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  1. It bears repeating: one of the easiest "red flags" is a non-cowboy-sounding alias ... like scott98.
  2. Disassemble them, dump the powder, de-prime, and wet tumble. ND
  3. Welcome! Bullion Rose and I split our time between Houston and Lewes, East Sussex. We leave our cowboy stuff behind in Texas when we're in South East England, though. If you are down Houston way, come shoot with us and the other friendly folks of Thunder River Renegades -- you can borrow whatever you'll need. (But in July we're in Lewes -- too damn hot in Houston in July.)
  4. Please post pix of that original Schofield -- they are rare and so cool ...
  5. No problem CRC. I wouldn't be doing any of this if there was residential AC service in my work room. Other lighting solutions include rechargeable Li-ion battery powered Bosch work lights over the bench to supplement the minimal overhead light provided by the few available 277V 48" fluorescent tubes. I'm a big fan of those Bosch work lights (https://www.boschtools.com/us/en/boschtools-ocs/cordless-lights-fl12-121246-p/). With the Jackery portable power supply, I am now also running a magnetic-mount gooseneck LED work light on the press that operates on 110V also at very low power usage.
  6. Following up. I bought the https://www.jackery.com/products/explorer-300-portable-power-station to power the Dillon Automatic Casefeeder and it works like a charm. And it will power the Casefeeder for a very long time between charges.
  7. The capacity of the device I bought is 293 Wh and its delivery efficiency is 85%. Thus, a fully charged battery should run the feeder for 40+ hours continuously, but since operation of the feeder is intermittent, I suspect it will run the casefeeder for at least 60 hours of actual reloading time.
  8. Thanks AW. I think you are correct, and 60W usually means 60W continuous. The peak current draw at start-up is usually about double the continuous draw, so the more economical 300W units are easily powerful enough to do this job.
  9. Thanks, all. Confirms what I thought -- 150W continuous, 300W peak, will be plenty sufficient. Obviously, the larger the battery capacity, the longer the casefeeder will run without the necessity to bring the unit home for recharging. (Cholla, I'm in a commercial rented space -- lighting is provided but it is a commercial, not residential, single phase 277 volt system. They want to charge me an arm and a leg to install a transformer and meter for 110V service, so that's a no-go.)
  10. Thanks BHB. I also saw that in the casefeeder manual online, but it doesn't answer the question. I need to know the output range (in Watts) that is printed on the power cord transformer to know if, for example, a portable battery/inverter that provides 300W (max peak) will be sufficient to drive the casefeeder, or whether I need a 500W or even 1000W (very expensive) power source. (Of course, I may get a larger unit than needed so that it can perform other duties, as well, but I want to know the smallest unit that will do the job.)
  11. What is the output (in Watts) of the DC transformer that plugs into the 110V outlet? My shop has lighting but no 110V outlets, so I'm buying a rechargeable portable power unit to power the casefeeder and need to know the minimum power unit I can buy -- those things get pricey as output increases. Many thanks, in advance. Nostrum Damus
  12. A pair of belt holsters for the right-handed shooter who shoots cross-draw. I think almost any main match pistols will fit, but don't hold me to that. In my photos, a 45 Colt 5.5" Ruger New Model Vaquero is in one and a 45 cal 7.5" Ruger Old Army cap-and-ball pistol is in the other just to show the fit -- the guns are not for sale. $75 buys the pair, shipped to CONUS, first unconditional "I'll take them" gets them. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking. ND
  13. And I think that just about sums it up -- it makes no difference at all, as long as the hammer pin groove and the long screw are on the same side.
  14. I agree -- and mine are all on the loading gate side. I can't see that it makes any difference -- I just want them all on loading gate side, or all on the the other side. So I switched my OMVs to make it so.
  15. On both the Ruger Vaquero and New Model Vaquero pistols, as long as the longer bottom rear frame screw is on the same side of the gun as the groove in the hammer pivot pin, does it make any difference whether that side is the left side or the right side of the gun? I can't see that it makes any difference at all. Ruger says "make sure to remember which side the longer screw goes in," but they also say it varies from one gun to the next -- in other words there is no "correct" orientation. What say y'all?
  16. I don't know the geography of Colorado all that well, and didn't see any of the listed clubs as being in places big enough to make the map at reasonable scale. Maybe some of those places are small and near Grand Junction, that's why I'm asking.
  17. Another vote for OTTO Micro NoizeBarriers -- which are designed for those who work in extremely high volume industrial environments yet must be able to hear normal conversation. AND THEN have custom "sleeves" (the ear plug part) made for them instead of the stock mushroom or foam plugs they come with. Look up SENSAPHONICS in Illinois and do what they say to do -- they have a nationwide list of authorized audiologists who can properly make the impressions they need to make the sleeves. SENSAPHONICS makes the hearing protection used by most of the planet's high volume musicians. The OTTO/SENSAPHONICS combination is completely fantastic. When you wear them, you forget you are wearing them because you can hear everything but not at dangerous-to-hearing levels. I've said it before and I'll say it again -- my hearing is worth every penny I spend to protect it.
  18. If you'll take $35 (so I can tell Bullion Rose I bargained) I'll take it. I can do Zelle, Venmo, PayPal F&F, or even send a check (least preferred way). ND
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