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  1. Hoss was the first cowboy I got to know at Sandusky. He was a great pard, who will be missed. Prayers for Ma, family & friends from Dakota Skipper & the Dawg
  2. Hey Cowgirls & Cowboys: Just got notice from Harry Yount, that Firelands has cancelled its shoot scheduled for April 20. With today's non-stop rain. and 100% tomorrow, the range will be very sloppy, & difficult to set targets & tear down. Bummer! See y'all in May! --Dawg
  3. Prayers out to Winchester, his family, & his friends from Dakota Skipper & the Dawg
  4. "The sear surfaces are an entirely different geometry."
  5. Hi Folks: I would like to fit a modern Ruger Birdhead grip to an Old Army, but it uses the new type of trigger return spring (instead of the older spring/plunger). If the profile of a vaquero or blackhawk trigger is the same (from the pivot hole to the sear), it should fit. Does anyone know???. Thanks in advance --Dawg
  6. Sorry JL: This has sold on GunBroker. I forgot to get rid of this ad. My Bad! --Dawg
  7. Some of you might know Hungry Holler from Gary's Glockworks. Prayers up for ya HH! --Dawg
  8. This just in...... I got a call from Iron Hip who had a conversation with Harry Yount.... Firelands is going back to the fee structure that existed for most of the time it has been a cowboy club. Membership fee is $15 Shoot fees are $10 for members and $15 for non-members. So those of you who plan on being regulars, plan on saving some $$ this year. Yipee! We're gonna have us some fun on the 3rd Saturdays, now that Firelands is back in business!! See ya there1 --Dawg
  9. Yep, we had fun -- Thanks Badfinger, Sassy, & all the Sandusky crew. --Dawg
  10. Open is not closed There is no "completely open" --Dawg
  11. Nice lookin' muzzleloader. I still have all of mine, but I have not shot them much since I started Cowboy shooting & get my quota of black powder smoke that way. Mentally too hard to get rid of them! Good luck with the sale. --Dawg
  12. Call VTI They have a source for certain USFA parts. He used to work at the factory. --Dawg
  13. Good Afternoon: Funds are in the post. Thanks again --Dawg
  14. Small World! To all of you west of the Mississippi If you ever come near SoCal, you owe it to yourself to make a pilgrimage to the John Wayne International Airport in Newport Beach, Ca to see this uber-cool statue. --Dawg
  15. Well, I know I have some, but I can't locate it -- Sorry --Dawg
  16. Yep, It's been there a long time. My dad lived in Corona Del Mar, right next door. Love that statue! Thanks --Dawg
  17. Good Afternoon: If the brass gripframes are the ones that use the plunger for the trigger return, I will take them. I want to put them on Old Armies, which use the older plunger system, instead of the newer spring system. Please let me know. Paypal or check! Thanks --Dawg
  18. I've got some around here somewhere. How much ya need? --Dawg
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