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  1. Hi Doc: I'll take the schofield brass. Send me a PP invoice or your e-mail address, and I'll send you the $$. Thanks --Dawg
  2. Here's a post from Nate Kiowa Jones from 2013. I use AutoZone brand brake parts cleaner. I use it everyday on the Rossi 92's and have been for the last 20 years. This is what I have found. First, not all brake parts cleaners are the same. Some are harsh enough to damage plastic parts and finishes. If you aren't certain the product is safe just purchase the Birchwood-Casey brand Gunscrub. I have never experience damage to any gun parts or finish using the AutoZone brand. Many years ago I contacted the manufacturer and ask them how it compared to the B-C Gunscrub. Comparing the ingredients they told me it was the same thing as their brake parts cleaner. This product by Albany Brake parts company was sold at the local Auto Zone parts store but packaged in Lafayette La. Since that time Auto zone has it packaged with their name on it. A word of caution, some Carburetor cleaners are caustic. They can be too harsh on wood finishes and plastic parts. Some of these carburetor cleans are like EZ-Off oven cleaner. I use Ez-off to help remove old finishes and oils from old gun stocks. Take the butt stock off before you do this. Spray it down the muzzle & in the action. When yer done, set it muzzle-up in the corner of the garage until all the residue has dripped out & evaporated. Then, lube it up good with a spray lube, run a patch down the bore, put the buttstock back on & yer done. Works very well. --Dawg
  3. The loading table people watch each other. The unloading person clears the next shooter. Then the current shooter clears the next guy, etc or you can watch the unloading table while you load your guns. It takes very little time to verify that guns are clear, so you just stop what you are doing and check his guns. Sounds more difficult than it really is. --Dawg
  4. Yep, all you have to do is hit them, so spotters need to be watching. If 4 targets, load 4 in your shotgun pistol, as you only get to shoot at 'em once. If 6 targets, when you pick up your shotgun pistol, load the 6th round and start shooting. At our recent High Noon annual shoot, one stage had 8 targets, so JW shooters needed two revolvers for that stage, loaded with 4 each. A posse member carried one revolver on & off the stage. Hope this helps. --Dawg
  5. I shoot JW alot during the season. What I do for carrying 5 pistols to & from the line is wear a third holster, and carry two in my hands. After I stage the third pistol, I rotate the third holster around to my back out of the way. We always have props to stage the rifle pistols and shotgun pistols on. The shooter has only 2 holstered pistols during the stage, and the rest are staged & re-staged on props. Also, shooters carry only one gun in each hand to-and-from the line. Safety First! --Dawg
  6. The Tusco Long Riders November Charity Match is our next shoot. All the proceeds go to our "Share-a-Christmas" program. We set the match up for JW, and a lot of the shooters shoot this category. 5 pistols -- It's a hoot! While we always offer the category, next month we will have many many JW shooters. Too much fun! --Dawg
  7. Sold -- Thanks I counted 171, so I listed it as 170+ Paypal or personal check is OK Thanks for looking --Dawg
  8. SOLD--THANKS 32" Barrel Lyman Globe Front Sight Smith Enterprises Barrel-Mounted Ladder Sight 45-70 Gov't Nice Condition Used once a year for Long Range & Plainsman Ejector $550 shipped insured via Fedex or USPS to your FFL USPS Money orders or Certified bank check please. I will also take payments if that interests you. $100 nonrefundable down & any payment schedule that works for you. I'll ship the gun when I receive the last payment. Thanks for your interest --Dawg
  9. Sold -- Thanks My Hunting Shotgun. My knees failed me several years ago, and it has sat in the back of the safe ever since. I originally had 3, Two were cowboyed-up by Johnny Meadows, but I prefer hammer guns for CAS, so I sold them. It's time to let this one go. 28 inch shiny barrels Nice overall condition. $1150 shipped insured via Fedex or USPS to your FFL USPS Money orders or Certified bank check please. I will also take payments if that interests you. $100 nonrefundable down & any payment schedule that works for you. I'll ship the gun when I receive the last payment. Thanks for your interest --Dawg
  10. Thanks for the kind words regarding the book & the shoot. Working with Bubba and Drifter is great. I'm thrilled that everyone is happy with our annual shoots. 'Bout time to start on the 2020 High Noon!!! See ya on the range --Dawg
  11. Unmolested SKB Model 100 for $1150 shipped. 28 inch shiny barrels 1150 shipped insured via Fedex or USPS to your FFL Thanks for your interest --Dawg
  12. I was there..... I saw it in-person..... I can attest that Mr. Rye Miles, Duelist extraordinaire, did shoot in the rain... And he didn't run for cover..... He didn't bitch-n-moan..... He was out in it being his jovial self..... As talkative as ever (He is Italian, after all!) Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Let the Rye-n-rain jokes be banished forever!!!!
  13. Most Excellent! It will be great to shoot with you & Dalton! --Dawg
  14. Yup, I've seen Coffinmakers rifles after 6 stages of shooting APP. They look cleaner than a rifle shooting only a few rounds of smokeless. I shoot a 44-40 & a 38 with real black powder. I'm going to anneal some 357s over Winter, and use them next year in my 73. Looking forward to using real black in my 38 rifles --Dawg
  15. Good Day TL: Thanks, but nope. Have way too much stuff around here -- including shootin' irons. Trying to empty out much of the storage areas (Garage, basement, 3rd floor, bedroom closets, etc.) I'll still have more than a half a dozen ROAs even if I sell these. You know, with a little creative hacksaw work, these would make a wonderful set of snubbies! Before he retired, Johnny Meadows shortened a set for me and did a very nice job. That was done before I got these, or these would have gone under the knife! Hope yer having a nice weekend & Fall my friend! Thanks! --Dawg
  16. I have both and either one will work very well —Dawg
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