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  1. Heluva Rukus in Ballston Spa, NY and Winter Range in Phoenix, AZ. I'm going to Comin at Cha next week so I hope to add it to my list.
  2. If you are shooting 300 yards or less, go with .38-55. Much less recoil than .45-70 and very accurate. If you are shooting 300-600 yards, go with .40-65 or .45-70. .45-70 is the most used caliber, but is really more than is needed most of the time.
  3. And that glove that Driftwood Johnson has in the photos was white when he started using it!
  4. Thanks to the Maine Marshals for hosting the 2019 SASS Maine State Championships in Berwick, ME after the Beaver Creek Desperados burned out after the 2018 shoot. Of course, the Beaver Creek Desperados did a great job of helping Tyler Tornado and Dueling Des run a great shoot. We had some great side matches on Friday with beautiful weather. The rain from the hurricane pulled away on Saturday morning before we started shooting, so that definitely helped everyone's attitude. Nice, breezy cool weather helped that afternoon and Sunday. We shot 7 stages on Saturday and 5 stages on Sunday. Dapper Dan and Dueling Des were the 2019 SASS Maine State Champions while Dapper Dan and Crystal Creek Chris were the Top Overall Champions. Results and Photos They are planning on running it again next year.
  5. Thanks, Scarlett! Refreshing to see a positive posting ...
  6. I ship a box with UPS with ammo, CAS leather rig, WB leather rig, shotgun belt, boots, some cowboy clothes, duster, barn coat, cleaning kit, etc. That way I can get by with one suitcase and one or two hard gun cases (depending on whether I am shooting Wild Bunch).
  7. Thanks to Dakota Joe and the Pemi Valley Peacemakers for hosting another fine SASS NH State Championship 'Fracas at Pemi Gulch' in Holderness, NH this past weekend. We had some beautiful weather in the low 70's and no rain. We had a new Men's Champion with Flint Diamondback edging out his father, Splinter Bill, by 1/2 second. Splinter Bill won it in 2017 and went almost immediately into cancer treatment, but is back and healthy. Crystal Creek Chris won the Ladies Championship for about the ninth or tenth time in a row. Oneshot Willtravel was the Overall Champion and Crystal Creek Chris was high Lady while placing second overall. Results from 2019 SASS NH State Championships
  8. I put a 13 gauge Circle Fly .070" Card Wad between the powder and plastic cup and don't get any plastic in the barrel.
  9. Does this mean you are not a 'Cap Sucking Horg' any longer?
  10. I also added some of side match results and will be getting some photos up soon.
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