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Fun With Otters

Subdeacon Joe

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Had a girlfriend with a Siamese cat. It was laying down one day and I spun it around just like the otter in the video. It got up, stumbled around dizzily and would come back for more every time I was at her home.:)

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River otters pass through my property every 4 to 5 days. They pass from the upper lake, through mine and on to the next.  It’s a blast to sit on the dock and use my Aurora night vision to watch them play.  Recently I believe a pair has dug a burrow in the the bank.  They can be some noisy buggers.

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Two years ago I had Mr.Fox and his Vixen raise 7 Kits in my yard about 40 yards from my kitchen window on a mound of dirt ..

They dug a den there with two entrances both facing my house, Kits were fun to watch playing King of the hill ...

My boys and I made life a little easyer for them by trapping Gophers and piling them, one pile across the driveway to the S.W. of the den about 60 yards away.

The other pile on the North side of the house about 100 yards N.W. of the den . 

We got new neighbor's in the fall, with dogs , that kept coming over here and bothering the foxes. So they packed up and left.

The foxes still stop by and check the lunch piles now and again...

I sure was tempted to take care of the problem from the east side of my fence with a gun.


Jabez Cowboy 

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So, I was night fishing last summer by myself when I heard a noise at the back of the boat. Turned around & an otter had come aboard! My phone was in the rod locker & I had to go toward it to get it out. It calmly sat there & watched me, let me take a few pics them calmly went to the side & in the water! Was startling at first when you know your alone & there’s noise behind you in the middle of the water!


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