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  1. I am passin on this one. Seems like a good deal, if someone needs a short buttstock. For My wife, we bought one and works great. Great luck , Hoss.
  2. hmmmmm, a tad short. did someone cut it?
  3. I will take it at 45. please pm me about paying n shipping.
  4. Happy Thanksgivings to you, young man. can you give an overall length of this repaired treasure? Layed on its side, mite work.
  5. Added a 73 trapper. Never got it to Lefty, so maybe someone else can.
  6. Thanks to those at OKC. Good Luck, 5.. Ruger New Vaquero 45 High Gloss Stainless 4 5/8" NIB SOLD 6. Ruger Super Bear Cat 22, 4" Original box, SOLD 7. Uberti Taylors&Co, Trapper 73, 38/357, 16.25" SOLD Oklahoma Dee
  7. Hells Comin is over 70 years young and still spanking some top shooters. In his category, he is always in the game. He won the Men's Fastest Rifle side match at Land Run SASS National Championships in 2022. You wanna be competitive in your category? Listen to this man's words. Sometimes ya gotta worsh them off with something to get to that nugget of knowledge!!!
  8. Hah! Twas a day, I would jump all over that! Great deal for someone, for sure.
  9. I have shot Super Blackhawk in my Ruger New Vaqueros for a long time. Changed back to the original high hammers. Seems I like the high hammers best. Faster?? Maybe...I do shoot two handed.
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