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  1. This is a possible major development/detriment for those that deal with anything connected with firearms, using any of the 3 big shipping entities. Such as, but not limited to auction house's, firearms parts companies/vendors, gunsmiths for shipping to and from for repairs/upgrades, shipments across state lines..etc... I will watch this unfold. Maybe driving 8 to 15 hours to drop off firearm(s) to be sold, traded, repaired or modified, might become common place? Tis one way to see the great USA...
  2. You might give Felands Gunsmithing in Cypress a call. They may help.
  3. One of the upcoming Premier shooting clubs. Local champs, State, Regional, National and World Champions shoot there. Is there any shooter list available yet?
  4. My wife used to shoot one 73 deluxe in white, hardly ever cleaned it.. NO RUSTING , but we are in Tulsa Time, so maybe that affects it. LOL
  5. Well I jumped the track too soon. I was looking for a Ruger Super Bearcat for my grandson. Sorry for the bust. Yours is not what I am watching for. I sent you another PM, stating so. OkD
  6. July Smith, Oklahoma Dee here. Going to send you a PM.
  7. Phineas Colt, There is no right or wrong way to go. Pick one and learn what works for you. Your experiences and happiness or sadness with the results is all yours. No one else's. What Deuce Stevens stated is truth. I too, have shot many rifles. Marlin, Uberti, and now Winchester. All these rifle makers and those that help us with action jobs/parts, have been on a roller coaster of sorts. All the rifles are to some degree, are better and evolved more than last 20-30 years. Smarter/learned gunsmiths, etc help. I am very successful with the Uberti 1873 rifles with the C&I 4th gen short stroke. I have won with it and lost with it. Always felt like it could be smoother and faster. Well, I am Now shooting the Winchester 1873 Competition carbine (caliber of choice is 38 Special ). Cowboy Carty did a fine job of cutting it down from 20" to 18" and doing a cut/weld on the lever and some other smoothing and action work. I have to say, it feels different than the Uberti's. But seems smoother and faster. So far, I am growing to be a Winchester fan. So, your path, may be different, your goals may different than mine. Pick a path or just bulldoze your path. Great luck and the better shooter you become, the more discriminating your personal observations become. Shoot what ya got and go from there.
  8. I do not believe Cowboy Carty makes any kits for the Winchester 1873. He only does it on the rifle he is working on.
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