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Subdeacon Joe

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Just trying to make sense of the duplicity in his display of medals. :blink:



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4 minutes ago, Hardpan Curmudgeon SASS #8967 said:

Space Cadet.   ;)


Good little juvenile adventure book by Heinlein.   





Tex Jarman looked at him understandingly. “Your folks always worry, don’t they? I fooled mine—
packed my phone in my bag.” The slidewalk swung in a wide curve preparatory to heading back; they
stepped off with the crowd, in front of Hayworth Hall. Tex paused to read the inscription over the great
doorway. “Quis custodi—What does it say, Matt?”
“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes. That’s Latin for: Who will watch the guardians?”
“You read Latin, Matt?”
“No, I just remember that bit from a book about the Patrol.”
The rotunda of Hayworth Hall was enormous and seemed even larger, for, despite brilliant lighting at
the floor level, the domed ceiling gave back no reflection at all; it was midnight black—black and
studded with stars. Familiar stars—blazing Orion faced the tossing head of Taurus; the homely shape of
the Dipper balanced on its battered handle at north-northeast horizon; just south of overhead the Seven
Sisters shone.
The illusion of being outdoors at night was most persuasive. The lighted walls and floor at the level at
which people walked and talked and hurried seemed no more than a little band of light, a circle of
warmth and comfort, against the awful depth of space, like prairie schooners drawn up for the night
under a sharp desert sky


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8 hours ago, Alpo said:

The first manned rocket. The SS Kilroy Was Here.


Named after Admiral"Bull" Kilroy. "He was a flying admiral." :)

Legend has it that at one of the conferences between Roosevelt,  Churchill and Stalin, ol' Joe had a private bathroom in the facilities built for the summit.  When he left the toilet after using it for the first time, he is reported to have asked an aide, "Who is Kilroy?":D

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