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  1. Great deal for someone -- Everything but the powder. Perfect for anyone just starting out in cap-n-ball shooting! --Dawg
  2. All Sold -- THANKS Good Evening Folks: Here's some more stuff from my reloading area. Paypal Friends & Family and personal checks work for me. Thanks for looking --Dawg 1. New Mernickle 44/45 caliber 6-round belt slide $25 -- SOLD Marked "45", but I use these for 44-40 rounds. Looks like it will fit a 2-1/4 or 2-1/2 inch belt. 2. Pietta 44 caliber cap gun cylinder. $50 + $8.10 shipping = $58.10 Shipped-- SOLD I got it when I bought a 44 caliber cap gun on a "Christmas Special" -- It came with an extra plain (not roll-engraved) cylinder It is unfired -- Still has the factory nipples 3. Wood Cap gun loading stand $12 -- SOLD Before I went to an off-gun cylinder loader, I used this loading stand. It holds the gun in an upright position while you load the cylinder with powder & ball, using the rammer (loading lever & plunger)
  3. Just saw a post on FaceBook that Druid Hill Armory got in some Starline brass. 38 Special, 357 Magnum, 45-70 Govt, 260 Remington, 308 Winchester, & 450 Bushmaster. https://www.druidhillarmory.com/ --Dawg
  4. Everything PinkFloyd did was great! My collection includes it all! Speaking of Pink Floyd.............................
  5. Now that Springfield Slim has retired, is anybody casting Big Lube Bullets for sale? Shootin Fox -- Maybe you will fill the need. Lots of BP shooters here that would become new customers! --Dawg
  6. All Sold--Thanks Good evening folks: In cleaning out the reloading area, I came upon a bunch of bags that I've collected over the years. I've kept some for use, but thought some folks might be able to use these All prices do not include shipping. 1. 6 rather large bags including 3 Bank bags with ties (1 is very faded), 1 I got from my pard Shorty Jenkins -- it has a carrying strap, and 2 plain rectangular bags, also with carrying straps. $10 plus shipping (send zip). 2. 6 Shot bags -- They probably should be laundered before use. $3 plus shipping (send zip). Looks like the wells Fargo & Tombstone bags and all the shot bags are sold. Howabout $10 shipped for the remaining 4 large bags? Let me know Thanks --Dawg That'll pay for my gas to my next shoot!
  7. Most of us are too busy enjoying the actions of Tuco, Angel Eyes, and Blondie to really listen to the serious piece of music that Ennio Morricone wrote for Sergio Leone's classic film. Listen, watch & enjoy now the Danish National Symphony Orchestra performing this theme.
  8. Abilene wrote a nice article about just that a long time ago. http://www.davidscottharper.com/shoot/Duds.htm --Dawg
  9. Thanks for the CAS City link -- That might have been where the original post was made. I used to frequent both CAS City & The Frontier Spot way back in the old days. Used to be on "MLML" too, back when forums were known as "bulletin boards", and conversations were small with no pictures, only text files. A shooting pard of mine, who has been shooting BP rifles, pistols, and revolvers in competition for maybe 50 years, who believes that, for what we do, 15 grains of FFFg is enuf, so that's what he does for everything except shotgun. He usually shoots clean & is really fast for an old BP shooter So, don't shy away from lighter BP loads -- they get the job done. --Dawg
  10. The post did say that they probably used a wad between the powder and the bullet base. Since shotgun fiber wads were in use, my guess is that they had them made to the appropriate size and used those.
  11. More interesting stuff from cleaning out my hard drive. Some of you might want this information --Dawg Bore Groove Twist copy.pdf
  12. Good Evening: I was cleaning up my hard drive, & came across this post from "w44wcf" from (I think) the old defunct forum "The Frontier Spot". For those of us who shoot the 44-40 cartridge with black powder, it is interesting, to say the least! --Dawg ****** I was looking though the old ammunition catalogs that are illustrated on the International Ammunition Association's website and discovered that between 1906-1910 in addition to the standard 40 gr cartridge, U.M.C. (Union Metallic Cartridge Co) offered a reduced 28 gr. black powder factory 44-40 cartridge. Then from 1911- to about 1920, REM-UMC continued to offer the same cartridge variation. http://www.cartridgecollectors.org/ammunition-catalogs U.M.C. also offered 28 gr. cartridge variations for the 38-40 & 45 Colt as well. Being a history student of the 44-40, I found that to be particularly interesting since the .44 Henry cartridge that preceeded the 44-40, was also loaded with 28 grs. of b.p. It seems that it is very likely, that there were requests from 44-40 users that a cartridge that replicated the earlier .44 Henry ballistics. So......I decided to replicate that historic cartridge for testing. U.M.C. would have used a wad between the powder charge and the base of the bullet. I used 28 grs of KIK FFFG ignited by a CCI 300 primer and 2 different bullets 1.) 200 gr. Mav Dutchman 2.) 43-215C I settled the charge by dumping it slowly thorugh the funnel holding the pan about 5" above it. I then added, on top of the powder, .7cc PSB (Poly Shot Buffer) for the 200 gr bullet and .5cc (Lee scoops) for the 215 gr. bullet ( the 43-215C seats deeper). When the bullets were seated they which compressed the filler and powder charge. It was a beautiful crisp day yesterday. The temperature reached about 40F with little wind and plenty of sunshine. I took the opportunity of the nice (for this time of year) day to head to the range to try the 28 gr 44-40 cartridges. I set up the chronograph and sent 5 rounds of each recipe over it - average velocities were - 200 gr. - 1,128 f.p.s. (almost "spot on" the original 1,125 f.p.s. of the Henry 200 gr ctg which was loaded with 28 grs. of b.p.) 215 gr. - 1,107 f.p.s. Accuracy at 100 yards was pretty good (2 1/2" with 3 in 1" / 43-215C ). It was pretty neat....stepping back in time...... w44wcf
  13. I have both Kirst & Howell conversions. Both work very well. I really have no preference, but I usually buy Howell because they are less expensive. --Dawg
  14. Far nicer than a CZ -- I have both. My shooting pard Coffinmaker, says that inside, it's the same as the very high quality Pedersoli. My CZ has 30" barrels, it's my BP hunting gun. Personally, I prefer my TTNs, (I have 3 of them) Nothing against the CZ and the Pietta, the TTNs just "feel" right on my shoulder, and that's what I've shot since they were introduced many years ago. --Dawg
  15. Good Evening, I wanted to get this out as soon as possible. We have made the decision to change the dates of High Noon at Tusco 2023. Previously the dates were set for October 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2023. It was brought to my attention that the SASS National Championships, “Land Run” starts on October 7th with the opening ceremonies on Wednesday October 11th. About 32% of our recent past attendees at High Noon will be shooting at the National Championships in Oklahoma. In an effort to help with travel plans for Land Run and to make it possible for those shooters to attend High Noon at Tusco, we have decided to move our match up one week to Friday, September 29th, Saturday September 30th, and Sunday October 1st. With there being five weekends in September this move was possible. The Tusco Rifle Club was very accommodating for us to make this move. This change is being made for this year only..right now. I apologize if this causes any inconvenience with scheduling. We decided this was in the best interest of our shooters and for High Noon at Tusco. Thank you for understanding. Buckaroo Bubba 2023 High Noon at Tusco – September 29th, 30th, and October 1st.
  16. The reason that we don't require SG targets to fall for JW shooters is because a hit from a .32 might not make them fall, especially if hit at the base, so allowing JW shooters to use 22s as shotgun-pistols is a good idea. 3 pistols are staged, and 2 in yer holsters. Josey never used a shotgun -- he just kept drawing pistols & shooting the bad guys -- that's why we went with 5 pistols. I forgot to add that the shooter must wear a 3rd holster to bring all 5 pistols to/from the stage, or get help from a posse member. No 2 guns in one hand while moving to/from the shooting line. --Dawg
  17. At Tusco, We always have the JW category available, but we shoot it with 5 revolvers. Shooters must hit the SG targets, but they do not have to fall for it to be scored a hit. They engage each shotgun target only once. In the case of 6 SG targets, the shooter loads a 6th round and starts shooting. He/She must shoot them in the same sequence as those using a shotgun. We have a special charity shoot in November, the last shoot of the season, where we encourage everyone to shoot JW. One-handed, 2-handed, BP, Smokeless -- It's all good. We just want everyone to play. For the November shoot, each stage has 5 shotgun targets, and they are all shot from the same shooting position. This makes it easier for those who only shoot JW at that match not to get confused and overload/underload their shotgun-pistol. It also deals with the problem of walking with a loaded cocked revolver from one shooting position to the next, again because some folks only shoot it once a year, and we want everyone to be safe and have fun! We typically get lotsa JW shooters at that match! --Dawg
  18. There is some data on .410 with black powder here http://www.tbullock.com/bpsg.html --Dawg
  19. Thanks Deuce: Too bad, cuz they would look nice on my 3" ROAs. --Dawg
  20. I hate CBC 44-40 brass. If I run into trouble while loading a round, it's usually a CBC 44-40. I usually toss it in the recycle bin. --Dawg
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