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  1. you won't want to hear this but explain that need of targets and little money in the bank you will have to stop being a SASS club till the targets are replaced. This doesn't stop you from holding your matches though. Increase your fee to shoot (don't like this) but you will lose some shooters unless the fee is higher at other clubs. You could ask for grants from some sporting organizations. Advertise (flyers) in shops, set some signs on state right of way just before Wal-Mart and other big box stores. As small as your club is it sounds like it will be hard to get enough money to replace your targets from just them. You might do a buy a target where a person pays for one target, their name is put on target, when they shoot that target is always a hit even if the bullet misses ringing the target, i.e. a no miss target for them. They have to order steel to club specs i.e. AR550, AR500, and etc. Club sets size and thickness. Maybe several people go together buy a sheet and one of your members could cut it into targets.
  2. If you are shooting a single shot .45-70 you may find that the 405 gr will not reach out as far as you want. You will find it hard to find just the right 500+ gr bullet or you may find paper patch is what you want. Cost will start to become a factor in buying big bullets. To get out to 1000 yards and hit the target it takes weight as the wind will move the 405 all over the place.
  3. https://www.sageoutfitters.com/page/page/7184637.htm Might have them
  4. Has the metal follower. My brother turned one for me not long after buying the gun
  5. serial number: 0302XXXX. It shows use but still drops deer from the front porch swing. It is a 1894 COWBOY LIMITED, *****MODEL 1894CB-CAL.45 COLT*****
  6. You might ask at http://castboolits.gunloads.com as there is loads of info on .45-70.
  7. I bought the gun in the 90's, has gone through 3 kids, son-in-law and me so it has some wear. The number of rounds is somewhere way pst 10,000 so I would say the Marlin Jam is just around the corner and should be a lot of wear over er all on contact points. It is not tight anymore and not as smooth. It is little things and just don't feel right. It is clean as I take it down to small parts and put back using blue loctate (sp) so screws don't back out. Widder thank you, will give Longhunter a call this week and see if he will work on it. Hope all works out with your heart, I have had 2 heart attacks 20 years ago. You just learn your limitations and don't push. It is the hardest thing you ever have to learn.
  8. I don't expect it to be cheap to bring my Marlin back up to better than new. Parts swap I could do but there is more than just swaping parts to get the gun back 100% right.
  9. I have a Marlin 94 in .45 Colt made sometime in the 90's that needs work. It is still bone stock but I think it is starting to need some help to keep going. I am NOT interested in a short stroke. Who would be good to work on it? Carrier, one-piece firing pin,, trigger, springs, chamfer the chamber mouth, and anything else needed replaced or fixed. Then a good action job. I am interested in gunsmith names and contact info. What would you Marlin shooters have worked on or replaced. I am 75 so not interested in a short stroke kit anymore, it won't change the sundial timer reading for me.
  10. First rifle was a Marlin 94 in .45 Colt as did not like the Winchester 94. Second was a Rossi Model 92 Short Rifle in .44 WCF. Then a Uberti 66 in .44-40 (didn't like so sold it). Uberti 73 in .44-40 then a USFA Lighting in .44 WCF the one I use the most. If buying today it would be my Lighting and an Evans. Nether one is going to run with the fast dogs and I am not either. I like the .44 WCF for my cartage gun and the Navy .36 for my pistols but the .44 WCF can standby.
  11. Made the first 4, but after getting shot at each one by one of the ladies shooting I thought I better stop (health things interfered). Wish I could make it.
  12. Matthew you have seen the calls where one spotter calls a miss and 2 call a hit, who is right? You have seen it the other way around also. Not talking rules, just what the spotter thinks as the rule is it goes to the shooter.
  13. May the god load receive him and give him the top billing.
  14. I have shot .36 Navies full time for the last 20 years and can't say I have had a hit called a miss, but have had a few misses called hits. It is the game that I play for fun, I got into it after 2 heart attacks under 2 months. My hands can't take the recoil from ROAs or 1860 Army's is the reason the Navies are my guns of choice. I just don't understand why all the crap about called misses with the Navies. In my opinion if you want to shoot a light weight round and can't take a called miss, from an old fart that can't hear good and their eyes are probably also bad, you should find another game to play. I will say I have not seen anyone yelling about a hit called a miss that I have shot with over the years. I'm told it happens but I think very few yell about it. It is more something the fourm blows up.
  15. Interesting post. Any other shooters having problems with the trigger???? I am looking at getting 3 for my Marlins. .32 H&R Mag, .44 mag, and .45 Colt
  16. I have been shooting black about 65 years. Started with 12 and 16 ga as that was what dad shot and paid for. Been loading and shooting .44 WCF for about 50 years. The best day for reloading was when dad brought home a reloading press. There are 1/2 doz Dillons in the reloading room bone stock from Dillon that load black powder more times than not. SDB's I drop out of the powder measure as I am doing pistol, .45 Colt, .44 WCF, .32 H&R Mag, and .357 Mag. The 550B's do .45-70 Govn and 38-55 as I have a drop tube setup and use the powder station to compress. A lot faster than a single stage. I do use a card wad in all and the rifle get a felt wad with BP lube and card wad. Don't know what lead you use but I have found that WHYTE LEATHERWORKS BIG LUBE BULLETS work the best for me. Have run a 2 day match never cleaning my rifle as the bllet carries enough lube.
  17. Just went looking for bullets and was I surprised. I did not look at shipping but bullets are all over the price range. Bullets ran from $0.08 to $0.15 per bullet. I was looking at 200gr RNFPBB sized .427-.429, smokeless lube, 500 per box. I don't see why there is such a difference in cost. Prices are from 7 SASS popular bullet makers. Samples from 6 of them are spot on for sizing and finish, no sample from one. Using the same powder and weighed load they all shot the same in my .44WCF Model 92. Looks like I will be using a different bullet maker till I get my casting area setup.
  18. I have both and shot the rifle better. It swings better than carbine so have less misses.
  19. What time do you like matches to start? local within 50 mile: local within 100 miles: local 3 day: out of state 3 day:
  20. No wad for hollow based lead. Stops the bullet skirt working right.
  21. I have a USFA Lighting in .44-40 that I used as my main match most of the time. It has always worked for me but has a very tight chamber. My brother has a Beretta Lighting with factory engraving that he likes. The insides of the Beretta is different than a stock Colt Lighting. My brothers cycles great not at all like the Taurus. They were so bad that when Taurus stopped making them they dropped the price to $250 and could not give them away. Here is an email I received from a SASS member: "Roger Rapid" SASS 96080 From: "Roger Siminoff" To: "Pee Wee"Cc: Sent: Wednesday March 6 2019 6:13:43PMSubject: Pedersoli Lightning Instructions Pee Wee Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on your request - I was at Winter Range when it came through and have been trying to recover from an email blitz. Thanks for your email and glad you have a Pedersoli Lightning - these are great rifles and can be made to run as fast and reliably as any lever gun. Attached please find Revision 14 of my instructions for assembly and disassembly. I do updates from time to time and I have you on my list to receive future versions. The internal workings of the Pedersoli Lightning are more intricate than the Uberti or Taurus versions, and in order to run fast and smooth, the Pedersoliu Lightning requires frequent cleaning, especially of the lower trigger assembly. Just squirting oil into the action - while helping it run better for a few rounds - only makes matters worse by allowing more junk to accumulate in the lower action. I fully strip and clean my Lightnings after every three matches or so. May seem like a pain, but look at it as your friend - it’s an essential part of having them run well. Having said that, the Pedersoli Lightning, in my opinion, is the best working Lightning on the market and well worth all the care and attention to krerp in running well. If you have a .357 verrtsion, there are a few things to consider: 1) The firing pins on the .357 Pedersolil Lightnings are prone to breakage. I’d urge considering installing a .45LC firing pin (which requires drilling the bolt to accept the larger diameter firing pin). There is information on doing this in the enclosed manual. (I can also help you with that if you are concerned about doing it.) 2) While it is commonly known that a .357 pistol or rifle will also chamber a .38SP round, .38s don’t feed as well in the Lightning as .357s do unless you are using a bullet that brings the OAL close to the .357’s length of .160”. So, I’d urge shooting .357s, and if that doesn’t work for you, then longer bullets - like 120g or better - are recommended for good feeding. Don’t hesitate to email or call if you have any questions. Best, Roger Rapid Roger Siminoff Gunstocks, grips, and CAS gunsmithing 9190 Harvest Way Atascadero, CA 93422 805.801.8750 • siminoff@siminoff.net He is a good guy to talk with.
  22. If (RCBS 44-40 Cowboy die set incl Lee factory crimp die and shell holder. $50.00 del) is the die set with brass lock nuts I will take del for $50. wantingSourceURL:https://www.rcbs.com/reloading-dies/rifle/cowboy-dies---3-die-roll-crimp-set/355427.html
  23. I know that big matches are for SASS membership only but maybe open the shoot up to nonmembers after a certain time before the shoot (2-3 weeks) to fill the shoot up. Nonmembers not able to win prizes, only SASS members called out for winning, best dressed and etc. Don't know if it would increase people playing the game or not. I do know that my brother would like to play but said to have his guns set up to complete would cost way too much and could effect the value downward over the years. Maybe have classes that only stock guns are allowed. Just one big can of worms trying to enforce! Maybe lobby the TV industry to put Westerns back on the TV. My son shot in his teen years though college then a wife and kids demanded more time. There could be a lot of large city people who would like to play but there are no clubs within and hour or so from where they live. Maybe look at getting zoned areas that a range could be started on. I know that a group in Indianapolis tried to get a club started at one time and received very little help with the city.
  24. Money gun the Rossi 92 short rifle in .44wcf. The fun rifle is the Lighting. The 94, 73, 66, Henry, and 1860 Henry in .44 WCF all fall between the first two. Most of the old timers used the Uberti guns. Today you have a wide range of rifles to pick from. The 92 has one of the strongest actions, seen what seemed a double charge in one and it didn't come apart. All rounds pulled had a double charge is why I said seemed. Mine are tight chambered so reloading I make sure the round is sized for it. .427 works the best for me. The Rossi is a good gun to start with and play with for years.
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