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  1. I have shot many 12 stage matches using Springfield Slim's bullets over the years and not have to clean my guns till I got home. His bullets play very very good with black powder. Just about any bullet will work in pistols for 5 0r 6 stages if you spritz the pistols between stages but the rifle will need a wet patch after each stage and some bullets will not work in the rifle well at all.
  2. If firearms are involved why isn't the feds involved? It sounds like stolen guns to me even if done by fraud, both state and fed no no's.
  3. Driftin Outlaw what state as looking for a 97. Would like to look at and run 5 dumbie rounds though the action.
  4. I think Col Colt's loading instructions had you charging all chambers and capping them when he introduced the 6 shot pistol.
  5. I only use leather holsters. I started using Kramer holsters back in the 1980's and have not looked back. When I first seen an IWB I ordered one and have used them ever since. My first holster is still in use. He makes horse hide holsters that wear. They are worth the price and wait. His shoulder holster doesn't work for me though. I use Wal-Mart belts and buy a new one every two years or so. Red Nickels did a article on gun belts talking about what a good gun belt is and what a money making B.S. gun belts are for the makers. https://www.kramerleather.com/ Good shoulder rig http://www.andrewsleather.com his 'Monarch' Shoulder Rig works for me. http://www.andrewsleather.com/traditional.htm
  6. My main match guns are 51 Navies since 2002. I don't use cap guides but I use nipples for No. 11 caps. I have adjusted my powder size from full chamber to 18 gr. This had two results, the caps didn't jam the action and my guns stopped shooting a 6" pattern and closed up to 2"-3" at 25 yards. At one time and only once I put 5 rounds in a three hole clover leaf with the reduced load. Unless you are shooting for money just go shoot them and enjoy the smoke if one jams take the hits and fix it with a grin on your face. I only use AMPCO nipples that I shortened till a .001 filler gage fits between the hammer face and nipple. I used: Tuning the Pietta Part 1 & 2 by Larsen E. Pettifogger SASS # 32933L.http://www.hutier.com/Tuning%20the%20Pietta%20Pt1.PDF http://www.hutier.com/Tuning%20the%20Pietta%20Pt2.PDFhttps://gungiveaways.com/tuning-the-...r-competition/ Making a Colt Cap & Ball Work by Utah, SASS #11601https://docplayer.net/53598632-Makin...ass-11601.htmlhttps://gungiveaways.com/making-a-co...revolver-work/ Tuning the Uberti Open Top Revolvers Part 1 - 4 by Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933Lhttp://capandballrevolvers.com/pdf/G...s_Complete.pdfhttps://gungiveaways.com/tuning-the-...top-revolvers/https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php...omment-3804805
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