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  1. When work is done correctly, they are one of the most dependable shotguns being used in cowboy action. J.M.
  2. Let me know. johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com 928-300-6684 Thanks, J M
  3. I have cylinder bore, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified and full. $10 each plus $10 shipping. Not sure what you x 44 is. True choke are .795 x 1.6 The chokes I have are Tru Chokes. Thank you, Johnny Meadows johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com
  4. These single trigger Baikals make a very good cowboy action side x side. J.M.I
  5. Read more: https://www.ammoland.com/2022/07/reloading-supplies-2000pc-cheddite-209-shotshell-primers-99-98-free-sh-coupon-code/#ixzz7YvJVDYIB Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Reloader, Brownlls has 209 shotshell Primers in stock. I can not tell you the last time we saw these for sale! 1000-piece boxes of Cheddite 209 Shotshell Primers for $69.99 a pack. Brownells Edge Members get FREE Shipping on all their orders. Use the coupon codes below to save more when you buy more. Cheddite 209 Shotshell Primers Cheddite #209 Primers for Shotshell. Packed 1,000 per box (10, 100 pack boxes). Laquer sealant on top of the primer. Reloading Supplies: 1000pc Cheddite 209 Shotshell Primers $69.99 FREE S&H COUPON CODE
  6. If you can measure the outside diameter and the overall length. I can tell if they will work. I doubt that they are tru choke thin wall. I would guess that they are tru chokes. J.M. johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com 927-300-6684
  7. If there Tru choke I have hundreds that I've removed from Baikal shotguns and will sell them cheap. Johnny Meadows
  8. The whole family is a joy to shoot with. Johnny Meadows
  9. Cypress Sun, I would be glad to pay shipping on the roper pair. Up until recently I've worn a 9 1/2, but the older I get the larger my feet seem to get. Please message me with your address and how much you want to ship to Arizona. Thank you, Johnny Meadows
  10. Sending stock today and will send tracking in the afternoon. J.M.
  11. My left shoulder was replaced after two repairs. That was 4 years ago. I have had no pain in that shoulder since, movement is a little restricted, but completely acceptable and I was shooting in 5 weeks. No recoil on the left so shooting came faster than when I recently had the right shoulder replaced. I was hoping that it would turn out as good as the left, but I still have a little pain and it's been 5 months. Admittedly my right shoulder was in worse shape than my left. My right had been screwed together 14 years ago and it lasted that amount of time. Still i'm a lot better off with the reverse shoulder replacements that I've had. I had almost no use out of the shoulders before and now I feel that I'm 75%. Johnny Meadows
  12. I haven't been able to get many parts from them for years and half the time I got the wrong part, but Baikal parts are becoming very scarce, so they are worth a try. J.M.
  13. I have a shortened Baikal side x side stock in good shape. No splits or cracks. I'll ship it to you for $40 Johnny Meadows Johnny Meadows
  14. Luther, Clay Dot in 38's a good load is 3.2 for the 125 and 4.6 for the 200 grain 45. I've never used 700s, so I'm not help there. J.M.
  15. I have the complete gun with very little use that I will sell for $400 shipped to your FFL. If you interested email me at: johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com and I'll send pictures. It has a 3 1/2" barrel and will shoot 45 Colt and 2 1/2" 410 shells. Thank you, Johnny Meadows
  16. I can't resist. I'll take it. P.M. to follow. Johnny Meadows
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