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  1. I will take em. If still available. Send me a PM with your desires on payment and information for both of us.
  2. What year did it leave the factory and was it ever returned for work? Tanks, Stay cool, keep near ice chest, Just a tip. No charge, OkD
  3. I too, had great but short talks with her. Charming, even with the witty WildShot present. Great classy couple. God bless her rest.
  4. Based on your lucky numbers, best to keep shootin and ambling along. Pray for No hail, light winds and plenty of restrooms that work!
  5. Audiobooks...keeps you from thinking toooo much. Hell of a trip for you. Glad you did it. I10 can be smooth and fast, but possible wind, sand, vehicle wreckage, road construction work, all can cause delays or possible re-route, if timely notified. Patience can be a killer.
  6. Winter Range 2019 Scores by Category Main Match 02212019.pdf
  7. Ruby Red Rider makes great ones. I have about 3 or 4 of them. These are for buckles, she can do bout anything.
  8. KingSnake, if it still available, I will take it. PM me how you desire the payment and I will send you my info. Cheers, Oklahoma Dee
  9. If you can wait till I get back in town, I will buy all the unopened Clay Dot you have, Oklahoma Dee
  10. Hey Champ, send me a PM.  Thanks, Oklahoma Dee

  11. I think you are looking for the 510- series on the serial number, for the Ruger New Model Vaquero in 357Mag with the color case hardening frame. At least the ones that I have had and still have, are in that range. They are kinda hard to find, but crop up once in a while, usually in a gun auction site or gunbroker/gunsamerica websites. I just sold a pair recently, so they can be found. Price ranges from 5-600 per gun. Unless there is some modifications/action job done to them. Good luck on your quest.
  12. Looks to be a great 2 days of shooting. Shoot stages that reflect the National Championships at Winter Range. ok........maybe the targets are tad closer....
  13. Hey now, you gotta be there! Your the 2016 Overall Champ of Fire and Ice. Drive wisely.
  14. The Cowtown Cowboys Shooters are hosting one of the great shoots again. Who is getting to go? I plan on being there.
  15. Take nothing away from Dirt Merchant, he was doing SKB action jobs before they were popular. That said, I can see where a stuck hull might be a little bit easier to shuck with a unified extractor versus a split. No over governing evidence, just my thoughts, be that right or wrong. When two split extractors are welded together there is one moving piece, versus two moving pieces doing the work. I would imagine that the welded one piece is more reliable and efficient then two. Speed aside, I am referring to consistency in doing a particular job. Any game is about efficiency, the fewer unknowns or moving parts one has to worry about.... the more focused one can be. Another example is the Ruger Vaquero transfer bar....Some shooters say it works perfectly and are happy with leaving it in, other shooters remove it, do to the potential risk of breaking during a match. Shooters choice. Any way you look or feel about it, shooters get to do, (within the current laws) what they think will work best for them. Great sport.
  16. Buckles are high on the list, Chaps, Spurs, Bowie Knives, Pocket knives, Roper Cuffs......
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