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  1. Keep both eyes open. It really helps me with seeing through the smoke most of the time.
  2. Where did they get it made? I might have to get one for my 2016 selection.
  3. Just use American Pioneer Powder or Triple 7 and don't worry about the lubing. You can use regular CAS bullets. You don't have to use full loads either unless you want to. They are smoky smokeless powders, not an explosive like black powder. Fill them halfway up and put some filler in to hit the base of the bullet if you wish, but I have shot the last 14 years not filling the cases to the top (first with .45 Colt and then .38 Special) and have not had any problem. I use a little plastic pipette to put some water down the rifle barrel from the chamber four times rotating it so all four quadrants are covered and it runs out the muzzle and pull a bore snake through. Or you can use a rod.
  4. Have you perfected your potato cannon? I was telling someone about that night years ago that we were shooting them straight up and damn near got beaned a few times. Way too close for comfort.
  5. Anyone know if Guns of August at Middletown Sportsmen's Club is doing it again?
  6. I paid $1,800 for mine about six years ago.
  7. Welcome back to SASS! We've missed you up in NH since you went South.
  8. Anyone know for sure where the 2020 SASS Northeast Regional is going to be held and when?
  9. Here's a photo of my Winchester 94 .38-55 with tang sight.
  10. I recently acquired a 1894 Winchester in .38-55 (NIB) that was made in CT before they closed and it came with a tang sight and barrel leaf rear sight.
  11. Jimmy Spurs of Cowboy Gunworks.
  12. Interested in selling me the .357 mag brass?

    1. Hollifer A. Dollar

      Hollifer A. Dollar

      Someone beat you to it, sorry.

  13. Unfortunately not as we bought a new house in August and we are still pouring money into it finishing the lower level, Rinnai heater, standby generator, etc. We also are planning on going to England in August to visit friends of Miss Kendree's from when she went to school there for a year. Also to watch a US team compete at Bisley as it will be 40 years since I won the British Smallbore Prone and 3-Position Rifle Championships in 1977. Plus Colorado Springs for a US Shooting Team Alumni Association Reunion.
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