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  1. Even w/ hardened screws ... it is difficult to keep a screwdriver on those guys ... especially at a match. Sooooooooooo ... if you are gonna replace them ... why not just replace them with socket head screws. I picked up a bag at Brownells ... you need #6-40 ... The ones I bought were 3/8 inch long and I had to trim the one on the lifter spring side just a tad ... but no biggie ... Get a bag and share them with your friends. A bag of 12 from Brownells is part number 080-574-643 ... they have 1/4 inchers too.
  2. Sounds like the slide lock on a 97 ...
  3. Baltimore Street - Baltimore Maryland Indianapolis Boulevard - Indianapolis Indiana Patagonia Highway - Patagonia Arizona and ...
  4. Well ... it looks like the guy in the original post does in fact have a slide on top of shotgun loops and that scenario is mentioned specifically in the rule book. (IMHO) it's kind of a a pain to use a dedicated shotshell belt w/ a x-draw (have to reach over etc) ...
  5. I used to move my buckle around to the left side so that the 45 caliber cartridge loops on the belt were at the front/front right ... I wore a shotgun shell slide over the cartridge loops ... AND ... the cartridge loops had 45s in them. It's not legal to have a shotshell slide on top of shotgun shell loops but the rules say nothing about putting one on top of bullet loops. Once I got tired of reaching down that far to get shotgun shells (and got a dedicated shotshell belt w/ elastic loops) it was no longer an issue.
  6. Very nice!! Good luck at your first match!
  7. Here we go ... "Man arrested after gun in his pants went off in Walmart" .... https://www.azfamily.com/news/buckeye-pd--year-old-arrested-after-gun-in-his/article_d70a9cd0-d338-11e9-aead-b383543ed7ac.html
  8. Oh yeah??!? Wellll ... never mind ... Never really liked that guy anyhow ... Always standing around ... leaning up against things ... Hardly know him ...
  9. Ohhhh Man ... should I or shouldn't I ??
  10. Actually ... I think if you were "the casual" hold up man (person) ... you probably wouldn't be a reloader. You would have to go to Walmart to get a box of 38 specials for the model 10 you stole or bullets for the AR (and they wouldn't be cheap). I also suspect the government was probably trying to do their own little gun control thing by buying up as much ammo as they could get away with during the last administration ... but ... I can't help but think that Walmart might actually put a small dent in local gun play by simply making it hard for the "casual user" (holdup man/burglar) to get ammo for their latest acquisition. Remember ... even the Walking Dead people were hurting ... Guns were laying around free for the taking in every home but the ammo dried up quickly ... they were screwed until they started reloading. Most people aren't us ... if they buy a gun they get one box of ammo ... shoot 5-10 rounds ... put the whole package in a drawer some where and it stays there till they die. Can you imagine what the news story would look like if they came to one of our houses?? Mr/Ms X had xx guns ... xxxxx round of ammo ... unregistered ammo manufacturing machinery, several pounds of explosives and detonating devices ... whoa mama ... ... Imagine the neighbor interviews!! I think this was part of the Japan analogy Cypress was trying to make ... Is the second amendment different to us than it is to someone who only sees guns on the TV CSI /FBI/Rapper/Gangster shows ... How cool can it be to be a youngster and snag a Glock from a kid/teen burglary and become "the man" w/ all your friends?
  11. Hang on to it!! Wait for an assault weapon buy back offer to pop up ... Never can tell ...
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