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  1. I am looking for a Inland Division of General Motors M1 Carbine Caliber: .30 Carbine. I don't want an Inland made just a few years ago. I want a GM Inland!
  2. Percy you must be older than dirt. I started around 1957 shooting a 1860 Army of a neighber's.
  3. Dakota Mae PM sent. That is what I was looking for, PM the price and how you want paid if the price is right.
  4. It is that I want it. I have been reloading since 1974.
  5. https://americanlongrifles.org/forum/index.php?topic=73212.0
  6. Someone has to have one on a shelf. Save me $1000 and adding blue to the loading room. Also the dog house is very small and winter is coming, and no heat in it!
  7. Sure could use some more loads
  8. I remember him and Boston, two that were good to ride the river with!
  9. Lighting Nickel finish serial number 416XX, made 1890, .44 Winchester. What smokeless load and what FFFg load would you use? Have Starline brass and Lasercast 200gr RNFP bullets. Live in Ohio, ride bike so where would you take to gunsmith if needed. 2 Pedersoli, 1 USFA, 1 Colt in the family.
  10. Dutch you sue have some good play toys. Love the second one. Better than Colt at that build date.
  11. If you want to maybe do a 1000 yards someday buy the best sights you can. I have problems with the sights from Pedersoli as I can't get them to repeat settings easy. Montana Vintage Arms (MVA), Kelley Sights, Baldwin Sights aka Machanical Accuracy, Hoke Long Range Sights, and Lee Shaver Gunsmithing are sights I have used. I like the MVA Soul XLR with a Hadley eyediscs.
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