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  1. Breaking news is that the guns used for the film shooting that day were used for target practice with live ammo by some of the crew earlier that morning. Apparently they were never properly rechecked before filming. Prayer go out for the little boy and her husband. Be safe, Pards!
  2. Just remember the 3 basic food groups 1) Deep fried 2) Barbeque 3) Chocolate And you should be fine. Good Luck, Pards
  3. I heard the Armorer on set was the famous trick shooter and movie armorer Thell Reeds daughter (24 years old) and this was her second movie as head Armorer. She had recently mentioned on some podcast that she wasn't very confident in her abilities to be head armorer. With that being said, It was the Asst Director who handed one of three guns on a cart to Baldwin and stated it was "Cold" (unloaded). Rule #1 NEVER take anybody's word when you are handed a gun you CHECK IT FOR YOURSELF ! They still have not said what kind of projectile was fired. I also understand that Baldwin is a loud mouth, Pompus, Arrogant, and all around difficult person to work with. Prayers for the son and husband of the cinematographer. Baldwin will have to live with this tragedy.
  4. The cylinders chambers are closer to the center (or axis) on the new models in order to scale them down closer to the SAA size. So a new model cylinder in an old model Vaquero ( or vice versa) would not work, the chambers would not line up with the bore. And I don't think the OMV cylinder would even fit in the frame of a NMV. Good luck, Pard!
  5. Oh you said EGO, I thought you were talking about waffles !!!!
  6. Yep they're called both out here in the republic of Kaliforny. There is a restraunt called "Claim Jumper" that serves up a "Chicken fried Chicken" it's a flattened chicken breast fried the same way. Man is it good ! I'm getting hungry just talking about it! Thanks Pards, take care
  7. I was told by law the USPS cannot earn a profit. When it raises the rates it's to cover rising operational costs only. If anyone has ever dealt with postal services in other countries you know we got it pretty good here. It has its flaws, but it's better than most.
  8. I too have a similar predicament. This is how I was told to tackle it from an older guy who used to do this kind of work, but can no longer due to health issues. 1)Find another junk gun stock with similar wood and grain. 2) Remove the stock from the gun. Plane or shave the broken edge as flat as possible 3) Cut and shape a replacement piece from the junk gun stock a dremel tool works great for rough shaping. 4) Drill a couple small holes in the mating surfaces for small brass pins ( brazing rod works great) 5) When gluing pieces together, insert brass pins glue and clamp 6) Once glue dries do final shaping and sanding. Small amounts of wood putty can be used to fill any gaps. 7) Try to duplicate the finish or refinish entire butt stock Good Luck Pard !
  9. What will he wear under the space suit? It DEPENDS.
  10. I got one too. Awesome gun. Bought it new, would never sell. I knew I had to have one when I saw Tom Selleck blow that bad guy out of his boots in Crossfire trail ! Good Luck, Pards!
  11. T.K.


    They way I heard it is Bond used to work for the owner of American derringer when he died his wife took over the business. Bond had a disagreement with the new management and quit and started Bond arms. The designs (other than the trigger guard) are very similar. Both are pretty much indestructible compared to originals. I have American # 1 with assorted barrels which I made interchangeable. Good Luck Pards!
  12. I love Audie Murphy's westerns. All of them. This Man was a true Patriot and a true American Hero. Rest Peacefully, Audie
  13. I thought you literally meant a book ( cut out ) with a gun concealed in it !!!! I'm always a stickler in books and movies when they indicate it takes place in "1868 just after the civil war" and everyone is packing peacemakers, and model 1892 winchester without fore stocks only with no bullet loops on their belts ! Bonanza is a prime example. Drives me crazy! My wife says I just complain to much!
  14. Nimrod basically "bought" his way out of the recall. Soros alone gave him 1 million$. No one knows how much Aunty Nancy gave. Since he wasn't in an "Election" there was no limits on his donations. All the contenders were in an "election" and were limited to $1500 donations per individual. At least we got him to spend millions out of the dems war chest. We'll see what happens next year when the field is level. My 2 cents
  15. Two Ruger bisley hammers from brownells ( ss finish) #780001472 new in the packages. Not looking to make $ just getting what I paid $30 each and shipping. I decided to go with the super blackhawk hammers instead. Brownells / Midway are out of stock / back ordered on these. $4.95 shipping Prefer PayPal, but will accept USPS/ Mo Tklein_13@rocketmail.com Thanks Pards
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