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  1. The local, state, and early EOT matches I have been to if a SG KD fell before the shotgun was in use was always told to shot over the kd in order of instructions.
  2. https://gunsmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/G0667.pdf page 31 The Winchester Single Shoot part one https://gunsmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/G0767.pdf page 24 The Winchester Single Shoot part two by: JAMES J. GRANT
  3. Talk to this leather worker: http://www.carricoleather.com/home.html he made a McKeever for me and you can't tell it from a Indian Wars one other there was no wear on it. I have used it for years shooting SASS. It is used for .45-70's and .44 WCF. You don't see them at SASS. It is used with a pair of .36 Navies in flap holsters. A setup you might see during the Indian Wars.
  4. My guns my ammo or factory ammo. My reloads only as I shoot black. .44 WCF so it isn't something most new guys would be shooting factory ammo. Not a lot shoot .44-40 black. I see a lot of .45 Colt or .38 sp/.357 mag but the .44 WCF is a very small percentage of black.
  5. As TK wrote but I use walnut dowel rods 1/8" dia. Take a pin turning blank if the chip is small enough other wise cut the size you need from a walnut board. You will need to sand the contour. I sand to 200 grit and refinish. Look for a good stock and forearm to put on when you sale it.
  6. I bought 1000 bullets from a local caster, they shoot good but I have to use both a seating die that was ground flat and a FCD to get the to work. The "ogee" sp. was not constant. Trying to seat and crimp in one operation had OAL all over the place.
  7. If I didn't have a C. Sharps I would buy. You can't beat the workmanship on them.. Mine with 75 year old eyes, MVA Long Range, full case Swiss will do 3" at 200 yards, over 200 yards my eyes are so bad that every thing but me goes south. This is one heck of a buy!!!
  8. What is the option for black since one of the biggest USA maker is stopping production. I can make my own but getting a good charcoal is the hard part. Making small amounts isn't to unsafe as I don't have fines in the air for a spark to set off. Mine isn't as good as Swiss but it works. Would you take $200-$300 and spend it on black now or just buy what you need to make it??????
  9. Chas B. Wolfson, SASS #11104 That first gun has some nice scratches on it. Do like the grips. Have several emails out to some of the grip makers as I have questions for some.
  10. A gunsmith by the name of John Glen converted several around the 70's or 80's. Guns and Ammo at the time did a wright-up about him. He over sold his service and ended up going out of business.
  11. What did they go for as came to late to the ad.
  12. Looking for a list of grip makers. I know I saw a list but can not find it. Have even used the SASS search!
  13. SASS ALIAS: PeeWee SASS #: 15785 Wherec am I from: Roy Rogers home town but live in Indianapolis How long shooting CAS: Shoot first match outside Janesville, WI in a corn field in 1997 joined SASS in 1999 I am on left, son-in-law on rt
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