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  1. I paid $140 for mine back in the 80's thru CMP. When it arrived at the post office the clerk was a little old lady who had to be in 80's she looked like the old lady in the tweety bird cartoons and could barely carry the box and put it up on the counter, she exclaimed " Wow that's heavy! What is it?" And I replied "A Rifle " And she started jumping around, arms in the air, screaming "You can't send guns through the US mail!" Over and over. I calmly told her to "look at the label......It's from the Federal Government !" She quickly calmed down. It was pretty funny, and I'll never forget the look on her face!
  2. I stuff mine with fresh sage, chopped white onions, cut up apples and add chicken stock and Apple juice. Baste to your preference. And the cooking upside down thing mentioned earlier really works good! Cook until the thickest part of the breast is 165° If you go much over that it will start to dry out.
  3. I made 7-8 purchases (Guns, powder etc) only had one issue (not really a "problem") I wanted to purchase an antique (made before 1899) rolling block but the seller insisted that it go through an FFL anyway. I canceled the purchase.
  4. We went total K cup a few years back. Believe it or not it's actually cheaper. Less than .40 cents a cup
  5. I was 2 when it happened. I remember watching the funeral procession on TV I also watched a lot of Viet Nam coverage, but that another story. I have studied and read a lot about the assassination over the years and based on what I have read this is my theory on what happened: JFK was killed by 2 parties probably working together. Johnson and the mob. Johnson hated the Kennedy's and wanted to be President very badly. He was no stranger to rubbing out the opposition from his days as governor of Texas. The mob of course wanted retribution for getting JFK elected (Yes, Voter fraud) and then Bobby going after them tooth and nail. But I believe the fatal shot that blew the back of JFK 's head off actually came accidentally from a Secret service agent (a vehicle driver) that was grabbing a then new AR-180 off the back seat of a car following JFK's and not having been trained in its use (he was a driver) fumbled with the safety/ selector and fired the round which struck JFK' s head. Also, Interestingly enough there is a well published photo of George Bush sr. Standing on the front steps if the Texas book depository moments after the shooting. He totally denied being there, saying he was in Houston at the time. Could he have planted the rifle and casings? I think so. He was later named head of the CIA. My 2 cents worth. Sorry for being long winded.
  6. I believe most limits are set by the institution. Here's another tip. If you're traveling out of your normal stomp'in grounds let your bank know where your headed. I've had my debit card shut down because they thought it was fraud. It took a few hours to get it straightened out.
  7. Also check the case length. They may have been cut down for a different caliber ( .45-60). Just a thought.
  8. Wore glasses since I was 12 switched to contacts at 18 and I first had Lasik in 2000, a touch up (Yes second Lasik) in 2010. I never had a problem. My left eye has slighrly reverted since and I wear a contact on my left eye only. When my very slight cataract gets bad enough I'll get my prescription put into the lenses they implant. The key to a successful Lasik is to find a Doctor that doesn't share his machine with other Doctors. Which I understand is done quite frequently because of the expense. They all start tweeking the adjustments to their preference and pretty soon the machine is completely out of wack and requires a manufacturer reset which is also very expensive and usually not done. My Doc was David Shapiro out of Ventura, Ca. I highly recommend him if your going to get it done.
  9. I put this one together, I did not grind the blade, but I cut the stag horn and made the handle and assembled it. I made the sheath and the belt also (covid quarantine project)
  10. Probably a "Crotch Rocket"
  12. At least he will pass knowing for sure he is no longer considered the worst US President in the history of our Country!
  13. I mean no disrespect to the late senator even though I disagreed with her on just about every subject. But I couldnt get this song out of my head when I heard the news of her passing. DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD! Now we just need to get rid of the other Witch. Nancy!
  14. JUST IN TIME FOR HOLLOWEEN!!A Professionally made Civil War Union Officers uniform. Measurements as follows; Coat laying flat and buttonedArm pit to Arm pit. 24" (@ size 48 ish)Coat waist. 46"Sleeve length 26"PantsWaist. 44"Inseam 35 1/2" unhemmedSASH 67 1/2" sash is RED it only appears pinkish in the photosAmerican Hat co. Hat with brass insignia. Hat marked 7 1/2But fits more like 7 3/8Asking $175 for the complete set.$120 without the hat. PayPal (friends and family) or US postal MO Plus $25 shipping con US Text ok 80fivetwo8six009two I
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