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Goex Old Eynsford 3f at Midway

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I put in two cans, to see what that would run.

Two cans, plus shipping, plus haz-mat fee, plus tax, is an even $100.00 bucks...to get to me.

Two pounds...a hundred bucks!!!!!!!!!! :blink:


I have about 12 pounds of Goex, about seven feet from me, right now, on the shelf in the closet. 


So...I do not need any black powder bad enough to pay that much. Not saying I won't pay that much, at some point-in-time. Maybe I will. 

I am just sayin' I ain't that desperate yet.


I have a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun, that I can shoot, if push comes to shove. 



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I’ve shot every Goex brand and grade.  Tested every one too for density, fouling control and grain ratio by grade.

When Goex said  we’re discontinuing Goex Cowboy (FFg grade) … I cleaned out every can from my reloading supplier’s trailer.  All other Goex brands sold off and Skirmish used up for shot-shells

IMO, Cowboy was the best powder Goex made and have shot at least 2 cases of it and keep a lot remaining in inventory


Am I sorry to see Goex close making powder … No, as long as Swiss is still available.  And if KIK was to start 

shipping again … would be one happy camper.  Their 2010 lot IMO was even better than Swiss … only have 5 cans left

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Kentucky gun co. had Schuetzen and Goex Old Eynsford for sale. The Schuetzen was actually a dollar more per pound (21.99 vs 20.99). they listed regular Goex at $15.99. Don't know about current availability.  With shipping and hazmat it would come to about $25 per pound if you were to order 15lbs.

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We were on the east side of Columbia this morning.  Less than 10 minutes to MidwayUSA.  But I'm not about to pay these prices for black powder - even without hazmat fee. 


I bought 3 pounds of Goex FFFg a couple of weeks at just above $20/lb.  And I bought another old stock can yesterday. 


And I have alternatives. 



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There is demand for black powder, I have read (whether true or not) that more folks are turning to shooting black powder firearms, since they have had problems getting self-contained ammunition, and primers, and such. With muzzleloaders, you "roll your own", as it were. 

If that is true, then the demand for black powder will be increasing. 

With all that said...I am hoping someone(s) will buy the Goex facility, re-hire the soon to be laid-off employees, and begin production again.

The demand is there, and, like as not, growing. 

On the surface, anyway, that sounds like a win-win.  :FlagAm:

The present owners of Goex must be kin to traitor-joe, in the decisions they are making. :blink:

Once upon a time, they talked about, what they called, a "trickle down economy". Perhaps today, with things like this happening, we may have "trickle down p/poor decisions!" :lol: 

Maybe the N.M.L.R.A, and S.A.S.S., and the N.R.A., should combine forces, and purchase the Goex plant. Maybe some of the gun manufacturers could kick in some moola too...not to mention Uberti, Pedersoli, and Pietta.  

The interest is there, the demand is there. If those two statements are correct, then potential profits are also there. 

The thing is, there is a demand for firearms, for hunting, plinking, target shooting, re-enacting, and just plain fun. The demand will only go up, over time....providing we retain our freedoms, that is.  

With (a lot of) Americans, it is a RIGHT that we claim, via the Second Amendment.  

For the leftists, socialists, marxists, progressives, globalists, and gullible university students...they don't need to re-write the Constitution. They need to re-read it, :FlagAm: along with the writings of our Founding Fathers. 





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Kid ,Hodgon has been on a march to increase their revenues.  Doubt they will ever be producing black powder in the future.  May see them be a distributor of other manufacturers as they did in the 70’s

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And the sad news is... here in good ol' california we're allowed to possess a maximum of one pound.  :(

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3 hours ago, Hardpan Curmudgeon SASS #8967 said:

And the sad news is... here in good ol' california we're allowed to possess a maximum of one pound.  :(


And even worse, here in MA you cannot buy it online or by mail or telephone order.  



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