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  1. How about a Z Donk! Half Zebra half Donkey! Youd think it would be shaped like a donkey and striped like a zebra or vice versa But the front half is donkey and the back half is zebra!
  2. Wow ! you folks pretty much covered Them all. But heres a few more... Eric Burdon and the animals Badfinger Deep Purple Bachman Turner Overdrive Big brother and the holding company Frank Zappa and the Mothers of invention Alice Cooper
  3. Like Sixgun Seamus says "What Caliber?"
  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again..... Its just unfortunate that it wasnt a SUICIDE SCENE that he was rehearsing!
  5. I put one in my house. The shower in the master bedroom which is the furthest from the heater just takes a few seconds to get hot, but thats all. This can be solved by putting one of the small units in the bathroom, but ill just live with it. Going tankless was the best move i ever made. I was told by a licensed plumber That i would have to run a 3/4" gas line, etc and a cost of @$3000 etc. Which is total BS. I installed it with the existing 1/2" gas line and have never had a problem. Its been 15 Years or so.
  6. Very cool poster, sad story I wish you luck in your search, Pard!
  7. Yeah, I also thought you were talking about the kids show from the 70's
  8. My Mother was a religious cook...... Dinner was either a "Bloody sacrafice" Or a "Burnt Offering"!
  9. The name "SAM & ELLA'S CAFE" always made me chuckle
  10. Prepare it as uaual, eat some, freeze some for later. Take it out of the freezer the night before, place in fridge until the next day. You'll probably have to add some sauce, the freezing, thawing cycle tends to dry it out a bit. Good luck , Pard
  11. Is it time to Eat? I accidently posted this pic along with the other, and could not figure out how to delete it! Sorry for the confusion!
  12. I have used GB many times. No issues ever.
  13. Hopefully, your hound dog doesn't run into a kitty like this....
  14. Hey Pard, You can try "Edge dressing" available from most leather craft shops.
  15. Your cellphone listens in on your conversations as well My daughter didn't believe me so we did a little test. We set our phones in front of us and started talking about baseball gloves And sure enough we started seeing pop up ads advertising baseball gloves in text messages and ads on our browsers.
  16. You mentioned they were stuck in a snow storm, I would opt to melt fresh snow for coffee water rather than hike down to the creek.
  17. T.K.

    1847 Walker

    Before you try the "road agents spin" with the Walkers like Josey Wales, According to the Article in the latest American Rifleman, he used rubber replicas for that scene. A friend of mine had an Original Colt Walker. He never shot it. He was offered a lot of cash for it but it was handed down through his Wives family as far as I know he never sold it. Very Cool shootin iron! Good Luck!
  18. Signed copy of Mc Murtry's "Moving on" excellent condition missing dust jacket. Signed first edition copy of "Cadillac Jack" excellent condition Here's a chance to round out your Mc Murtry collection. A great investment. $125 for both. + $17 USPS priority mail. tklein_13@rocketmail.com
  19. It's a serated pin and it only comes out one direction. Im in the process of converting my American derringer to a quick barrel change out. Bond worked for American derringer and when the old man died he had a disagreement with the wife who now ran the company and went his own way. Both are very reliable and built like tanks. Good Luck Pards!
  20. Tuco says it best! IF YOUR GONNA SHOOT, SHOOT DON'T TALK!
  21. Yep, that was an episode of Daniel Boone where "Josh" Jimmy dean wins the girl.
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