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  1. Yep! Think an ejector is OK on a single barrel ... (been a while ... have to check that out) ...
  2. https://www.amazon.com/ALLMOST-CBB65A-Capacitor-250VAC-140MFD/dp/B07XKM2785
  3. We can send a pack of ("assorted") presidential campaign posters ... Will be a big hit when you plant a couple of them in your front yard!!
  4. Well ... there you go ... they didn't bury those 15 million mink deep enough ... sigh ... Makes you wonder when it will be people ... (remember that movie where they welded up the windows and doors on the train) ... https://www.the-sun.com/news/1856009/zombie-covid-mink-grave-culled-buried-denmark/
  5. There are a lot of places you could be looking ...
  6. Around here ... they just relax in the back yard and wait for the "heat pump" guy to show up ....
  7. Don't worry ... they will probably legalize weed first ...
  8. The hat size and price are stamped in red ink ... For the hat size it looks like it might be a 58 ... 58mm would be like a 7 3/8 - 7 1/2 or so ... Sooooo .. that seems correct. The price is the stamped number next to the "8-26" and that "looks" like it might be "7897" ... !??!? At the very top (3 lines) ... The first line says "District" something ... but first word is District. The first two words in the second line says "Household Services" .. The third line ... the UBB stuff ... I haven't a clue what that means.
  9. The size Price list 8764r-28 GOST 16980-82 Name fabrics 2906, Price of 1 grade Grade And discount 0-38 Surcharge for finishing \. Retail price 8-26 '| Release date ..
  10. Like these?? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Davis-Derringer-D-22-DM-22-Firing-Pin-Parts-Firing-Pins-Bushings/274578072355?hash=item3fee20e323:g:mVEAAOSwTMhfspZw
  11. Wow ... people are doing it ... found videos on the YTube ... Sounds like fun for "SOMEONE" ... (yeah ... someone else!!) ...
  12. You guys should start another thread ... Jedi did a great review ... Perhaps someone can do a comparision review w/ the American Standard / Standard Mfg (whatever their name is ... guess everyone has a pair of those by now??!?) ... That would be great but it would be a different story. The only diff between the Alchim 2/3 is one is a round barrel and the other is oct but they don't post weights on their website. I did find a posted weight on a Cimmaron ElMalo (octagon) 4 3/4 45 - at 39.68 oz and right along side of it a Cimmaron Mod P 4 3/4 45 - at 40 oz. If those weights are accurate then there doesn't look to be too much difference. I would be more curious how they come out of a holster ... one that you have been using with a round barreled gun ... but that would be another story/thread too.
  13. I heard someone ask a police k9 handler once ... "what was the big difference between a Malinois and a German Shepherd as a service dog??" ... He said ... "if they were both chasing a bad guy and the bad guy jumped off a cliff ... the Malinois would jump off the cliff too but a Shepherd would stop at the edge and watch them decend!" ... He went on to say IHO .. the Malinois were very dedicated (radical) and the Shepherds were "gamers"!!
  14. Wow!! A professional quality production. Always "more" than just an equipment review ... Every episode ... an honest insight into cowboy action shooting (ie: the puddles ... trying to find the range). Thanks!!
  15. If "today's" news media would pop one of these out every once and a while ... the world would quickly become a much better place to live. (IMHO ... but I bet you will agree!) ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGwZ0pakhHE&ab_channel=MikeGardner
  16. Me neither ... but you can't let something like that stand in the way of an opportunity to do a "Mr Know It All" post!!
  17. "Lockdown" has been declared word of the year. According to Collins Dictionary ... Lexicographers registered more than 250,000 usages of "lockdown" during 2020, up from just 4,000 last year. Other pandemic-linked terms on the 10-strong list include "furlough", "key worker", "self-isolate" and "social distancing" as well as "coronavirus". https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-54878910 Knowledge abounds in the SASS Wire Saloon!!
  18. I'm sure it's a typo ... but you have two different sweeps here. Would be safer to just say "start from either end". In the first example you sweep the four plates and coming back you triple tap .. double tap ... single .. (in that order) ... In the second example you sweep the four plates and coming back you double tap ... triple tap .. single ... (in that order) ... (you reversed the triple tap / double tap sequence). It's nice to see very "intuitive" stages for regular monthly matches ... (you don't need a book or have to spend too much time trying to figure out what you are going to do). If the match is more serious (they are charging more money so) give them a book ... they can study them beforehand.
  19. Hope the heck they didn't lose the cushions for that sofa!!
  20. Oh yeah ... then the TRR8 is a much more reasonable weight for carry ... and the screw on/off rails a big plus.
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