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  1. I use Goex or 777 either FFg or FFFg equal to 1 oz shot vol. over powder card, felt wad and 1 oz shot. The felt wad is thick enough to rase the shot high enough that I can star crimp the shell. Hit the knock downs high and they should go down. I don't think 1/2 oz will work good even hitting high on target.
  2. I deprime all brass before cleaning. I use a Frankford then run every thing through a Dillon as it just makes the .44-40's load easier. The tumbler takes most if not all black residue off the brass then the Dillon puts a lasting shine on the brass. I use pins with Dawn and Lemishine in the wet and just about any polish I can get for brass in the Dillon.
  3. I use several Stevens 28"-30", have never used a short barreled shotgun. It does take 2 sundales to time me though. With the long barrels I never have a knock down that don't bounce when it goes down. I do use 60gr to 80 gr of Goex black powder in my shells.
  4. I know Pedersoli is a good rifle as they place in the top of BPCR matches. I think they have won the big BPCR match in New Mexico. I would like to have a Pedersoli Trapdoor just don't like the price. Their barrels are as good as any out there and the barrel is the item that makes the rifle good or bad if the shooter is good.
  5. I use 2 Model 92's in .44-40 using Goes FFFg. I have used black from day one with the 92's. I always strip them completely using hot running water. When I reassemble I use Mobel One or Bore Butter. They come apart easy and go together slow but I have never had one not run for a weekend 2 day match.
  6. I have had horses in my life all 75 years so can't remember the first set. The first set I remember was in a Hoppalong Casady western set. It had a black neck scarf, stearshead slide with red eyes, roping cuffs, and spurs. I have rode horses with spurs on or without. My personal riding horse never needed anything to give me all they had. As a kid most of the time I road bare back so I didn't even wear shoes, horses and pony never. For shows I have a pair of spurs made by the (sp) Ludden Brothers with the biggest rowel they made. Do to the rowel are not the easiest to walk in and forget
  7. I carry mine in the guns they were made for saves time. 4 Armies, 6 Navies, and 2 Police but the old horse looks at me funny if I try to put them on him. I don't carry extra as I can charge almost as quick as I can change a cylinder.
  8. https://gunsmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/G0960.pdf
  9. I have Unique and Red Dot. Now off to buy a Lyman 42. Thanks
  10. PB is out of most items or you can only getting very high count, ie 1000/bag
  11. I have powder and primer but plastic wads are hard to come by so time to go old school, still have the MEC from the 70's I used. I have been told you can punch fiber wads out of the black fiber board used in framing houses, anyone know if this is true? I have several wad punches that years ago was used with muzzleloaders. I got a lot more information off this board than several shotgun boards I posted on. Thanks for the info now a hunten I go!!!!
  12. Very long shot but trying to find a loading manual that list loads with out using the plastic wads of today. Back around 1970 I remembering loading trap loads using fiber, felt, and cork wads. At 75 I don't remember what went first or how thick to use. I' know I need over and under shot cards but not size or thickness. I was using paper hulls at that time. Used them in a double over/under and I think the Browning A5. They were made on an very old MEC. The name and number on the loading manual will work ok, just something to get started.
  13. Go here in https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/forum/25-sass-wire-faq/ :
  14. I have a custom Marlin 32" barrel in .45-70, a C.Sharps Sharp 30" barrel in .45-70, an 1884 Springfield Trapdoor rifle in .45-70, an H&R Trapdoor Rifle in .45-70, and a rebarred .40-65 Browning High Wall to .38-55. If you are only shooting in SASS matches the odds are 500 yards will be max so the .38-55 will do just fine. Hunting the .38-55 will do for just about any animal you will find east of the Mississippi and most west of it. I like my trapdoor better than any of them. There is more information on loading the .45-70 and factory ammo is easyer to find in .45-70. The Trapdoor in
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