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  1. No ... not right now ... I have had it in my photo collection for a long time. I'm sure it will pop up out there somewhere ... I'll see if I can find it again and post a link. For the people who always hit their shotgun targets dead on ... it is academic ... they can use any choke they want ... For me ... it gets crazy sometimes and I need all the insurance I can get.
  2. Yeah .. I guess everybody will be dealing with the disparity in techinical ability long after we are gone. I get push back these days even using email ... (as being old school) ... sigh ... but at least "they" are there doing what they can in our interest. But!! The link PW put up has it all!! If we see it there and it pushes a button ... there will be plenty of time to take it to our TG/s and make a case (and probably "then" get the real story about how they arrived at their decision). When you have all those people talking about the same issue you have to give them some credit. I doub't there are too many shrinking violets in attendance.
  3. Well .. thank you ... thats exactly what is needed. It is a lot more complete than the "TG Bulletin Archive" page linked from the main SASS website (only goes up to 2010). https://www.sassnet.com/TG-Archivet-001A.php
  4. Why don't you just read the minutes of the meeting/s when this was discussed?? http://www.dulzuradesperados.com/2017/03/notes-from-territorial-governors-meeting/ It is unfortunate that you have to find a copy on the side somewhere but would be a sufficent alert to allow you to discuss (in a timely manner) any of the topics with your TG. Print a copy from the link above and paste it to the back of your last Chronicle ... and then read it.
  5. IMHO ... It's really just a matter of being inclusive (already mentioned in the "SASS King and Queen" thread). While it is apparent that the vast majority of TGs go above and beyond to "get it all" out there … not all have the same tools to accomplish it. Some may have local "active" club bulletin boards and/or email networks; facebook pages or other means of communication. I suspect though … that many have no option other than to depend on addressing shooters (in attendance) at local matches. There are a few means of mass communication to SASS member already out there … The website; the Wire; the Chronicle; the SASS bulletin … In the last Chronicle … Skinny said ongoing there would be two issues per year now in digital only format. He went on to mention that this would allow for some content to re-appear … content that had previously yielded to the reality of print media (like cartoons etc …). This would be a great place to include TG minutes and such … (notices of impending votes etc). This would also make the TG's job a lot easier and remove the chance for any "reasonably active" SASS member to claim something like this got past them. Just sayin' ...
  6. Cypress, Yes ... sorry .. I was being sarcastic. Because ... I agree w/ what you said entirely. But "I" think it is also possible for a full cocked gun to go un-noticed (sometimes) until it is in the process of being staged (horizontally or vertically) ... AND ... was just thinking how dangerous that could be. As someone else already mentioned ... it wasn't the actual infraction/danger (of half cock on empty chamber) as it was the lack of "mental attention" that made the old penalty valuable.
  7. ding ding ding ... But of course ... it would be impossible for either condition to ever go un-noticed by the TO prior to the gun being laid down or leaned against a prop (like when their shotgun is in their right hand because it is being staged first ... and the rifle is initially obscured). That could never happen ... right??
  8. Wow ... missed that. Not arguing ... just curious ... I know I am out of the loop most of the time but I didn't see anything about this in the October 2019 Chronicle ... Perhaps TG activities would make a good article there ... probably was there and I missed it. The last item mentioned in the TG Bulletin Archive is dated 2010 ... https://www.sassnet.com/TG-Archivet-001A.php Do you have to be on facebook or something?? What else are they voting on ... or have voted on?? Edit: Never mind!! Found a pretty good accounting/agenda on the Dulzura Desperados website ... I should have know it would be right there ... http://www.dulzuradesperados.com/2017/03/notes-from-territorial-governors-meeting/
  9. No problem!! These guys just kept swapping the same vest so everyone could try it out. Don't worry Mildred ... it won't hurt a bit!!
  10. Unless you have an "Original or replica Nagant Single Action Revolver" which has 7 chambers ... and is allowed on p40 of the most current rulebook (23.2).
  11. Ohhhh ... cash prizes??!? Would that be a "lost brass match"?? No one would show up if someone didn't pick their brass up!! After all ... it is like $17 a hundred or so ... The TV stations could cut to commercial between shooters so the viewers wouldn't see it!!
  12. To me … the guns that we use (in our game) are the ultimate BBQ guns. They are unique, interesting and fun. It is hard for anyone not to be in awe when one is produced. There are still "westerns" today … and very good ones … if for no other reason than being modern productions. There are plenty of re-runs too. We have all see eyes light up when someone has encountered an "equipped" cowboy shooter. It's fun to see the smiles and interest of spectators. Lots of folks buy a gun … for all kinds of reasons … AND … most of them are found in a drawer (after the owner has passed on) … along with a (mostly full) box of ammo … (the box that was bought at the same time as the gun). The most exposure those guns ever got were a few appearances on holidays and get togethers (BBQs). SASS/Cowboy Action Shooting is the venue that provides the opportunity to really enjoy and appreciate these guns. In a couple of matches you will likely have fired more rounds than any of those old cowboys and know them better than most people would believe possible. Without Cowboy Action Shooting you could probably just get away with one (gun) … pull it out of the drawer every once and a while to show off … do the 4 click thing and such and put it away again. You wouldn't be pulling it from a holster; hosing down steel shotgun targets or ejecting rounds fast enough to make casual bystanders gasp … you would just have to daydream all of that. AND … you wouldn't be wearing that cowboy hat and silly cowboy clothes anywhere w/o looking like some kind of fool (except for Halloween possibly). Cowboy Action Shooting legitimizes the wardrobe too!! If people see it … see women and children doing it too … IMHO … a great many of them are going to want to get involved … AND … if they really want to get involved they will find a way to make it happen.
  13. I still don't believe the guy in the photo is the father of Anna Nicole's baby!
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