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  1. I tried many differing loads, both BP and smokeless. My 76 was a beatup, scarred, somewhat rusty lookin 23.5" octagon rifle in 45-60. Sent it off to have the muzzle leveled and crowned,relined the barrel, and correct chambering for 45-60. I used cutdown 45-70 brass. Best rifle with iron sights, out to 150 yards ( cause that was all the distance I needed or shot it at,,Hah) Most accurate load I had with it - 24.00 grains of Accurate 5744, matched with a 324 gr lead bullet. I found 5744 to be an excellent powder in many long guns.
  2. For the last ten years, I have been using this: Bull Rider Rosin
  3. Ohhhh....Whew...If ya can't put the right foot forward, at the right time, my goodness, you might be in a pickle! So glad it was a somewhat easy lesson...and thank you for all the years that you and that lovely lady have brought class , humor, Life pictures, and our "One of a Kind" tapestry, which is the best......to this favored game we play. May there be many more! Cheers, OkD
  4. Thanks Abilene for postin the shooters words describing the accidental shot. I was there at the other end of the range, when it occurred. Immediate shutdown of the shooting line. Well handled by the club and those on the line. Once we understood about the apparent lead ball to the his toe ........We knew he would be fine Very little imagination of all the possibilities of what occurred. Well..maybe one question was which toe??? LOL...We did not worry about who was at fault, etc. Just that is was in good hands. We were very glad for the quick response and EMS service. Bout the only thing we were concerned with was what Sadie, his loving and adoring wife, was gonna do to him!!! Beautiful couple of great people. God bless em.
  5. Send me a PM. let you know what I have. OkD
  6. Well, sorry, I do have Jamison 45-75 brass, but it is primed. I also have resized and reformed 348 Win brass for the 45-75, but it is primed as well.
  7. I think I have some, some are Jamison, some reformed. Give me a day and I can check. I sorta love that caliber. Miss that 76.
  8. I think I have one or two. If you can wait, I will be back home come Monday/Tuesday.
  9. Palo Verde Pioneer Gun Works Used both of these a time or three, along with Mernicle's.
  10. Might contact Snake Oil George. He had some from Shotgun Boogie.
  11. That is the clincher. Will it make power factor of 150 plus, consistently. 230gr RN works for me.
  12. I will take it. PM me with your vitals,. Thanks Oklahoma Dee
  13. Well, I sent in my order for one. Look forward to seeing how it handles my Colt.
  14. I may be interested. Does it have a shotshell guide or what some folks call a flag?
  15. Seems you stated the Seems you stated almost everything required. Proof? Conduct the tests yourself, for me, I proved it to myself and moved on.
  16. I agree with Irish-Pat, as I was going to do the same thing. Nothing against it, though, Tis just a gun to be shot. Contact Lassiter, I believe he has done them before.
  17. I think I recall paying 25 cash and I got to pick it up on Sunday.
  18. 38 Jake, it is still available. PM me for questions or thoughts. OkD
  19. My survey, from Winter Range 2020, included 2-3 questions concerning the Wild Bunch match. Asked for additional opinions on it as well.
  20. Found the original butt stock that was cut, this fits and will be included in the asking price. The full butt stock, that is on it now, was an after market from Taylors & Co.
  21. Pass at this time. Out of town and Cannot think clear enough. LOL Awesome lloking rifle. Someone will be very very pleased no doubt.
  22. Thanks Slick McClade! Goody, no problem with inputting information. Thanks. Just to be very clear, I would like to buy this rifle. Just need to pull from my sources. Or make an offer of some sort! ( me and countless others )
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