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    White 73

    I have 2 Browning 92's that I have removed all the bluing from. I treat them same as my other guns. Clean after use, wipe down occasionally. I have never had any problems with rust and I live 1.5 miles from the ocean in central Kalifornia. Maybe what the other Pard said about the bluing "absorbing" into the steel may be true. I like the saddle worn look. Good Luck, Pards
  2. I use felt strips inside the sweat band. Works great.
  3. This Clown is most likely wearing those silly rubber "Gator" shoes probably in fluorescent green or orange. I personally never wear shorts in the woods, I go strictly commando.
  4. T.K.


    And Pards don't forget the Cardinal rule: "DON'T SQUAT WHEN YOU GOT YER SPURS ON!!"
  5. I own a 8 D cell stream lite from back in the day. It's almost like a baseball bat. I pondered puttin rifle sling swivels on it at one point. Still have. Don't use it much.
  6. I converted mine with a Brownells stainless birds head grip and there was a little fitting, but nothing too bad. I did it in one afternoon. You should give it a shot, Its a lot cheaper Pard!
  7. Possibly Locked up or jammed due to a percussion cap backing off the nipple due to hard fall or impact? Especially if he was able to get it working again shortly after. That would be my guess, Pards
  8. Yes it is, It's called murder, and murder is forbidden......
  9. It sounds like someone made .45-60 cases out of them. Check the rim thickness they sometimes trim down the rim thickness thinner for older .45-60's. By shooting them continually in your .45-70 you could permanently mar your chamber which could cause difficulty in chambering full lenght .45-70's properly in the future. Just be sure and keep the chamber very clean....BTW if you decide to sell them I'll buy 100 off you. Good Luck Pard !
  10. I don't like to use someone else's commercial tag line but..... I use this S@%T on everything! It's especially great on Salmon under the broiler! But works equally well on chicken, pork !
  11. I was taught in California as a private security officer, If you reasonably believe based on the "totality" of the circumstances at that moment, your life or the life of another is in imminent danger lethal force may be used to stop the danger. (Pic is me back in the day)
  12. My favorite .22 pistol is my Ruger Mark 1 Target with the bull barrel. I bought it for the sum of $67.50 It is super accurate and I have outshot others with .22 rifles! This one will never leave my hands.
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