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  1. Congratulations to all the category Champions. Congratulations to Cooncan for Top overall Lady shooter. Congratulations to Deadeye Dillard for Top overall Male Shooter.
  2. There is Snake Oil George in Sapulpa and Roy's Creek Dan over by Arcadia. Not sure if they can help you or not.
  3. I had heard a few things about Federal factory Top Gun loads, so I picked up a case of Federal Top Gun Low Recoil-Subsonic, 12 gauge, 900 fps,. They are about an 1/8" shorter than my Remington STS reloads. Slightly ribbed, and has the larger metal base as compared to the Remington STS. I shot one box and if in bad need, they might work for a match or two. Felt recoil was abit harsh, as compared to my current reloads. I will stick with my reloads.
  4. Thanks for that link. Good information.
  5. Well worth it. I have a set Colt made and just waiting for the day my Grandson will start using it.
  6. Thank you all so kindly! I was moved and very pleased slipping by the great shooters in the Senior category.
  7. Goatneck Clem is and was a Special Man. Lovely Wife and wonderful Son. His service this evening is one of a kind. Many a tear fell. Great Love is like that.
  8. Correction made to the Model of the Winchester 12 GA shotguns - They are 1897 models - although, 1987 somehow sticks in my mind....Something kinda lingers...Hmmmm.
  9. For Sale : Contact Oklahoma Dee · Used 38 Special Brass – This brass has been cleaned twice, de-capped and resized. Starline, R-P,Winchester, Speer, CBC,PMC, etc..There maybe some 357 Mag sprinkled in. – Bag of 300+ ( $16) – 2 Bags of 250+ ($15 each) · Shotshell 12GA checkers – New - $24 each – Three left of current stock · Uberti / 1873 Rifle – 20” octagon Pistol Grip – 357 Magnum – Palo Verde action job with his own Short Stroke kit installed – SliXSprings Flat trigger – Aluminum carrier – asking $2000 Palo Verde currently has a number of State, Regional, National and World Champions shooting this type of rifle. · Lefty Wheeler Magazine sleeves -Aluminum tube/Spring/follower for the 357Mag Uberti rifle - $55 each – fits 20” barrels and can be modified for shorter barrels · Texas Paterson Replica -BP .36 Percussion – 7.5” barrel with holster/box - $400 · Winchester AA 12 GA Factory – 8 boxes from Winter Range 2019 - $8 per box · 2 Winchester 1897’s -12GA Shotguns – $575 each - action by Roughneck Rod · SKB Model 100 12GA – Uncut 28” Blued barrels – Split finger forearm - SOLD · Leather 12GA Shotgun belts - $100 each Cash unless other arrangements made and agreed upon – On firearms, purchaser must be legal to purchase one or more.
  10. Thanks, that is a different pistol and picture. This one is a 357 Mag. Thank you for correcting it.
  11. Are my eyes that bad, or does that say 45 on the side?
  12. Hey Champ, send me a PM.  Thanks, Oklahoma Dee

  13. I think you are looking for the 510- series on the serial number, for the Ruger New Model Vaquero in 357Mag with the color case hardening frame. At least the ones that I have had and still have, are in that range. They are kinda hard to find, but crop up once in a while, usually in a gun auction site or gunbroker/gunsamerica websites. I just sold a pair recently, so they can be found. Price ranges from 5-600 per gun. Unless there is some modifications/action job done to them. Good luck on your quest.
  14. Looks to be a great 2 days of shooting. Shoot stages that reflect the National Championships at Winter Range. ok........maybe the targets are tad closer....
  15. Hey now, you gotta be there! Your the 2016 Overall Champ of Fire and Ice. Drive wisely.
  16. The Cowtown Cowboys Shooters are hosting one of the great shoots again. Who is getting to go? I plan on being there.
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