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  1. CK -- Yes, it is sad, but his wife is not doing well, and they want to travel while she still can. Trainwreck -- PM answered. JB -- I'll let you know what Trainwreck decides to do. Thanks --Dawg
  2. Came across a fella quitting the game at our shoot today. He was selling all his guns and equipment, so I bought some. Included was this brass, used but in good condition. I have all I need, so have some to pass along to someone who needs it. I'll need your zip code to figure shipping. Paypal & personal checks work for me. Thanks --Dawg
  3. Firelands scores are up on the Website. https://www.firelandspeacemakers.com/ It was a nice shoot today at Firelands. Good weather, good stages, & good pards. Hope to see y’all May 15 --Dawg
  4. Guns are loaded, but not capped. Cap gun supplies have been refilled, and are read to go. Henry Transitional is in the case. TTN Hammer Double is in a case I'm itchin' to start puttin' lead down range. See ya there!! --Dawg
  5. Good Evening Folks: I have for sale a nice used Ruger gray plastic storage/shipping box for a 4.6 inch revolver in nice used condition. Label on the end says NV-443 for a 3 inch Sheriff's model Ruger, but there is enough room for a 4.6" revolver, and the label can be easily removed It is used, but mostly sat in a closet $25 shipped USPS Priority Mail, fully insured. Paypal & personal checks work for me Thanks for looking. --Dawg
  6. Just read the firing line post. It has been sold. So, it was not a good reference -- sorry
  7. No, the short one is just for comparison, and is not for sale. --Dawg
  8. Good Evening: I have a Pietta 1862 Navy Police in new condition. I sent it off to Coffinmaker before it was ever shot. *Coffinmaker Action Work *Coffinmaker-installed Cap Rakes 36 Caliber (375 Ball) 5-1/2 inch barrel (1860-style) “CM” = 2014 Date of Manufacture *Brass Backstrap & Triggerguard *Factory Nipples *Walnut one-piece grip *Cut for a shoulder stock *Half-Fluted Cylinder *Factory Paperwork *Factory Box $365 Shipped & insured Thanks --Dawg
  9. Subs like APP and Triple 7, and the pellets for 50 caliber rifles are supposedly harder to ignite, so a "magnum" percussion cap was designed to do a better job. I only use real black powder, so I have never tried them. But, when my pard Coffinmaker sets off his pistolas filled with APP and a remington #10, a discernable "pop--bang" can be heard. I think it has more application in rifles. --Dawg
  10. Dusty & Jakeleg: Here are the rodeos: Serial Number D9** *45 Colt but also shoots 45 Schofield & 45 Cowboy Special *Functions as it should *Antiqued to look like an old Colt *4-3/4 inch barrel *Very nice bore & cylinder chambers *HomeMade Grip locator pin -- looks like a cut-off nail. Works just fine, but you should be aware of it. *USFA factory black checkered grip panels Serial Number L5** *45 Colt but also shoots 45 Schofield & 45 Cowboy Special *Functions as it should *Antiqued to look like an o
  11. I have for sale an after-market Extra-Long STAINLESS STEEL Loading Plunger/Rammer from a lightly shot Ruger Old Army Revolver It is around 1/4" - 3/8" longer than the factory plunger, allowing you to properly seat your roundball over light charges of black powder. The shorter plunger/rammer in the photo is a standard factory rammer, and is not for sale. It is shown to compare it to the extended version. Other than the extra length, it is exactly the same as the factory plunger. Excellent lightly used condition $35 Shipped USPS Insured First Class Package. Be sure to
  12. I have a Uberti 1876 in 45-60. Had Happy Trails do an a action job on it. It's like a big heavy '73, but I love it. I bought a bunch of Jaimeson brass when I bought it years ago. I don't shoot it as often as I like, but it's a hoot every time I take it out. Most fun gun I own! --Dawg
  13. By the way..... On the 5-5-2 stages, gunfighters can load 3 in one pistol, & 2 in the other. So can shooters who are working on their transitions. --Dawg
  14. Hi: I have a pair of "antiqued" Rodeos to sell. Function really well, but look like a pair of really old Colts. Bought 'em here on the Wire many years ago. Pard told me that Longhunter gave 'em an action job, and they feel like it. If yer interested, I'll take 'em out of the safe and photograph 'em. --Dawg
  15. Here's one in kit form: https://www.ssfirearms.com/proddetail.asp?prod=W18236 From this thread: https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/pietta-1851-1860-revolver-shoulder-stocks.850600/
  16. The gun parts for your gun were made by Uberti. When the Italian companies picked a gun to copy, for some reason, they picked one cut for a shoulder stock, so, most of the Italian repros are of that configuration. There are a number of ASM shoulder stocks floating around, and they frequently show up on fleabay. --Dawg
  17. Firelands is shooting this Saturday, April 17. The range is spruced up and ready to go. The Website is updated and ready-to-go. It will speed things up if you print out the 2021 Range Release, fill it out, and bring it with you. You’ll find it on the “Match Info” page. By the way: You may need to refresh the pages before you can see the updated ones. See you there! --Dawg
  18. Good Evening Folks: Still cleaning out the reloading room, & found another Ruger Nipple Wrench: Wrench on one end, and screwdriver on the other Nice lightly used condition $25 + $6 USPS Insured First Class Package shipping. Thanks for looking --Dawg
  19. I have for sale an ASM 1858 Remington New Model Army Revolver is in nice working condition and very smooth *Marked “ASM Black Powder Only Cal. 44 Made in Italy” *All blued except the hammer, which has a beautiful Color Case Hardened appearance *Steel frame is marked “BC” = 1993 production *Grips are in nice condition, with two marks on the lower parts of each panel *Steel frame, bluing, and action parts are in nice condition *44 caliber cylinder with good chambers and good bluing, with a slight turn line *Factory nipples *8-inch barrel with a good bore *Tension screw
  20. Thanks Rye -- we missed you! It was a nice day at Tusco today! Good weather & good shootin'. Even I bested Thunder Creek Kid! --Dawg
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