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  1. Watching Huntley and Brinkley on TV and then running outside to see Sputnick go by ... Flying Purple People Eater ... The Blob ... gearing up for the space race ... Service at the Gas Station ... They changed the pennies!! Who the heck ... decided to make Hawaii and Alaska states!?!
  2. Oh yeah ... but that was in the 60's ... while listening to your Lafayette Radio .... "transistor radio"!!
  3. Picking the best 8-Track player to hang under your dash ... and installing the speakers!! It was tough finding room under there next to the Sears under dash air conditioning unit!! Getting a casset deck so I could finally save the programs on my Vic20. Installing aluminum rear window louvers on my AMC Sprit. Having to cough up another $17 to replace a window ... broken .. when we forgot to remove the drive-in movie speaker. Getting new tires at Western Auto and sitting for hours at home browsing through the Montgomery Ward and Sears catalogues.
  4. Great info article about '73 rifle ammo here ... http://www.longhunt.com/web/index.php?page=1873-winchester
  5. I don't want to push the thread further off topic but ... if the gun you are talking about was a Stoeger then "that person" might be interested in a solution that Cypress Sam posted a while back regarding the double fire ... https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/289863-fix-for-single-trigger-stoeger-doubling-problem/ Anyhow ... FWIW ... I used a double trigger Stoeger that I bought off a match table in 2008 (it had a 2006 serial number) for 10 years ... The gun was great ... never a problem ... and I had always put a finger on each trigger when firing it. Whenever I would see someone post about swapping triggers I would roll my eyes and move on. To me ... it was just too easy to use two fingers. I got a great grip on the gun doing so and had no interest in doing it any other way (or even trying it!). (duh ... what dummies!!) ... Well .. the year before last I picked up a couple of used Stoegers (one a single and one a "swapped" double trigger) and set them aside for evaluation. I love the single trigger ... I use it all the time now ... It has a shorter LOP (12.5 instead of the 13.25 I had been using) and I get a higher hand hold (it seems) by only having to put one finger inside the trigger guard (shows up on the timer for me in faster reload time ... I guess I am getting a better lever release). Finally .. I pick up the double trigger one day (during a garage dry fire practice session) and try to put two fingers on the triggers ... and ... something is wrong .... my knuckles are jammed etc ... WTH????!!?? Sooooooooooooooo ... I start handling it just like it is the single trigger ... and couldn't believe it ... wow ... it was just like shooting the single trigger (a nice smooth transition between the triggers w/ only one finger ... not feeling out of control or anything ... very nice).. Then ... I am thinking about all the other times I knew I was absoutely positively right I was doing it the best way ... etc etc ... (my mr-know-it-all syndrome) etc ... All I can say ... is IMHO ... that's the way to go w/ a double trigger ... but ... everyone is different ... but ... don't be a dummy like me ... ... try it (or someone's!!) and see for yourself. Of course .. I'm sticking w/ the single trigger for now (that I have one and it is working gud!!).
  6. I've been using one called IPSC Shot Timer (Android) for quite a while now and I think it is a great tool (probably all are similar). I have a regular Pocket Pro II and it's a great timer etc ... but ... I prefer the Android guy for home dry fire practice. .... because ... You can adjust the sensitivity to pick up the clicks from a revolver or shotgun ... (sit it on a solid surface when you are using it for this purpose). When you get it right you can see most splits .. and easily see the time between revolver strings and reload time on a sxs (dryfire). It really helped me see the big gap (time) I was losing when reloading the shotgun ... (something I used to only be able to see by practicing "at the range" w/ a real timer and live ammo).
  7. Go here and buy a new one for $8!! https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/32314
  8. +1 Freight Prepaid - used to state that the cost of transporting goods is paid by the person or company sending them:.
  9. Really appreciated the dust covers (year before last) ... and the "go to hell" buttons!!
  10. Your going to have to be careful though ... when you walk through the parking lot. You could get stuck to someone's pickup truck and not be found until the match was over!!
  11. Wow ... those "are" old. I have a pair of Uberti's I bought in 2005 and they have the plunger/coil spring ... They also have a tiny little screw behind the spring to keep the springs from flying out when you remove the grip frame. I also have a few Piettas (all came w/ the spring/plunger arrangement) ... but they don't have a retention screw ... when you remove the grip frame .. the spring and plunger will simply fall out.
  12. Ever seen a 45 caliber 73/66 break a bolt tab or have split brass stick in the chamber??
  13. A big contributor to hand puppet abuse during that era!!
  14. That was Shari Lewis playing "Judy" ...
  15. A "long" time ago … right after WBunch started … I bought an IAC 97 (from a friend) to participate (gun log shows 6/09). After replacing the magazine spring with a generic (smaller wire diameter) version I had no problem loading 6 shells. But … I had the same problem as you … when loaded up … a few would pop out on their own … etc .. I originally thought I could fix the problem with (cartridge stop) spring tension but that wasn't the case … It all depended on how far the tips protruded out into the path of the shells. Anyhow … not knowing what I would have to do … I replaced the left and right cartridge stops with real Winchester stops (so as not to hurt my originals) … You still have to use the Norinco/IAC screws. I guess I can use the word "bend" here … cause that is what you do … "bend them". Apparently, the original stops were never adjusted at all … We never load more than two at a time anyhow so that wasn't much of a problem for "regular" cowboy shooting. I never took the Winchester stops back out (from EGunparts) … they worked fine … left them in. Afterwards … I had the opportunity to do the (magazine) spring swap on a couple of "real" Winchester 97's and I never had to adjust the cartridge stops on those at all … The ones I encountered worked find /w 6 shells no problem … (after the magazine spring was swapped/follower tail trimmed). The Norinco/IAC still works today … fully loaded … A few years ago I had the opportunity to use it at a local gun club "shotgun" shoot a couple of times. At those matches I was allowed to start w/ 6 in the magazine and one in the chamber and it was a big hit … when I racked the slide everyone looked. (when you got to a target where you needed a slug you could simply load over the top … etc … didn't have to waste a round to clear the chamber). That was real fun .. running and gunning w/ the 97 and a cowboy shotshell belt …. I'm sure any "real" '97 smith can fix you up … and do a much better job at it … along with some other action work to make your gun dependable and a pleasure to shoot … That's what they do!! I was fortunate that my gun already had a "big name" action job before I bought it from my friend … so after getting the stops adjusted I had a very nice gun indeed.
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