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Interesting Cowboy Print

Lead Friend, SASS #53635

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While not CAS related this is definitely cowboy. I found this print in a local antique mall but passed it up because of a light line across the middle and down one edge, as if it had been displayed behind a multi-pane window and the grid that separated the panes shielded part of it from UV’s. Anyway, it’s a powerful image and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Titled “Pay Day” by R. H. Palemske, it shows a bunch of cowboys riding into town, one with his sixgun in the air. Like them cowboys you can almost taste the dust and the whiskey. So I went back today and bought it, brought it home and touched up the frame with a stain stick and Windexed the glass and then hung it up in my cowboy room where I had another bucking bronco image in a similar style titled “The Outlaw” that I purchased in another antique store about fifteen years ago, only to find out that the other image was by the same guy. Looks like I got a collection.




Sorry, can't figure out how to rotate the image.






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Nice find!!

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22 hours ago, Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329 said:

Here ya go Lead Friend



Here is a auction listing for this one ... (sold three years ago in New York) ...



Edit: Wow .. look at this ... there were 25 of them.


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