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  1. I loaded SR4756, 8.5 gr behind 200 gr Origan Trails LRNFP. I had forgot just how sweet the powder was. I could even see the targets.
  2. I had an unopened pound of IMR SR4756 but now some is in 200 rounds of .44WCF. I had forgot it was in the powder locker. Will load another 200 for a Wild Bunch shoot in Ohio on the 30th. When it is gone I may cry in my beer as I do like it and know of no other powder to replace it.
  3. I use FFFg in my .44 WCF rifle and pistols but need some rounds using ssssub that don't smoke. The range I am going to shoot at said black hurts the steel beams that are exposed. So what smokeless powder is best to use in the .44-40? I do reload and have several books but would like to know which powder other than black is the best over all: I have Red Dot, Clays, Universal, and etc.
  4. I got one for free. A friend had one cut and gave it to me, his grandson used it. He is now 6'3" and needs a long stock.
  5. I have a 97 that the grand-daughter likes that the stock needs about 1 1/2" cut off for fit. I don't want to cut the factory stock so where can a after market stock be gotten?
  6. Several years ago a guy on drugs used one to holdup a store in NJ (I think). All guns used in crimes was to be cut up. Was not cutup but given to the Coast Guard Musiaum after much head scratching trying to save it.
  7. Any one ever shoot one. Sure would like one but cost is to much.
  8. Thanks for the info, Have a box of Scarlett's coated bullets on the way.
  9. I need to know what bullet supply co to order from for a good cast bullet.
  10. I keep 3 young persons shooting using EAA's. The only thing I did was weld up the hammer doing away with the transfer bar. Tow guys and a girl learnt how to load a six shooter real quick. I picked them up when I started shooting and they are still going strong in my son's safe with grandkids working on them.. Our rule is you shoot them you clean them and have never had a part break.
  11. I am shooting a wild bunch match with my brother in Nov and told him I would load the ammo. What cast bullet is being used in the 230gr weight. He is using a stock Colt 1911 Model 70 that likes hard ball best. I would like to stay as close to what it likes as I can. Black powder .44-40 I know but this new smokeless powder and 1911's are strange to me.
  12. Been out of SASS to long. Who are the current gunsmiths working on the '73? Can ship but would like someone in Ohio or Indiana.
  13. When the lever is full close carrier hangs up sometimes. Had a shell separate, shot another round before seeing the separated case. Case went in hard but ejected okay. Then the carrier started hanging. It is bone stock never been to a gunsmith as I can't hold still enough to need a gunsmith to speed me up. Arthritis for the last 30 years will do a number. If the lever was closed using to much force to seat the round in the chamber what parts would bend?
  14. I have a Uberta 73 with a untotal number of rounds. It was my main match from the time I started SASS. The carrier block is hanging up on me. Have taken the gun apart several times. I have cleaned the gun 6 times also had it ultrasound cleaned. Need help to get it up and running as I have a WB match I would like to shoot using it. It is a .44WCF saddle ring.
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