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  1. Mike, I'm pretty sure that I have one. I'll check in the A.M. and send you notice. Johnny M.
  2. I grew up in the Gila River Valley of Arizona This is 66 miles north of Tucson and approximately 100 miles east of Phoenix. In the late 50's my Dad and I would saddle the horses and cross the river to rope at a little arena that was owned by Johnny Meadows. Johnny was a small stature old cowboy about 5' 4"tall and weighing aprox 125 lbs. He always had a single action army tucked in his belt. 20 years later I was home visiting and started talking to Fred and Jake Upshaw, friends of my Dad. They told me the story of Johnny Meadows. Relating to the article in the chronicle about Judge Roy Bean. The story relayed to me was that George Upshaw was shot by Judge Roy Bean's son and a couple weeks after the shooting the Judge's bar/courtroom burned down. George Upshaw was the father of George Washington Upshaw, who reportedly burned the court house. He then left the state and moved to the Gila River Valley in Arizona named as Johnny Meadows. I heard this story but never new the reliability of it until I saw it written in the article in the chronicle. It only seemed natural that when I started shooting my alias should Johnny Meadows. The last 20 plus years have been great dealing with and shooting with all the fine people that make up Cowboy Action Shooting. Johnny Meadows
  3. I shot Duel in the Desert this past weekend. It's a great retro match with lots of fun. While there I ran into Doug, the owner of the livery. He has taken it off the market, so we should be good for shooting in the coming years. This is very good news, because Arizona, over the last decade, has lost many of our places to shoot. J.M.
  4. No place better than Camp Verde in Arizona. Snows once every other year and doesn't get the heat of Phoenix. Johnny Meadows And if you talk real nice I'll sell you my house
  5. I have a T/C Venture Camo that was bought for a young shooter, but she is a little too young to handle a 7 lb rifle. The rifle has about 80 rounds through it and comes with box and paperwork. $425 shipped. We shot 40gr Noslers through it. Very accurate. Thank you, Johnny Meadows If you would like to see pictures send me an email to johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com
  6. Tucson shooters. Unfortunately Tucson has no place to shoot cowboy. The closest being Casa Grande and Tombstone. We could loose Tombstone at any time. Come support Pima Pistol Club so that we will have a place to shoot once the others go away. Johnny Meadows
  7. I have some that I had made up for short stroking. Email or text me if you want one. Johnny M. 928-300-6684 johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com
  8. No, I'm saying that regardless of the shooting conditions, which we have no control over, we make the best of it. Shooters are not created equal, so changes in the game do little to effect the outcome. Good shooters are good shooters no matter what conditions. J.M.
  9. Good man, good shooter and all around good guy. Congratulations Johnny M.
  10. I feel that it was one of the best designed 12 stage matches that i have attended. Rain be damned, pay attention to shooting not whining and it has a lot less negative effect on your performance. Leveling the playing field is a myth. The top shooters will always be the top shooters. The only way to level the playing field is to practice. Johnny Meadows
  11. If I ever grow up, I want to be like CODY
  12. Good Job, CC and with a borrowed shotgun!!!!!
  13. Pretty hard to make a call at a match on he said or she said. If it's not written down in the rules, it isn't a rule. Johnny Meadows
  14. Bob, set you sizing die to only size the case down to the bottom of the seated bullet. This will increase pressures and seal off the chamber with less blowby. Also put the most crimp on the bullet that you can without bulging the case, this also increases pressures and slows blowby. Johnny Meadows
  15. The Tucson area needs another place to shoot Cowboy action. The closest place to shoot is Tombstone, which my disappear once it is sold. Please come out and support this club. Johnny Meadows
  16. Good match with lots of fun stages. Johnny Meadows
  17. New ones are coming in regularly now at Davidson's. I don't believe they are making all the different calibers at this time, but in time I expect to see them. Johnny Meadows
  18. Include me. I bought a new Holster rig from him this year and it's excellent. Johnny Meadows
  19. Looking at your pictures, I would say that was a heat and bend job on the spur, which can weaken the metal. J.M.
  20. If you felt strong enough about it being cowboyed, you should have bought it. Johnny M.
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