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  1. Fabulous range, facilities, stages, props, food, prizes, etc. A must do shoot if you you have the ability to make your way into South Florida.
  2. HOW events were great. When I shoot long range, I do not ever want to be on the clock. It should be an accuracy and precision game. Unless the clock is to keep you from spending all day shooting your string, but should not be a part of the scoring. HOW had the ability to go out to 800 yards. Pretty cool just to say I was able to try it at that range.
  3. Oh my! Looks really cool! Can't wait to see it in action.
  4. Death Stage? You peaked my interest. Do you care to elaborate? I am counting down the days. Finally squared up flights, hopefully no more airline cancellations or changes.
  5. Bo Dacious, this is fantastic. This Florida shooter will look forward to seeing a familiar face in Wyoming. Safe travels, we are going to have a tremendous Hell On Wheels experience for sure. See ya soon!
  6. https://bordervigilantes.com/server/uploads/whosattend_Alias.pdf We have an updated list of attendees on the website. It's a starting to fill up, like a mug of sarsaparilla (or other drink of choice) at the local Cheyenne watering hole. I attached the link for those that still want to attend and fill out the application. Can't wait to meet all my soon to be new Cowboy pards! Going to be a fantastic week of fun.
  7. I plan on spending an afternoon or two in Cheyenne, as it will be my first trip to Wyoming. Maybe a saloon or several will catch my eye.
  8. Craft beer! Mmmmm! No preference what so ever. Counting down the weeks. I hope that we have a great turnout for this 25th anniversary shoot. I'm sure it will be a great week of cowboy shenanigans. See ya soon, T-Bone.
  9. T-Bone, I was viewing a vid from Jedi the other day and low and behold there you were. Super psyched that you are not a fictional character and I can truly expect that cold one. LOL Just put together my ammo for the match including some 45-70 rounds for that 1000 yard side match.
  10. I like your philosophy of depriming for air flow. Makes sense.
  11. Looking for recommendation on wet tumblers as far as durability and price etc. Will strictly be used for my cowboy .38 brass. I appreciate any advise and thank you.
  12. I can't seem to find an address to the range. Does anyone have that handy? Two months out and I'm already trying to prepare. Thank you
  13. Vacation approved, flight is booked, rental car reserved, free room and board at my brothers and this Florida cowboy will be making his first trip to Wyoming. Really excited to shoot this match. Plan on taking it all in everyday.
  14. T-Bone Shorty, I'm coming all the way from Florida just for that first cold one with you.
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