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  1. Ohhh Kayyy ... you said Moly not Poly ... sooooooo ... I'm just not paying attention again ... Here you go ... https://lplbullets.com/caliber/40/40cal-180gr-fp-moly
  2. If you want to get them from Badman I still have a 5% discount code (that I won't be using) valid until Sunday. I just checked it and it works ... will work I guess until you or someone who sees this uses it. https://www.badmanbullets.com/OnlineStore/categories.php?cat=40+Caliber+Polymer+Coated+Bullets Save 5% off your next purchase - Use the coupon code VC18457715 during checkout This code is valid one time only and expires on Apr-14-2019 If you want to get them from Blue Bullets (use the small free shipping packages) ... https://www.thebluebullets.com/category-s/1888.htm Use discount code ... "STOEGER" there for 5% off (works all the time).
  3. Yep ... it looked like a blast to me too and I just had to show it off after reading some of the comments in this thread. This is a "current" sidematch stage from the Texas State Championship this week ... (Comancheria Days) ... Hells Comin sent me this photo today. I couldn't believe anyone was still doing this sort of thing.
  4. Shouldn't this barrel/horse have a saddle??
  5. These will bend to any shape you want. The one on my 3-gun cart I just bent/widened to hold the sxs. http://www.classicusc.com/store/p/49-Rugged-Gear-2-Gun-Hook-Set.aspx
  6. I have shot a lot of matches with my 627 (was purchased new); the gun has almost 15k rounds on it now. When I first bought it I wondered/worried about the safety thingy ... AND ... when I heard about someone selling plug kits (on the S&W forum) I jumped on it. The plug laid on my desk for ages and eventually the guy sent me another one (unsolicited). It took me a while to figure out why he sent a second (the choices were stainless or black) but it turned out one was "shiny" stainless and the other "brushed". I never had any problem with the safety ... never put the plug in and have never heard anyone at a match or on the Enos forum mention having a problem or being so shocked at the cosmetics they couldn't stand it. The year before last I actually saw the guy selling the plugs at the ICORE state championship here in Arizona. I found the website (he didn't have a website when I bought mine ... it was all email .. word of mouth transactions). Sooooooooooo ... here is the website (you probably already found it) ... I haven't read Abilene Slim's post yet ... my apologies for any duplicate info ... https://www.originalprecision.com/reviews-and-pictures.html
  7. Kenny Reds runs a monthly newsletter about all Cowboy Shooting in Arizona ... http://www.kenbeard.com/cowboynewsletter/March-April.html
  8. https://www.rogerssportinggoods.com/winchester-aa-low-recoil-target-loads-12ga-2-3-4-7-8oz-980fps-shot-size-8 Buy two boxes (or somehow spend $100 ... and get free shipping.
  9. Wafer ... on the counter for ear scratches ...
  10. ... on page 37 of the current rule book ... (Version 23.2 - January 2019) ... SCREWS - Factory screws may be replaced with socket head cap or other type screws.
  11. > duplicate info <
  12. No ... of course not ... I just accept/pretend that somebody at the match does .... and shoot ... and try not to get concerned if a crowd forms and arguments ensue. IMHO that happens much less these days. Even w/ all the rule books it is hard ... as you know ... and as demonstrated here so often (WTC). I used to go through the rule books and try to think "where did that come from??" ... thinking ... what could have possibly happened to one of the "rule makers" that caused them to state/define some rules the way they did. You could tell there was an "event" somewhere or some practice/equipment/personal beef in play just by the wording or odd specifics. I don't do that anymore ... Assassin hit the nail on the head ... "we need some young blood thing"!!
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