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  1. You shim the right guide. It is held in by one screw. The left side has the shell stop (hinge) .. don't try to shim the left side.
  2. You can measure between the guides to see what you are doing ... I cut strips from a metalized AAA bumper sticker to shim mine. The ones I used measured .003 (stacked two strips for .006) and they haven't desolved yet. Plus ... they have "sticky" on them so you don't have to chase them around when you are putting the guide back in place.
  3. What??!? No biggie!! Take all the tubes to the drug store to test them ... and get a spray can of cleaner for the contacts on the tuner!!
  4. Are there any more examples/occurrences where this happened?? There must be some?!?? I mentioned mine ... Let's get 'em ... tell us who they are ...
  5. 1. Notice Rule (mentioned in the rule book) being ignored .. 2. Appeal violation to MD .. 3. MD acknowledges rule violaton but says you should go pound sand .. - please list occurrence - 1. 2. 3. I know a club that has does this occasionally for (select) monthly matches (along with changing the starting time) ... (pending a club member / match participant exclusion vote because somebody asked for a temporary accomodation .. citing/claiming health issues ... AND ... in an effort to make the accomodation available to all participants and not just
  6. "I'll have to see what Amy thinks about that!!" (Jimmy Carter)
  7. ... AND ... Just last week .. (4/12) was the 60th anniversary of the first man in space (popped into orbit ... Gagarin - 1961). It is really kind of awesome to think how much has changed in such a short time ...
  8. Yeah ... but now (if you get a shot at the dealership) you can get a discount on an electric car!! (ask Yul!!) ...
  9. That's OK ... I have been waiting a long time for an opportunity to use that Sidney Poitier over/under photo!! I really do have a single trigger Stoeger though and it has been great for me ... Also thought that Cypress "fix" post might be of interest to someone else.
  10. We all shoot over/unders around here ... like Sidney (photo) ... ... BUT ... Cypress Sam posted a fix for his a while ago .. (here is the link) ... https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/289863-fix-for-single-trigger-stoeger-doubling-problem/ I really like mine and it has not been a problem (but I haven't shot for a year .. sigh ...) ... Seems like the single trigger lets your hand move more forward and operating the release lever much more comfortable (IMHO).
  11. Well .. when my dog saw this and showed my wife it was end of discussion ...
  12. Congratulations Gold Silver Bronze Steel Iron Lead Finger!!
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