score Board! 








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Thank God for the boardwalk!

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EOT is coming fast!  Saturday, January 22 was another work day.  In one area of the yard volunteers review the stage equipment lists to see what targets are required and repair and replace targets showing any bowing or pitting.  A few of the new 24" x 24" targets.






The Rough Riders have six metal shipping containers and a couple of covered storage sheds holding hundreds of props and decorations.




In the back of this container if you look at the right-hand side is the Riverboat.  When assembled this year it will look something like this.






Other containers are packed with awards as are member's garages.



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In another area of the yard new sign holders for each stage are being painted.




A new score board, AKA the wailing wall, is built.  At the end of each shooting day the scores are posted so shooters can compare their scorecards to the computer printouts to make sure there are no errors.  And, to cry about that miss and P on stage six.




It seems like every year an endless supply of new boardwalk is built and then sprayed with preservative.





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Ben Avery is a pubic shooting range and has over 140 clubs that shoot on and reserve the ranges and buildings on a daily basis.  The range is closed on Monday and Tuesday so those are the days the Rough Riders can work on and repair the three permanent CAS buildings.  Today it was sunny and 70 so it was a perfect day to spruce up the Saloon.  The sun had dry rotted the railings on the upper deck so they and much of the window trim were replaced.




The paint sprayers were suited up and sprayed the large areas while others painted the trim.






Others were on the inside getting things ready for EOT.  The gang will be back out on the range on Tuesday and it looks like another perfect day for repairs and painting.



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Nice work everyone. I can’t wait to get there.

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Tuesday and the fun continues.  While one group is over continuing work on the Saloon Swiss Kid and Hopalong Harry are over in the yard giving the new livery stable a coat of water sealant and the first coats of stain.  This is the first time the all panels have all been laid out together and it will not be assembled until it is set up the week prior to EOT.  All the panels are numbered and everything WILL fit when it is set up the first time at the match!











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There is a work party this Saturday, February 5th.  We are so lucky to have so many volunteers that make all of this possible.  Lots of things will be getting finishing touches done as we get close to EOT.

Stay tuned for more photos.

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Final preparations underway for EOT 2022, the new Dillon Score board or a Larsen Pettifogger calls it the "Walling Wall" is painted and awaiting the Dillon banners and logos. More items finished painting, 2 trailers loading to begin building the town. Larsen will post more photos from yesterday's work party, nice large turnout. Thanks for all that came out to help.






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Saturday, February 5, and dozens of volunteers showed up to paint, repair and begin the preparations for setting up EOT 2022.  Ben Avery is a public range so set up and take down time is limited.  Set up begins the Wednesday before the match and is completed by Saturday mid-afternoon.  The range goes from barren desert to a western town with hundreds of decorations and props, a huge main tent and two large vendor areas in roughly 3 1/2 days.


This week one of the containers was almost empty enough to begin inspecting the two locomotives that will be set up for the match.  After moving a few ore cars the locos could finally be inspected and notes made of any touch up or details that will need to be addressed when the locos are assembled for the match.








The day was sunny and bright so it was perfect to address some remaining painting.  Why all the blue?  It is Dillon blue as Dillon is a sponsor for this year's match.  Dozens and dozens of signs.  It takes a lot to keep 750 shooters going to the right place and to direct visitor's to points of interest.  The scoreboard will have a roof section and the Dillon logo on it.












In another part of the yard work continues on the new livery stable and additional photo signs are created.






The key to the rapid set up of EOT is pre-planning and staging fronts, targets and props to move quickly to their assigned bays.  Here a trailer has a front loaded and made ready to move to its new home on the range.




Finally noon rolls around and the lunch whistle blows and volunteers begin getting in line for lunch.




The main tent and vendor rows will begin going up shortly.  The next major job is to continue loading the trailers with the targets, fronts and props so they can be rapidly delivered to their assigned stages and so the assembly crews can begin putting them together.  I better load some ammo!












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