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  1. I have both Colt and USFA SAA's. The USFA is a much better gun than the Colt. They are all .44-40's. I paid much more for the Colts than the USFA's but it would take much more money for me to get of the USFA's than the Colts.
  2. I have used Uberti 66's, 73's. Rossi 92's Marlin 94's USFA Lighting. All were easy to clean to me. I try to disassemble completely after using but have done major matches and not cleaned till I got home. Once you learn how to disassemble your rifle cleaning becomes easy.
  3. I use cast bullets as they will perform better than JHP's. The JHP's most of the time will not open. I hand load and carry a round that is a little hotter than Buffalo Bullets round. Have used it out of a Colt 1903, on a yote and he didn't ask for a second round. Between the shoulders hiting the spine and out the jaw. Watch loading hot loads into Tomcat or Kel Tek. You can crack frames
  4. https://hunters-supply.com/313-cal-p-1319.html https://rimrockbullets.com/xcart/-32-acp-75-gr-fp-per-500.html Colt 1903 loaded with 2.2 gr Red Dot, Winchester small pistol primers, cast lead Hunter Supply 76 gr FP sized to .313, OAL .94
  5. I have a 27S in 25-20, fun to take on Yotes. It is not a speed gun for me at least.
  6. I would say $50.00 or less. At one time before all this madness I would say $35.00 max. I do have a box of .45 Colt loaded marked $11.99
  7. If you are only using for SASS who cares if there is a hole in your pattern. You are shooting a close steel target for hits or knock down. If the shot is hitting the target and it rings or falls your load done what it was made for. For this game powder, shot card, fiber or felt or cardboard or plastic wad, shot, and star crimp or over shot card and glue or roll crimp. Now if you are hunting or shooting clay birds, yes, you need to pattern and work the loading so there is a good pattern with no holes.
  8. When I started shooting SASS you either used a 94 Winchester or a Marlin, very few Winchester 73's, and less Uberti's. The Winchesters would jam all the time if you ran to fast. When the Uberti's started coming good the Winchester 94 was a rear bird on the firing line.
  9. Yes, but like black and it makes the 1911 jam after a few rounds. I have a few rounds of .45 ACP loaded, (10,000) but only a few hundard .45 Colt with black.
  10. WTB New Model Blued .45 ACP cylinder for my 7 1/2" Ruger New Model Blackhawk born 1990 in .45 Colt. As primers are hard to come by, I would like to shot .45 ACP and save the .45 Colt loads for SASS.
  11. I use the 1/16" compression so I know there is no air under bullet. When I started loading 777 there was very limited info on using it. At that time I was told up to 1/4" after using a 30" drop tube. 777 didn't publish any loadings other than load like black. My grandson has several deer using full case 777 and Laser Cast 200 gr RNFP in a Uberti 66 Yellowboy.
  12. For Pistols I use 18-20 gr of Goex FFFg then fill with grits. Rifles are full case loads. Best pistols for recoil control for me was 7 1/2' RUGERS in .44-40.
  13. The general store in my home town would sale .22 rounds for a penny or $0.35 per box of 50. I spent a lot of nickels there. They went through a Crome actioned blond stocked single shot .22. Wish dad hadn't"t sold it after I went in the Navy.
  14. If you are shooting with barrels under 7 1/2" it will give hard recoil with full house 777. I viberate my 777 loads and can get 36-37 gr in a .44-40 with less than a 1/16" compression using Springfield Slim's 200 gr .429". I normally use Goex FFFg but 10 years ago WalMart had 777 @ $11.00 a bottle, I ended up with 48 bottles. I still have around 15. I use 777 in my Marlin .45-70 with a 405 gr RNFP, as I like the extra power down range.
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