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  1. With all the crowds of people who were out this past week/weekend ... it will be clear ... Either cases will spike ... or not ... If not ... it will be over w/o regard to any guidelines or directives ...
  2. If you are shooting competitively and somehow manage to go to slide lock (because you didn't/lost count etc) … AND … need to reload … It is nice to be able to release the slide with your weak hand thumb as you are extending the gun/re-establishing your grip. Some people say they can slingshot just as fast but to each his own I guess. Light recoil springs (for competition) I suspect were responsible for the appearance of recoil buffers and many 1911s will not slingshot with one installed (removes too much reward slide travel for the stop to fall down). I have shot a 5 inch M&P in competition "a lot" … it is a first gen M&P and one thing I always appreciated was it's ability to release the slide by simply seating a magazine aggressively. It is actually an M&P core ... and when it has an optic mounted it is kinda tricky attempting a slingshot w/o paying attention. Of course ... it "IS" poor form to go to slide lock on a stage but sometimes it just happens (lose count / take a chance on absolutely/positively making that "last" shot to avoid a reload on the clock etc) … But when it did happen it was cool (IMHO) to watch it slam forward all by itself. This was something that was "fixed" in the second gen M&P and many youtube/gun forum experts immediately materialized to correct complainers … "that it is a slide stop … not a slide release" … blah blah blah … Of course … everything works when you have all the time in the world … so again … I guess … "to each his own" … BUT … it is irritating to have them get on their horses (sgt tactical) and dedicate their lives to telling every errant sole "how wrong they are" … AND … if the practice of releasing the slide with the little thingie on the side … instead of doing a slingshot actually did cause any significant wear … who cares?? These are competition guns (not BBQ guns) and you might actually have to do some maintenance sometimes (although I have not yet had to do so on my high mileage rock island or M&P).
  3. Wow!! Butt bumps are back in now!! (COVID-19 authorized!!) ... Of course ... w/ every gun cart pulled up to the firing line it's academic.
  4. Yep ... Hey!! Lets make it a 3 day weekend!! I was born on May 30th ... and at the time May 30th was "Memorial Day" ... businesses closed; there were parades; there was a lot of respect for the day (and what it represented). My parents (as were others with births on the 30th) were presented with an engraved "baby" spoon by a local radio station. It was a big deal.
  5. When you run the video ... click on the little "settings" wheel at the bottom of the video and set the playback speed to 25% ...
  6. +1 edit: AND ... Looking for Gunsmoke of course ... I noticed that they slid down in the standings rapidly 61-63 ... completely disappearing until 67 where the series rose swiftly again to the top. Soooooo ... I went and checked and found out that Burt Reynolds was on from 63-65!! Gee ... thought he always did a great job ... In 66 and 67 Thad Greenwood and Newley showed up ... ha!! Wow!! Did Burt really do that to the show's popularity??!? Wow ...
  7. Lucky for the people behind you that they were able to cover the wad of bills with their foot ... and avoid the paper that fell out (along with the bills) w/o looking suspicious or anyone else noticing. You should have scolded them for not "social distancing"!!
  8. +1 Yep ... was just gonna ask the same thing ... If this was a stand and deliver stage ...
  9. All Silver's manager ever cared about was the money ... There were a lot of illegitmate offspring ...
  10. These (link below) are similar to what you are displaying ... https://www.ebay.com/itm/233569607744
  11. No ... actually no prefix was required at all in those (example) responses.
  12. +1 I have gotten really sensitive to listening many folks on TV starting every sentence with the word "So" .... Mr X ... how old are you ... "Sooooo ... this June I will be 28." What kind of dog do you have Mr X ... "Soooooooo ... my dog Rex is mixed breed." Sooooooo ... are we there yet??
  13. Good luck!! At least there is absoutely ... positively ... no way they would be using the "B" team today ...
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