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  1. I use a 1884 Trapdoor rifle that was used to shoot out to 1000 yards at the big blackpowder rifle range in NM. I have a C Sharps in .45-70 that I can't shoot as well as the trapdoor. Also have an H&R trapdoor rifle. I load using a 525 gr lead. Have a Browning High Wall in .38-55 which works good for SASS but like the trapdoor better. You shooting the carbine load or the rifle load?
  2. You could always get what Buffalo Bill used. .50-90 Trapdoor or a 1884 Trapdoor in .45-70. It will shoot with any of the Sharps. You can find a good one for $600 or more.
  3. could I have a copy? warren5421@indy.rr.com
  4. you can try. https://www.etsy.com/market/bone_grips you might find them here.. you can look and ask.
  5. When I started the 94 was the gun to go with then Marlin came and it ran better, The 92 started, after that Uberti 66/73 which worked better out of the box. Then the gunsmith race started. I have all 3 that you have listed, .45 Colt in the Marlin and .44WCF the other two. I like the 92 best and hit the best with it. I use the 73 the most as it will run the fastest for me and fills the best in my hands. You have to handle the 3 and go with the one that fits you the best. You can not go with what XYZ likes or uses you have to go with what feels the best to you. Try both short and long or hex or round barrel to find which one holds where you want.
  6. thanks will be making the call
  7. I have a set of stainless 2nd gen 1860 COLT Armies (have been shot) that I would like a good action job done on them. Who would you have work on them.
  8. I bought a set of 1860 Armies done by them. Can't find on the internet and really like the action work. Guns were never shot before me. Anyone know if the smith is still doing C&B guns and contact information. I also have a set of stainless 1860 COLT Armies (have been shot) that I would like a good action job using the stock parts if they can. Who would you have work on them.
  9. I think you will find JBH had his gun out for most of his shooting fights. Don't think he did stand up Hollywood gun fights. He could stand for incoming to get a good sight picture.
  10. My wife had glasses for distance then about 10 years ago she had surgery both eyes 2 weeks apart. She did not need glasses till last time to have eyes checked. After all the testing she needed glass to see distance. The doctor told her that the eyes takes 10-20 years to start changing. I had both eyes done 2 years ago and the light got to bright for me. I wear sunglasses night and day. I use a a yellow for late evening and night. I use the green or brown for day light.
  11. I have 2 nickeled, bad job, 3rd gen with black powder frames, consec serial numbers, .44 WCF, 5 1/2 barrels. One has 3 cylinders, 2 with 1st gen taper in .44 WCF and .44 SP and one .44 WCF with no taper. The other only has the two tapered cylinders. Each have over 20,000 rounds, all black powder, through them before I started using 4 2nd gen Colt 1851's and 2 Colt 2 gen stainless consec serial numbered 1860's. Unless my son is shooting the Colt SAA's stay at home. He likes his 7 1/2" blued USFA's in .44 WCF better.
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