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  1. Cap Guards & Cap Rakes Both do the job --Dawg
  2. Coffinmaker knows what he's talking about. For me, a cap jam that ties up the gun, is one of the most frustrating things I know. All my competition cap guns have something to prevent cap jams Half of them have Cap Guards that were installed years ago by Rowdy Yates out West. He's been retired for a while now, so Coffinmaker fitted Cap Rakes to the other half They are as reliable as cartridge guns, and I have just as much confidence in them as my cartridge guns When I pull the trigger, I want the gun to go BOOM! --Dawg
  3. Hi SD: I probably have some 10 gauge fiber wads If you're interested, I will dig them out & send a photo & a price Send me your email address --Dawg
  4. Happy Birthday Darlin' Hope today's a great day! --Dawg
  5. If you shoot a stage with a pistol reload, cap gun shooters load all 6 chambers, & cap 5 at the loading table. Then, when the stage begins and yer on the clock, you cap the 6th chamber BEFORE you start shooting the pistol. --Dawg
  6. They just fit right on. This was a selling point of these revolvers back then. I don't think they even advertise them anymore. So, I don't know if they still swap out so easily. A while back, I tried to put a 44 barrel on my 45 frame, & it wouldn't index properly. And one of the 44 barrels wouldn't go on either, so I would need to have a gunsmith do some fitting if I wanted to have one frame & multiple cylinders/barrels --Dawg
  7. SOLD -- THANKS Hi: I have a Dillon Low Powder Sensor that needs help. It was stored with the batteries in it, and they leaked. I used alcohol to clean the junk that leaked out, but the buzzer/light do not work. I did the same on the low primer sensor that was stored the same way, and it now works, but no-go with the low powder sensor. If you are good with electronic stuff like this, I am selling it for $20 + shipping. Thanks for looking --Dawg Here is Dillon's description & picture: LOW POWDER SENSOR Stock Number: 16306 Provides an audible and visual reminder when it's time to refill your powder reservoir. When the powder level drops to about 1000 grains, a buzzer will sound and a bright LED will light.
  8. The lube on the wad is more about keeping the fouling soft than about stopping chain fires, although wads do that too. Firing a cap gun without lube will give you a hard fouling ring in the barrel that will destroy accuracy after a while. If you insist on no lube, run a patch down the bore at the unloading table, just to keep the fouling in check. --Dawg
  9. Open tops are made by Uberti. Uberti & Pietta grips do not interchange without working on them. When I started, I had Open Tops with 44 cylinders & barrels and 38 cylinders & barrels I had them in 5" and 7.5" lengths. Loved the versatility -- I could switch back and forth at will, and they dropped right in. They handle just like cap guns. I still have three 44s with 7-1/2" barrels, one 5" barrel, and a 3" barrel And, one 45 with a 7-1/2' barrel and a 3" snubbie barrel. Larsen E. Pettifogger wrote an article that includes changing the grip profile, if I remember correctly I believe I have a copy of it in my files -- If I do, I'll send it to you (PM me your email address) --Dawg
  10. These aren't black, but maybe they could be useful: $5 each plus shipping --Dawg
  11. Thanks Slim: Not being a Ruger-Guy, I don't have a gun to try them on. I'll bring them to a shoot, & see if I can borrow one to see if they fit. --Dawg
  12. Moe: You will notice in the images, a small part of the side of the backstrap is showing, there is a bit larger gap at the back of the triggerguard, and a bit of the side of the triggerguard can be seen as you look down the inside of the curve toward the bottom of the grip. Also, there is a bit of grip extension at the bottom of the grip. These grip panels give your hand a solid grip on the ROA, but the fit could be better. Hope this helps. Thanks --Dawg
  13. They were a bit small. They weren't as tight as an old model Vaquero grip, and a bit of the side of the backstrap was showing. I can photograph it if you like. The pard from whom I purchased the ROAs from had been using them, but I like the better fit of the eagle GF grips. Please let me know Thanks --Dawg
  14. I have half a dozen or so, but they are brown $5 each plus shipping I can send pics if you are interested Thanks dawg
  15. SOLD -- THANKS I have for sale a Triple K #740 Deluxe Cartridge Belt in very nice lightly used condition. Here is their description: Made of a single layer of 10 oz. top-grain saddle skirting with billet-style closure. 25 sewn loops for center fire cartridges. 2 1/4″ wide. SKU: 11-740 Size: Large (38″-43″) Extra Large (43″-48″) Color: Walnut Oil Finish: Plain Caliber: .38/.357 My yardstick measures about 42" to the center hole, with +/- about 3" on either side. Would make a nice starter holster for someone. $50 + Shipping Paypal/personal check OK Thanks for looking --Dawg
  16. Good Morning: If the bore is good, with no rust/corrosion, I'd like to purchase it at the price we discussed. Thanks --Dawg
  17. SOLD -- THANKS Good Evening: I have for sale 2 sets of Ruger Logo Black Checkered Polymer Grips. They came on a pair of Old Army revolvers that I purchased. They are a bit small for the XR3-RED gripframe, but they worked. I swapped them out for two sets of Eagle checkered GF grips. I'm not quite sure which model of Rugers they fit, as I am not a Ruger-guy, except for Old Armies. But, if you are, you can see from they pics if they will work for you. $100 shipped for the pair. Paypal & personal check OK PM with questions. Thanks for looking --Dawg
  18. Good day: I have a line on one of these. Trying to decide to buy or not to buy. I am interested in opinions from folks who shoot them. Likes? Dislikes? Would you buy another one? Thanks in advance --Dawg
  19. SOLD -- THANKS I have for sale a pair of vintage/antique Shotshell Roll Crimping Tools. One is complete -- marked “BGI Co 10”, and is for crimping 10 Gauge shotshells. It is in nice working condition The second is not complete -- marked “Paragon 10”, and is also for 10 gauge shotshells Use it for parts or display I also have included two 10 Gauge Primer Seating tools, unbranded except for the number "10" They are in good working condition. PM with questions $50 + actual USPS Priority Mail Shipping Send zip code if you want to purchase them Thanks for looking. --Dawg
  20. SOLD -- THANKS I have for sale a Dillon 550 Caliber Conversion Kit in 45LC, 455, 454 #20137 nice condition The kit contains: "C" Shell Plate Three "4" Buttons "E" Powder Funnel The pieces are in very nice condition, as I only used them in a couple of loading sessions, before I moved to C45S permanently. $50 + $8.95 shipping in a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope, fully insured = $58.95 Paypal or Personal Check OK PM with questions Thanks for looking. --Dawg
  21. I have for sale a Dillon Carbide Die Set in 45LC in very nice condition They are in very nice condition, as I only used them in a couple of loading sessions, before I moved to C45S permanently. No Box -- Can't find it $111.00 shipped USPS Priority Mail, fully insured. Paypal or Personal Check OK PM with questions Thanks for looking. --Dawg
  22. SOLD -- THANKS Cleaning some of my uncle's stuff out my reloading room, I found this RCBS Lock-out die. It looks like he never used it, but I don't know for sure, so I'm calling it "Used". Comes with instruction sheet. $35 + $9.45 USPS Priority Mail, insured Shipping = $44.45 Paypal or Personal check OK PM with questions. Thanks for looking --Dawg
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