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  1. Excellent shoot! Thanks to Renegade Roper, Sixgun Swaby and the others for all their hard work.
  2. Nice deal. Of course I bought some last week and don't have the receipt any longer ...
  3. It is common in the Army to call a Lt. Col as 'Colonel' verbally, but not in print.
  4. I believe he is a retired Lt. Col. He should bring in quite a crowd.
  5. How many shotgun rounds? On the Enfield rifle: what caliber would that be? Can't be a .30-06 as in pre-1900, it hadn't been invented yet.
  6. Mine was in the Spam Folder also.
  7. Glad to see that they are going to hold the SASS Northeast Regional, especially for those who won their SASS State Championships and now have a place to use their free entry. It is a shame that it is the same weekend as the SASS Vermont State Championships. SASS really should put Ohio in the SASS Midwest Region.
  8. So, you are okay to have walkways to get you out of the mud on 11 stages, but not on the 12th stage (Stage 6)? I don't agree, but it will be up to the Winter Range management anyway.
  9. Congratulations to a great shooter (Duelist and Gunfighter).
  10. Great shoot. It is probably time for them to figure out how to put some wooden walkways down on Stage 6 in case it does rain/sleet/hail/snow and all that nice dirt/clay turns into mud. It wasn't bad for my posse by the time I shot it late Saturday, but most of the posses had a heck of a mess to deal with. The walkways sure have made a positive difference on the other stages.
  11. Looks like a cool week coming up for Winter Range! When you look up the weather for Anthem (a couple of miles up the road), it looks like mid-30's for lows and low 50's for highs.
  12. There are a lot of people from New England that haven't had a chance to talk about this yet, so we might want to revisit it at Fire and Ice or early at Winter Range. Some of the people I can think of that may want to go: Birdie Cage & Wylie Harp, Boston Lady & Yankee, Doc McCoy & wife, Grazer & Hawley McCoy, Kid Rich & Shirttail Bess, Hey Moe & Milo Sierra, Rancho Roy & Reno Browne, Muley McCoy & Miss Becky, Brett Cantrell & Wild Sage, Single Rose & Tazz, Stormy Shooter & Marshal Freeman, Chuck Would, Dead Head, Gunny B, Half-A-Hand Henri, Hawkeye Kid, Jocko, Lou Graham, Matchlock, Sebec Ranger, Turquoise Bill, Two Rig A Tony ... Forgive me if I have missed anyone.
  13. There is always Friday night at a different location.
  14. I have been using their bullets for .38-55 long range for about 14 years and now am using some 125 grain bullets for .38 Special. Excellent bullets.
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