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  1. Need a picture of the address on top of barrel to make a good call. Would help if other markings were shown also.
  2. I know Bozeman Trail Arms, Tom Sargis will work on it but his backlog is 6-7 months. A will timed bolt will not leave a turn line!!!!.
  3. Buy more cap guns then if one lets you down just pick up another and keep going tell all the bugs are gone from you main set. I like them so much I just keep buying and shooting. It is nice to shoot a pair empty then replace with another loaded pair and keep going.
  4. I shoot 2 or 3 Kentucky State matches where one of the guys had only one hand but had a magnet attached to his left arm that went to a metal strip on the forearm to hold the long guns. I was glad to see him shooting, not the fastest but faster than me.
  5. Have a Scholfield 5 1/2” that under 40 rounds is starting to get a turn ring. Bolt is moving to the cylinder within about 1/4” turn of the cylinder. It is to nice to let that happen without trying to Stop it.
  6. Mine is a SAA not a number 5. I have the only engraved and ivory handled one that Bill Grover made. He made a few # 5's styled after Elmer Kith's # 5
  7. Back in 1998 or 99 I used one with my Texas Longhorn Arms SAA .44 mag. Got a lot of looks and was loads of fun. I asked and was told I could use it as both pistols if I loaded a round ball in the shotgun barrel. I never did it though.
  8. Need all. The owners over the years have done a number on the heads. half of the head on a couple are gone. I have bought both Petta and Uberti screws and only one of the group worked and the head was to tall.
  9. Anyone know if there is a set of screws sold for an Euroarms made Armi Sam Paula model 73 made in the 1970's. It uses metric screws but some sizes I can't find. If someone knows the sizes of the screws please let me know as several are on their last legs before the heads break. Gun was made in the 1970's for the centennial. It came in .44 WCF with a .427 bullet requirement to shoot good. It is a true .44-40 barrel not a .44 mag barrel. Smaller frame than the Uberti so parts are hard to find and info is just not there as the maker has been gone for a long time. VTI is no help!
  10. Kilt was not part of Berdan's Sharpshooters uniform.
  11. What is the difference between a new 73 and a old one. Was ordering some replacement parts from VTI and got asked if old or new 73. I told them a very old 73 with no gunsmith work, was why I needed the replacement parts.
  12. My family started in England/Scotland border area, moved to Pennsylvania then Virginia on the west side which broke from Virginia and became West Virginia and for the North so I would have to wear green and carry a sharps.
  13. Anyone have grips made from Resin-Ivory? https://guitarpartsandmore.com/productCategory.php?Resin-Ivory-trade-SAA-Revolver-Grip-Panels-116 How do you like them? Did you buy from a grip maker or make your own. Does the resin-ivory come close to the look and feel of real ivory?
  14. If you ever have a fire make sure the Fire Department that shows up knows there is black powder there. Be ready for them to not fight the fire, but to move everyone back in case the powder explodes. That is if you have under one pound or one hundred pounds. If you have over a set amount you can face both state and fed charges if not stored in an approved way. For me it is a 3'x3'x3' concert box in the ground with a wood roof, concert must be a min of 12" reinforced with rebar. The concert box forces the blast up where the wood is soft and blows out of the way. It must be locked unless you are in it getting powder.
  15. That much powder the area you live in may have rules on how it must be stored. Where I live anything over 5# has to be keep in a powder magazine build to county specs.
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