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Creeker, SASS #43022

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9 hours ago, Gawd Awful said:

Wait a damn minute!!!! You said we weren’t practicing this year.  So I haven’t been, now I find out your doing the dirty “P” word!!!!




He doesn't need the "P" word.  He needs a front end alignment to help keep the train on the tracks.

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3 hours ago, Shooting Bull said:


He doesn't need the "P" word.  He needs a front end alignment to help keep the train on the tracks.

Um... I think all THREE of us need that alignment 

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1 hour ago, Hells Comin said:

It's been awhile since I've been to El Dorado is there cell phone service at the range?


Depends largely on the carrier but by and large no. Not much service. Very VERY short drive up the hill for full service though. 

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Ride boldly ride to the end of the rainbow.....

Ride boldly ride till you find Eldorado.........


That's right. Not only am I pretty...but I can sing too!



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Headed out to the range to pull steel and facades for Eldorado.

Today, we will load multiple trailers with all the plates, stands, tables, facades, props, decorations, etc.

After 3pm; we are given "official" access to the bays and will attempt to get as much dropped within the individual bays as possible.

Tomorrow; we arrive bright and early (as bright as possible with the next three days forecast for rain) and one team builds facades while another sets targets and yet another handles all the thousands of small movements and administrative set ups.

Tuesday is detail day; completing, painting, sprucing and making pretty.

Wednesday; the teams are complete and the campers and RV'er contingent begins arriving (I will still be messing with range items; because I can never seem to leave good enough alone).

I also will be walking the bays and chatting with the shooters that decide to take an early look thru the stages.

Probably my favorite day of the event.

The hard work is done and the excitement is mounting.

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11 minutes ago, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:

Help Creeker or Anyone!


IIUC, you posted that the Mini Match scenarios are posted. I can't find them. :blush:


Would you please post a link.





Hi Allie,


It's on the main Eldorado page next to the BP stage info (just below the main match stage info), but here's a quick link:



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3 minutes ago, Patagonia Pete said:

Is this match still on?? :lol:

I sure hope so.


If not; we got sunburned and nearly drowned setting up a bunch of steel and facades for no good reason.


And all my bad jokes for the banquet would go to waste.

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1 hour ago, Shooting Bull said:


From your lips to God's ears. :rolleyes:

From my lips to your guys ears.  

Then YOU guys talk to God asking to forget.

We have a system.

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FUN, FUN, FUN! Great job!

I had a great time and met some new peeps. I finally met Gawd Awful in person. Don't tell anyone; but, I like him. He's definitely one of a kind!:o


I also met Lawless Lori Sue, Lou Graham, Barry Sloe, Talisker, Turquoise Bill, ..., and many more wonderful peeps. Seeing old friends was great too. I really enjoyed being on Shooting Bull's posse. He is definitely a BFF! Sorry, Shooting Bull, the secret is out; we are friends. ;)


Thanks to Creeker, Charming, Nevada Skye, Box Herder, and the rest of the crew for putting on a fun match. I hit every target; but got a P on one of the SG sequences. I'm more accustomed to knock 'em down, any order, than a sequence. The lunch and dinner were wonderful too.


I hope the next time I get there is sooner than the last time, which was 12 years. :wub:




Allie Mo

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