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ISO replacement stock

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Do you have the piece that broke, if so , cut 1” pieces of a wire clothing hanger , tape together , drill 1 size bigger than coat hanger down through the broken piece to the stock , mix up some epoxy , glue together and wrap with tape or surgical tubing , let epoxy set , then unwrap . You’ve just repaired your stock . Good luck 

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I too have a similar predicament.

This is how I was told to tackle it from an older guy who used to do this kind of work, but can no longer due to health issues.

1)Find another junk gun stock with similar wood and grain.

2) Remove the stock from the gun. Plane or shave the broken edge as flat as possible 

3) Cut and shape a replacement piece from the junk gun stock a dremel tool works great for rough shaping.

4) Drill a couple small holes in the mating surfaces for small brass pins ( brazing rod works great)

5) When gluing pieces together, insert brass pins glue and clamp

6) Once glue dries do final shaping and sanding. Small amounts of wood putty can be used to fill any gaps.

7) Try to duplicate the finish or refinish entire butt stock

Good Luck Pard !

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As TK wrote but I use walnut dowel rods 1/8" dia.  Take a pin turning blank if the chip is small enough other wise cut the size you need from a walnut board.  You will need to sand the contour.  I sand to 200 grit and refinish.  Look for a good stock and forearm to put on when you sale it.

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1 hour ago, Johnny Meadows,SASS#28485L said:

Has anyone ever gotten a replacement butt stock for a SKB 100 or 200 from SKB?

They don't show them as available on their website...

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I just checked their website.  They state that they do have wood available for Japanese SKBs.  They don't list the parts specifically, but if you contact them, they should be able to help you. 

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