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  1. NOT SASS: Wanted to buy a replacement barrel with screw-in-chokes for an 870. I have a 1986 870 Police Express Magnum that I want to put a Ghost Ring sight on the receiver and a Trijicon Sight for the front sight. The barrel on it has the factory front and rear sights so I don't want to mess with the sights or barrel on it so need a new barrel. Anyone got a replacement barrel with screw-in-chokes they would sale? Or where can I found a replacement barrel with screw-in-chokes. I will be using buck, shot, and 2 balls .662" diameter. Barrel must be chambered for 3" shells
  2. Moderaters move if not allowed here please. I want to carry a push knife on my gun belt as the 14" bowie is getting to long for me to set. Anyone carry a push knife or know of a good forged knife maker that would make a push knife. I carry forged knives made by SAVA a master smith but age as forced him to retire.
  3. DakinGun Co. 10 Gauge, Sidelock manufactured by Union Armera in Spain. Engraved Sidelock Hamerless Side by Side shotgun with Leather fitted carrying case. Found one that a local farmer owns, he's willing to sale but needs to know a good price for it. Looking at it I would say under a box fired and in the field only one or two times. He bought it sometime after getting out of the Army, late 1940's-eary 1960's. He has a box or two of hunting rounds for it if he can find them.
  4. I had Costco hearing aids for several years before blue tooth. They were worth the money, I liked that I could shutoff the pickups facing backwards when I was out eating. Mine did not stop the gun shots. They would lower it though. I paid about $2000 for them. Today I use a pair that the VA gave me that is bluetooth. They are Oticon, not near as good as the ones I got from Costco. Good hearing aids are expensive. I liked the testing set up, much better than several places I had been to over the years. You can only get the Costco brand fixed and programed at Costco.
  5. https://gunsmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/G1056.pdf Page 30
  6. https://gunsmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/G0156.pdf Page 13
  7. I think Armi San Paulo started with a Hennry as mail order just before the 1968 gun control act. You could order either .44 Henry Rem Fire or .44 WCF, ad ran in the NRA American Rifleman. My brother has a 73 made by them that needs new screws as the heads are very bad on several of them. I think Navy Arms was the big company pushing, then EMF came on board for reproduction fire arms.
  8. RCBS 41 mag Carbide dies $50 Shipping is on you I will take ship 46168
  9. Treat it like it just stole your last 10 girlfriends and 32 wives and drank your last Billy Clinton beer. Then get madder. I have been using a Lighting for 20 years and to make them run if you have a good one you have to work the pimp very hard and not as fast as a 73 lever.
  10. https://gunsmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/G1256.pdf page 20
  11. https://gunsmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/G0456.pdf
  12. I will tell him about Lassiter as that would be a good bike ride, save shipping.
  13. CONVERSION SET FOR SDB IN 40 S&W. If this is everything to load on the SDB I will take them. I will take the Lyman 9mm set
  14. They make nice shells that work in my 410 double for rabbits and tree rats.
  15. Who would you send a JM .45 Colt Cowboy safe queen with under 100 rounds through it. My friend just wants it slicked up and what needs to be done to stop any chance of the Marlin Jam, maybe springs if needed. No short stroke or any mods for compatition as he is going to use for deer hunting in Indiana and Ohio. I have told him we could do springs and slicking up and not to worry about the jam as he will never put enough rounds through it to bring it on. I have one that I got in 1990's used for several years in SASS and never seen the jam.
  16. If you go with black shot the amount of black in volume to the volume of shot. this is not weight it is volume. You can then back off a little on the black if to much recoil or you are blowing holes in your pattern. This is the easiest way to find your black load.
  17. If the nipples are sized right they do not touch the hammer face there is a very faint gap between them. I have 56's that I received in the 1970's that have more balls down range than I could lift with out the hammer being marked. Had a neighbor that carried a Navy as a young man showed me how a Navy should be set up. He always said the movies and TV didn't know how it was.
  18. Only thing get a good shotgun reloading manual if loading smokeless. Shot shells loads should not have sub of components. If you sub a component it can spike the pressure! It isn't as lose as cartage reloading. I have MEC 600's setup to load 12, 16, 20, and 410 and a PW progressive setup for 12 and 20 and like the MEC's as I look at each stage of the loading process where the PW is used if I need to do 100-200 in a short time, i.e. kids shot up my loads for a match tomorrow
  19. I went through the .38-55 buying jig, save your money and get one of the High Walls. The Pedersoli rifle barrels are as good as anything out there and I think Uberti uses their barrels. The barrel is what makes a good rifle. Buy good and cry once or buy twice and cry much more. I have a Browning rebarreled fro .40-65 to .38-55 with a mid range Shaver Souil Sight on it that will do 600 yards shooting a 336 gr bullet. The 240-260 gr bullets I try not to shoot over 400 yards. For some very good info try http://www.texas-mac.com/Articles.html if you have not been there yet.
  20. I use Goex or 777 either FFg or FFFg equal to 1 oz shot vol. over powder card, felt wad and 1 oz shot. The felt wad is thick enough to rase the shot high enough that I can star crimp the shell. Hit the knock downs high and they should go down. I don't think 1/2 oz will work good even hitting high on target.
  21. I deprime all brass before cleaning. I use a Frankford then run every thing through a Dillon as it just makes the .44-40's load easier. The tumbler takes most if not all black residue off the brass then the Dillon puts a lasting shine on the brass. I use pins with Dawn and Lemishine in the wet and just about any polish I can get for brass in the Dillon.
  22. I use several Stevens 28"-30", have never used a short barreled shotgun. It does take 2 sundales to time me though. With the long barrels I never have a knock down that don't bounce when it goes down. I do use 60gr to 80 gr of Goex black powder in my shells.
  23. I know Pedersoli is a good rifle as they place in the top of BPCR matches. I think they have won the big BPCR match in New Mexico. I would like to have a Pedersoli Trapdoor just don't like the price. Their barrels are as good as any out there and the barrel is the item that makes the rifle good or bad if the shooter is good.
  24. I use 2 Model 92's in .44-40 using Goes FFFg. I have used black from day one with the 92's. I always strip them completely using hot running water. When I reassemble I use Mobel One or Bore Butter. They come apart easy and go together slow but I have never had one not run for a weekend 2 day match.
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