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  1. Looking for a STAINLESS Bird's Head grip frame that fits a old model Vaquero or New Model Blackhawk. Have one need another one!
  2. The .32 does damage far outside it's caliber. Until the gun writers started writing which is better to sell magazines it was a good defence round. It's just like which is better 9mm or .45 ACP? People who grew up reading gun magazines and never used a .32 has no idea what it will do. I had carried a .32 for backup of a 1911 chambered in .45 ACP for many years, arthritis forced me to top shooting large calibers. The .32 seems to kill thin skinned (humans) animals better than the .380 from large city ME reports (Chicago, New York, L.A., and Huston). It has a recoil about like a .22 letting ageing Arthritic hands shoot longer. I have seen it work better on coyotes than the .380 from personal use.
  3. If was a .32 ACP I would have a broken arm reaching for my billfold. Looked at a .32 in 1973 and did not buy-baby on the way. Stillpaying the price.not regret
  4. My brother is looking at some S & W model 544 "Wagon Train Commemoratives". He asked me what the cylinders were machined to and what the bore was. Is the barrel a true .44 WCF and the cylinders bored for the .44 WCF or is the barrel a .44 mag?
  5. Stay with 12 ga. as it will have less felt recoil than a 20 ga. Do everything that Outlaw Gamber recomended, he might be older than dirt, but he knows. You can get a LimbSaver protective Shooting Pad for her to wear under her top. Had a High school gal that shot with me for several years that I started on a .20 ga double, she went to my 12 ga double as she said it didn't hurt her shoulder as much. Not near as much black and blue on her shoulder after a weekend.
  6. Mine are mounted inside a cake pan to a 3/4" plywood 2'x2'. I use 2 C-clamps to hold it to the bench. It also makes it portable which works great when you baby set the newborn grandson.
  7. Frontiersman. She pulled her second 1860 C&B fires one round hitting the target drops the hammer on second cap and gets a snap. RO reaches for the gun taking gun out of her hand. She did not want to let him have it at first but did and shoot her shotgun. Was small disagreement on the call. 4 misses from the pistol or a reshoot due to RO interference?
  8. I like my ROA'S but can not use them as Arthritis hurts my hands when the recoil hits. I was using Navy Colts before and after the ROAs. I never seen a reason to have the Navies gunsmithed. I did fix the timing if needed, adjusted the wedge if needed, and put lighter springs. The springs are heavy enough to hold the caps on but light enough to make a better feeling when cocking the hammer. A lighter trigger spring made the action feel like a million. I have always used Remington #11 caps and have several tens left. Nipples were changed to Tresso nipples on the Colts but stock ROA nipples.
  9. My interest is for the .38-55 Lever and High Wall
  10. I have .38-55 long on back order with Starline Brass and wondered if they were shipping yet.
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