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  1. In my opinion they are the best inexpensive shotgun shells available and work better than AA’s. J. M.
  2. That would not be my style. I'm afraid if I did. I would get worse reviews than President Trump, who in my opinion deserves praise for the work he has done for our country. Hers hoping that we will have him an additional four years. J.M>
  3. I should be up and running by the first part of next year, so no worries. J.M>
  4. I will be moving my shop over the next month. Too much to get in a hurry with. I'll save a truck load for you. J.M.
  5. In the late 60's while going to NAU one of my room mates father was the commander at Davis Montana Air Force base. He gave his son and myself a tour of a live Titan missle site. It was just like the James Bond movies of the day, polished stainless steel on everything. 13 stories deep and we went near the bottom and looked into the silo at the missile. Johnny Meadows
  6. 1F, 2F or 3F. I use what ever I can buy at the best price. J.M.
  7. "a certain number of shooters who think they might win by slowing down." They may think this but their skill level is not up to beating the top shooters in any situation other than the top shooter crashes. Another good point of big and close is that I have never heard a shooter comeing off the line stating, "That was the fastest stage I've ever shot, let move the targets out further so that i can slow down." Johnny Meadows
  8. Just ask your smart phone for directions to Pima Pistol Club, at least that is what I do. Hope to see you there. Johnny M.
  9. Here I thought i had so many close friends. I guess the truth came out. Yesterday was a big day. We got the household moved
  10. It either moves with me or end up in the burn pit. J.M.
  11. If you not busy come help me move. Johnny Meadows
  12. Here's hoping that the new Pakistan guns are better made than the 1883 that Cimarron got from them 4 or 5 years ago. J.M.
  13. CAMP VERDE GUN AND REPAIR COMMON PROBLEMS SHOOTING A SINGLE TRIGGER SIDE BY SIDE SHOTGU Shooting a single trigger shotgun has some common mistakes that shooters make. This occurs most often when shooting a match and rushing the second shot. You must release the trigger for it to reset between shots. If you only release it part way, it may double. The recoil from the first shot setting off the second shot. This condition sounds just like a double shot, there is no noticeable sound difference. This is very common. The way to check to see if it is in your finger or a mechanical condition in the gun is to take the gun out and shoot many rounds making sure that you release the trigger between shots. If it doesn’t double, then the problem is in you finger The other condition when rushing a shot is not releasing the trigger enough for it to reset. Then the second barrel will not fire. The Baikal single trigger guns can double if you only open the lever far enough for the barrel to open. The tuning fork that operates the mechanical trigger does not rise far enough to catch. It then drops down and engages both barrels on the first trigger pull. Thank you, Johnny Meadows
  14. Thank you, Pit Bull. We have definitely done quite a bit of business together over the years. J.M.
  15. My wife and I are moving to be closer to family. I have given up my license while in the moving process and will get another once we are settled. I am selling off many of my personal guns. I should be up and running by the first of the year. Thank you, Johnny Meadows
  16. Tried to send you a message, but it said that you cannot receive messages. johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com
  17. Sorry to say, but I feel that name should accompany these posts to protect other shooters from experiancing the same problems. With results like this they don't deserve to be called cowboy action gunsmiths. Just my opinion. Johnny Meadows
  18. I know that originally they were not. Wondering if they ever were made legal. Thank you, Johnny m.
  19. Your firing pin could have been stuck in the bolt and had not retracted or the firing pin extension stuck and holding the firing pin forward. This is uncommon but I've seen it several times. When this happens closing the bold can fire the round. J.M.
  20. Dan, I haven’t received a pm or an email. J M johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com
  21. I will take it as long as it's a 12ga. You can reach me at johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com. I can send certified funds along with an FFL copy out tomorrow. Thank you, Johnny Meadows
  22. I use AA's twice and throw them away. I use the estate many times. J.M.
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