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  1. They sound nice , but out of my range , sorry
  2. You might try selling your barrels on ebay, I sold my forearm & pistol grip in less than a day . You'll want to run them on Thompson/ Contender Parts , good luck
  3. Want to buy a real Win. 188
  4. So , why is it that the Ruger New Vaquero Talo Edition 44 Mag have the same top strap as a standard vaquero , and these two have a thicker flat top strap ( which are a lot stronger )
  5. Thank you , you can send $35.00 to --Thomas Puls--3451 SO. San Joaquin RD. # 42-- Tucson , AZ. 85735 , as I'm spending the winter in Tucson . Thanks again , Splitthumb

    1. Riverdog


      I'll get it in the mail first thing in the morning, did you use this on one of your machines?

      I have a Grabber I've been wanting to get one of these for- hope it works better-

      thank you,

      Mark Van Hook 

      94315 ORCHARD Lane

      Gold Beach, Oregon  97444


    2. Splitthumb


      I did , but removed it because I got my load down to insert number 26 & 1 1/8 oz. of shot all of shotgun shells for SASS shooting . This one is an extra one I had , I sold the other one to a friend who shoots trap also . You work up a load , write it down for , then work up another load for some other type of shooting . Then redial the universal block back to your other type of shooting. I use clays  (26)insertor 700 -x, (23)insert , because 700-x is a little hotter

    3. Riverdog


      I put the money order in the mail but screwed it up- another five coming to you in another envelope-

      must have CRS- sorry-not trying to short you- how embarrassing!- thank you- Mark

  6. Up For Sale , MEC Universal Charge Bar Model "D" , with a few extra parts , this will fit the 600 jr. , 650 & the grabber presses ,$35.00 with shipping & handling ,
  7. Up for sale , Canvas shotgun belt with 8 leather 12 ga. loops & 2 rolls of 357 cal. leather loops . Gila River Leather maker out of Phoenix , AZ. , 39" to center hole . & 45" overall . This belt is what is left from my late friend and sass shooter" Bad Breed " . $60.00 with shipping & handling . Thanks for looking .
  8. Someone should jump on this one , myself , to big of hole in the barrel . Good looking rifle though
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