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  1. We quit getting the "bundle" returned years ago ... BUT ... With our WFargo acct you can view "online" both sides of any check (incoming or outgoing). .. However .. Our checkbooks (thought they were all this way) have an impression sheet behind each check. When you write a check the "writing" is captured on the impression sheet. You essentially are left with a copy of each check you write. In addition ... you can then go to a running balance section at the front of the book where you enter check number/amt etc etc and keep a running total of how much money yo
  2. Yeah ... well ... I found a article from 2019 ... when he was about to turn 91 .. AND ... it says ... (lots of other good info in this article too) ... >> Buckshot’s career began at the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Office, which is where he met his current police chief 30 years ago. “I was a jailer when I started, and he was my supervisor and over the years, we continued to work in the same field,” Buckshot recalls. “I just worked myself on up.” Buckshot worked in Ouachita County for 46 years before retiring in 2010. His retirement didn’t last long. After five mont
  3. Well ... here is someone that likes their job. My very best wishes to Buckshot Smith! https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-56204309 My apologies if this is a duplicate post ...
  4. H-E-B allows customers to leave with free groceries!! https://www.fox13news.com/news/wonderful-gesture-h-e-b-allows-customers-to-leave-with-free-groceries-after-stores-power-goes-out
  5. Well ... I guess it was just a matter of time ... especially since "the boss" brought attention w/ his superbowl thing and DUI ... The Cherokee Nation Chief has asked them to stop using their name ... sigh ... https://www.rt.com/usa/516343-jeep-cherokee-name-change/ Just stopping and thinking about all the possible brand/targets down the road ... I was wondering if they are still making the TransAm ???!?
  6. Thank you ... That was my (intended) point exactly ... I'm suprised that we sometimes can't give the "mask" people the same credit we give ourselves. There has to be a lot of them that would think pointing an empty gun is a stupid thing to get upset about. There are obviously a lot of people who think wearing the mask when around others is stupid. It's not "that" hard or painful to be respectful and just go with the flow sometimes.
  7. American Rifleman - 2021 https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2021/2/19/cowboy-action-shooting-something-for-everybody
  8. Yeah … like when you finish a stage ... are at the unloading table … ... AND … The person who just checked your guns (and declared them clear) gets upset when you point one at them and say "pew pew" … They get mad and want to fight … There is obviously no danger … They just saw "with their own eyes" that there was no danger. It's just another one of those overzealous rules they made up!! Why can't they let everyone do what they feel like and mind their own business … without making such a big deal of it?? They act like you are being disrespectful to them per
  9. Yep ... good job there (not!) by Earl Warren ... who eventually became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
  10. IMHO ... Monthly matches need to be intuitive. While most "big" matches send out stage descriptions … many monthly events do not. It isn't fun to try to plan an overly "clever" stage (or sequence) quickly. At many matches you can't get close enough to the firing line to hear a stage description and see all the targets at the same time. Without some special emphasis by the stage reader … (while having all the gun carts and lawn chairs all jammed up at the firing line) it is easy to miss something "new". How long do you really want to spend discussing a sta
  11. You can get Stoeger stocks (and other Stoeger coach gun parts) at Midwest Gun Works ... https://www.midwestgunworks.com/stoeger/stocks.html
  12. Cypress Sam posted a remedy for "doubling" with (Stoeger) single trigger models a while back. https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/289863-fix-for-single-trigger-stoeger-doubling-problem/ Everybody is different and will gravitate to what works for them ... but I just have to say ... A few years ago I picked up a single trigger Stoeger in a trade ... already slicked up nice ... 12 1/2 LOP etc ... Before getting the single I had always used a double trigger Stoeger ... and always shot it with a finger on each trigger ... I felt that was the best for me.
  13. Get one of those "brass pickers" that those cowboy shooters use ...
  14. No .. I'm not advocating anyone do this. OTOH ... I wish I could say I never saw it happen. Not a pleasant match experience for sure.
  15. Exercise your option to "ask for a different TO" before you step up to the line ... (or make sure there is a opportunity on the stage to bump into the TO if things start going badly). Of course ... arbitrary reshoot rulings always make people in the same category extremely happy.
  16. I'd rather have the crystal skull instead. You could hang your cowboy hat on that. BBQ gun inventory is already covered.
  17. Sounds like they are out front on this one ...
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