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  1. I don't care unless the guy the seller stole it from "does" still have the original box.
  2. My regular 45 load is 4.1 gr Red Dot w/ a 200 gr RNFP Bear Creek or coated bullet. The BC bullet went 625fps out of one of my 4 3/4 revolvers (125pf) ... I never measured it w/ the rifle. IMHO .. Clays and Red Dot are both great for 45 Colts as they aren't very dense ... (fill up more case) ...
  3. Bought my first "huge" bag of 45 range brass from him at 2006 Winter Range ... Have his "fast draw" game on a WII console.
  4. Yeah .. the indian is a silver certificate ... those were out (in all denominations) before federal reserve notes. I can remember in the 60's w/ I was in school .. they were calling in all silver certificates and we were like "what??!? the money we have isn't any good any more??!?" This particular indian chief note came out in 1899 .. (too modern for Billy) ... The one below it (w/ Jackson) came out in 1880. As far as the money and the guns ... I don't get it either ... just more BBQ conversation things ... (but if you have "that" kind of money I guess you have "big" BBQs
  5. "The best dollar eighty I ever spent!!" Those coins used in the shotgun load he shot (deputy) "Bob" with should be worth something!! (they said they were auctioning the shotgun off at the same time) ... Wonder who was on $5 bills in those days ????
  6. Horses blocking the road (and they are well organized) ...
  7. Great dog story!! https://www.treehugger.com/leland-melvin-astronaut-dogs-5191496
  8. Wait!! You were not supposed to announce "that" until this thread was at least 3 pages long!!
  9. That's because it was a Jeep and they were playing that stupid 4x4 commercial on the radio!! (Mother Nature gets even!!) ...
  10. You can buy ashtrays that are made to fit into cup holders ... These can be bought on Amazon ... Auto Stores etc but I remember not too long ago seeing them offered in a manufacture's vehicle accessory listings ... (cup holder conversion). edit: Heck ... just looked for the fun of it ... used a Chevrolet 2021 Colorado interior accessory listing and found a "Smoker's Package" ... gives you a lighter ... cup holder insert etc etc etc ... https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/interior/smokers-package-in-black-23136255?model=Colorado&year=2021&make=Chevrolet&
  11. I wonder if the media that likes to be so provocative (provoke people) with headlines about "armed insurrectionist"; extremist and such might be taken aback a bit on this one. They have a chance to stand back and say "wow" … were stirring the pot and look what we might be getting …
  12. An old college shooting team ... AND ... a nice article on High School shooting teams making a comeback ... today!! https://time.com/longform/high-school-shooting-teams/
  13. I know ... but I am so sensitive!! I used to have a guy that always got on me for calling revolvers "pistols" .... AND ... I would always mention how the Josie Wales line "you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie" ... wouldn't sound right ... I get hooked every time ... sigh ...
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