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  1. Bravo +1 ... plus my favorite Hollywood rendition ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvFHRNGYfuo&ab_channel=Movieclips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvFHRNGYfuo&ab_channel=Movieclips
  2. It's the "free market" ... Toilet paper ... face masks ... baby formula are all off the table right now ... so let's do primers!! I imagine during times of war ... famine .. gas shortages or whatever (even Wii consoles or popular Christmas talking dolls) there will always be the "free market" ... You know when you see on TV ... airplanes dropping palets of food/medical supplies that "someone" down there will end up with a lot more than most ... because "they worked hard" and "used their know how" to reel in the palet/s and set up shop. The free market re-sellers (scalpers) are not evil like the hoarders who keep the stuff for themselves (worrying that they might need it). The free market re-sellers are "entrepreneurs" and should be celebrated. BUT ... they shouldn't be re-selling this stuff on web sites ... they should take their to their local match (if they shoot) and sell it to their buddies for $100 a box ... and give those friends a chance to show how much the thought is appreciated. IMHO anyhow ...
  3. IMHO it sounds a little "un-business like" ... is a fake ... especially ... "As a result, we have fired the employee, referred them to law enforcement, and are supporting law enforcement’s criminal prosecution" That seems like a little too much information ... AND .. what on earth will "law enforcement" do to the person for writing your email address on the wall somewhere??
  4. Outstanding!! You may not be a gunsmith but you obviously spent the night at the Holiday Inn.
  5. It's strange to think there might be a lot of folks in China who are resentful of westerners who choose "not" to remember China as a significant player in the Allied victory of WWII. There are those too (over there) who probably are resentful about the Japanese retaliation after the Doolittle raid early in 1942 … 250k+ civilians. I'm probably all wrong … nothing new there (someone will correct me) … AND … there has been plenty of "oh sh…s" that have happened since then to wipe out all the "good job" points … BUT … politics aside ... I bet they are a lot like us ... Check this out ... https://www.cnn.com/2015/08/31/opinions/china-wwii-forgotten-ally-rana-mitter/index.html
  6. My favorite "warm" 45 Colt load is 7.9gr of Green Dot behind a 200 gr RNFP bullet. I used to shoot this out of a Rossi 92 carbine (20 inch barrel). Zeroed 2 inches high at 25yds it would hit POA at 100yds. It went 1200fps out of that 20 inch barrel. I had a similar load using Red Dot but it was a little too violent (for me) for the same fps (not a nice push like the GD ... it let you know). If you have Unique or something slower like that you can do the same thing with a few extra grains (9.5 or so) ... might feel nicer. I didn't have any at the time and never tried it.
  7. (Kitty) ... Probably brought to earth by early spacemen ... (intentional/accident??) ...
  8. Well ... there you go ... A 2000 year old hillside kitty glyph in Peru ... sigh ....
  9. Store them on your kitty when you aren't using them!!
  10. Thanks!! Never pays to be in a hurry when using Google ... sigh ... Gort for Pres!!
  11. Nooooooo Wayyyyyyy ... the original was great!! "Nixto Barata Clackto !!" It would be nice to have Gort stop buy once and a while ...
  12. The short barrel makes it easier to pack and carry when you are in bear country. AND ... If something does happen ... and you actually manage to get off a shot ... you will likely miss. BUT ... The noise and the fireball setting the bear on fire is the backup plan.
  13. They don't need SASS membership to shoot ... they need bullets.
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