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  1. You're "supposed" to tap the shoulder ... count to three and "then" press the button!!
  2. There "is a volume adjustment" ... but if it "isn't" enough ... then ...
  3. Can you use assign the input port you are using for your VCR instead of "last used"?? That would hard lock it to open on that particular port. Good choice on the "data collection" thing ... If you leave that on then every Sunday morning it goes back to default (don't ask me how I found that out!!).
  4. Hey!! Check this out ... >> quote << "If there is no menu on your Vizio remote, then you probably have an older version remote. To pull up the menu on older Vizio remotes, you need to hold down the ‘Input’ and ‘Volume Down’ buttons together." >> end quote << https://robotpoweredhome.com/no-menu-button-on-vizio-remote/
  5. Wow ... well that sucks. You are going to have to figure out how to get into setup w/ your remote. Then ... Watch this video ... (important stuf start around 3:23) ...
  6. Well .. I don't know what your remote looks like ... but ... if you get into "setup" then the option you want to change is under "System". If you can't get into setup w/ the Vizio remote then that is a real problem indeed. The "menu" button on this one is on the upper right side by the "OK" button.
  7. Yeah ... this started after the last update. Anyhow ... by default (after the last update) you are powering up to SmartCast ... If you take your remote and push "Menu" ... a list of "Settings" will appear on the left side of the screen ... If you look under "System" you will find a setting for "Input on Power Up" (or something similar). Your's still has "SmartCast" in there. You can select the "input" you want to use on Power Up ... I have "Direct TV" so I use the HDMI input port for Direct TV on mine. You can select "SmartCast" or any "physical" input you desire. Some people just use the things on "SmartCast" all the time ... If they are "casting" stuff to the set from their phone or computer that is where it will end up anyhow ... plus there are free TV Apps in there and such. If an input was selected for Power Up that didn't have anything on it ... the set would simply boot up and say "No Input" on a blank screen. I guess they thought the "SmartCast" default was better than just a blank screen.
  8. Raises it up so it doesn't have to hang over the edge of the table ... (I have an aftermarket base but the same idea ...) ...
  9. You should always carry a fire extinguisher and "at least" 2-3 rolls of Smarties (same as glucose tablets). No one is going to bother someone carrying a fire extinguisher!! "Fire extinguishers as self defense tools" (complete article/guide) ... https://www.totalfireandsafety.com/blog/tag/fire-extinguisher-as-weapon/#:~:text=Most people wouldn't think,make good non-lethal weapons.
  10. Actually ... I think it is kinda neat they would show up once in a while when someone purchased 7 guns??!?? Is that what he really said?? 7 guns?? I think there are a lot of folks out there that are buying for the sole purpose of re-selling and are not bothering to spend $30 to be a dealer. They are just running their little "business" on the side. If it does anything is shows the guy that they actually look at this sort of thing once in a while. IMHO ...
  11. (As previously mentioned) use a socket head of some type ... they don't slip off and scratch stuff up!!
  12. Looks like Brownells has a bunch of Remington pistol primes in-stock right now. https://www.brownells.com/reloading/primers/pistol-primers/pistol-primers-prod45036.aspx Wow ... I just checked again and there are only small magnum left ... hmmm
  13. Not gonna happen ... The "Rock Island Trench 1897" you are referring to doesn't even have a hammer.
  14. Do you get your brass back??
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