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  1. Boy did this conversation go sideways. Started out as advertisement for the Ides of March and ended up with Dogmeat eating sea veggies. All I know is we are a month away from the Florida State Championships (Ides of March) in Taveras Florida. Just booked my Hotel room. Gonna be a great shoot for sure. I Know one thing, I ain't eating any cucumbers in my salad at the banquet. No telling if Dogmeat Dad was in the kitchen.
  2. Ok, we are down to 26 hours until lead, smoke and fire go down range. To everyone coming, please be safe on your trips to Ft White. See ya soon!!!!!!
  3. 48 hours from right now, I will be on the road heading north, coffee in hand and heart full of fire and smoke. Maybe I'm just a little excited?
  4. What? Only three days and then heading to Fort White for some fire and smoke and a little bang and clang of steel. Weather forecast getting better and better. Looks to be perfect Florida winter days ahead for us.
  5. Shot two stages of smoke yesterday in Hernando, just to get me that much more excited than I already am. Always fun to surprise everyone when they are not expecting the deep boom and a puff of smoke after your spontaneous starting line of "Let's smoke 'em out boys!" Then you always get the comment of "I call a P for shooting out of category!" LOL All in the fun. If my math is right we are about 23 days from Dark Days in Fort White
  6. I heard through the grape vine that Shelleen is going to shoot King of Kaboom. Just saying!
  7. Good one Dog... Meat! I drew Bucky Buckskin and knew that I was in this for one round and that I would have some fun and get the crowd behind me! I was very pleased that I shot as well as I did, That was the first time I ever participated in a shoot off. Back to Dark Days, I am glad to see that you and Lil will be there. I know it will be a terrific match.
  8. I may have limited primers, but I already loaded my ammo for this match. Going to be a great event. Hope to see the range packed with happy cowboys and cowgirls. Here is video from last year.
  9. Dogmeat, Hurricane ETA brought some needed rain to many areas and some unwanted tidal issues at the coast, but she is long gone and a cool front is on it's way. The weather is going to be spectacular for the IDES, Three more days and counting. See you soon, be safe on your trip south.
  10. I received the springs within 3 days, tuned one slightly with a nice polish, installed it and my Winchester is back up and runnin' with no down time. Next up, the Ides of Marvember, the FL State Championships in just a couple weeks!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!
  11. Dogmeat, I will be there. Can't wait to see you and Lil Feathers. As of today we are just 2 weeks away. I understand that the registered number of shooters is over 200. Going to be a great time.
  12. Yep, I called and they are sending the springs to me. Very easy. Thank you
  13. No, it's broken. I already took it out and it is in two pieces. Duct tape?
  14. Looking for advice on where to purchase extra lever springs for my Miroku 73. It took a reload stage today to realize that the spring was broke when the lever kept falling as I was trying to reload.
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