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  1. You can get Stoeger stocks (and other Stoeger coach gun parts) at Midwest Gun Works ... https://www.midwestgunworks.com/stoeger/stocks.html
  2. Cypress Sam posted a remedy for "doubling" with (Stoeger) single trigger models a while back. https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/289863-fix-for-single-trigger-stoeger-doubling-problem/ Everybody is different and will gravitate to what works for them ... but I just have to say ... A few years ago I picked up a single trigger Stoeger in a trade ... already slicked up nice ... 12 1/2 LOP etc ... Before getting the single I had always used a double trigger Stoeger ... and always shot it with a finger on each trigger ... I felt that was the best for me.
  3. Get one of those "brass pickers" that those cowboy shooters use ...
  4. No .. I'm not advocating anyone do this. OTOH ... I wish I could say I never saw it happen. Not a pleasant match experience for sure.
  5. Exercise your option to "ask for a different TO" before you step up to the line ... (or make sure there is a opportunity on the stage to bump into the TO if things start going badly). Of course ... arbitrary reshoot rulings always make people in the same category extremely happy.
  6. I'd rather have the crystal skull instead. You could hang your cowboy hat on that. BBQ gun inventory is already covered.
  7. Sounds like they are out front on this one ...
  8. Those stimulus checks are on the way ... They can't afford to miss that opportunity.
  9. Yep ... I wasn't actually considering ordering anything. What I thought was interesting ... IS ... if the shortage is due to a manufacture overload ... why would they have such a robust stock ??!? If they are only "unavailable" here ... then there is a problem here.
  10. OK .. where do you get one of these?? I have seen/found the tube liners ... in alum and cf ... for the 38s ... but not an actual tube replacement. Where's the beef tubes??
  11. You should do it for us!! If it doesn't work out we will always remember the sacrifice you made.
  12. Another one of those "Oh Darn" events ... The thing to watch for is when the CDC starts advertising for welders (to weld the windows and doors shut). At least they are all sticking to the script ... "The mutation is no worse than the original ... and ... the current vaccines will work ... but ... we will ban travel anyhow ... even though it isn't necessary because we just said so ..." ... hmmmm ...
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