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  1. I have bought a half a dozen 97's from Lock Stock & Barrels , out of Simi Valley , I buy them  off of gunbroker . You should buy from a California FFL , it is a real problem to sell a gun to you with all the paper work . Have you tried to buy a 97' from any of the shooteres at your club or shoots ? I would not have a problem face to face , because I have sold to shooters in Ca. at different shoots when I've traveled through in the spring heading back to ID. . Splitthumb 

    1. knifetoagunfight


      I have not.  I went to a match last weekend, but folks in that group weren't as sociable.  The group I'll be joining meets in a couple of weeks and I'll inquire with them then...just wanted to be able to shoot a match ready to go.  If you change your mind my gun guy in the Bay Area accepts shipments, but yes ideally it'd be great to try out first. Thanks!

    2. Splitthumb


      I am coming close to getting our home down to the insulation ,then drywall ,paint , then cabinets . We (wife & I ) are leaving for AZ> for the winter , Tombstone for the sate shoot between 10/21 -23 /19' . If you still haven't found a 97' , I will consider selling you a takedown model . I just do not have time to super tune one for you right now . Splitthumb 

  2. As I said earlier , I already sent you a PM a few days ago , but no return PM , Splitthumb
  3. I've got what you are looking for , either a numbers matching 97' which is  more money or a non matching numbers 97' which is $575.00 plus $30.00 shipping & handling to your FFL from me , (a non FFL dealer . I'm from Spokane , Wash. & Coeur d Alene , Idaho , ,northwest inland area . I've been tuning 97's for over 15'yrs. , 99% of all cowboys & cowgirls shoot my tuned 97's in this part of the West . I buy ,sale & tune other shooters 97's , I can fulfill your needs , Splitthumb 

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    2. knifetoagunfight
    3. Splitthumb


      I cut all of my 97' barrels down to 20" , I'll keep in touch with you , later , Splitthumb

    4. knifetoagunfight


      Howdy.  Picked up my 1873, have a new vaquero in jail and another on the way in 3 weeks.  Would love to see some picks of the 1897 once you're done....would consider adding it to my final vaquero order so that I have just 1 DROS.  I'm Jack Knife Jakob now.  Cheers,

  4. Soo , what all is supposed to be done to it , when you say it has wider mods done to it . It does not look like it has been short stroked .
  5. I would be interested in buying at least 1 of the mason pins myself . Please send address , so I can send the funds , thank you , Splitthumb
  6. I would like one of these myself , I can do PayPal or what ever way I can send you the funds for one of these cool looking pins . Shoot me an address and I will send you a USPS money order , thank you , Splitthumb
  7. I PM you last night , Splitthumb
  8. Was the left side above the pistol grip split when you first got it , or did it split from the stock bolt being too loose
  9. Sorry , I would prefer Dillion dies , I plan on setting 10 mm up in my 550 Dillon
  10. I'd be interested in the 10 MM set up for a 550 dillion , Splitthumb
  11. Mike , get a hold of Jack First Gun Parts - Jack First Inc. (Marlin Parts ) in South Dakota . https://jack-first-gun-parts.myshopify.com . Splitthumb
  12. I'll take it , PM me your address , & I'll get you a USPS money order in the mail , thanks Splitthumb
  13. What is the serial number of your Norinco ?
  14. Thank you , you can send $35.00 to --Thomas Puls--3451 SO. San Joaquin RD. # 42-- Tucson , AZ. 85735 , as I'm spending the winter in Tucson . Thanks again , Splitthumb

    1. Riverdog


      I'll get it in the mail first thing in the morning, did you use this on one of your machines?

      I have a Grabber I've been wanting to get one of these for- hope it works better-

      thank you,

      Mark Van Hook 

      94315 ORCHARD Lane

      Gold Beach, Oregon  97444


    2. Splitthumb


      I did , but removed it because I got my load down to insert number 26 & 1 1/8 oz. of shot all of shotgun shells for SASS shooting . This one is an extra one I had , I sold the other one to a friend who shoots trap also . You work up a load , write it down for , then work up another load for some other type of shooting . Then redial the universal block back to your other type of shooting. I use clays  (26)insertor 700 -x, (23)insert , because 700-x is a little hotter

    3. Riverdog


      I put the money order in the mail but screwed it up- another five coming to you in another envelope-

      must have CRS- sorry-not trying to short you- how embarrassing!- thank you- Mark

  15. Hi Windy , sorry I missed you guys , could of used you tool box with your credit card in it . had major motorhome problems ,$$$$$$$$$$ 9 1/2 weeks in Yuma , see you this fall in AZ. 

    1. SouthwestShooter


      shouda called, I could have fed ex'd you the box.


  16. I have several competition  ready , all take down matching number Winchester 97' shotguns , cut to 20" & beaded , they all hold 6 rds. , with original length stocks  or shortened . $575.00 - $750.00 

    1. Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life

      Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life

      Thanks for the reply, but, priced well out of my price range.


    2. Splitthumb


      The one for $750.00 was my backup gun forever but only shot about 20 rds. , this one is a very nice shot gun , when I buy a better  97' ,  it goes in the safe and I cut the barrel down of the lesser nice shotgun . Most of my guns will close the action by just shaking it with one hand forward , they are that smooth , so , you get what you pay for , just like having your 73' short stroked .










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