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  1. The shooter is ultimately responsible for the correct execution of the stage. A procedural can only be assessed by the TO (with input from the spotters). So, did the TO tell the shooter to do the wrong thing and then award a 'P' for doing so? If so, I believe it was the correct call -- bummer. It seems a P, miss, and MSV are correct. Hey, if it was Wild Bunch, at least the shooter would avoid the MSV
  2. I asked the same question when I started WBAS, and the answer is: Yes, they are legal, but you must black out the dots. I use a Sharpie. I love my R1 -- welcome to the WBAS party!
  3. Any out there that needs a new home?
  4. I'm looking for a functioning pump rifle in .22lr. It doesn't need to look nice, but it needs to be fully functional. Winchester 1906, modern Henry pumps, or anything in between. What do you have?
  5. I was in the same boat as you only a few months ago, and I started with a Lee Load-All 2. It had everything I needed to get started, and I have APP 3f on hand, so that's what I load in 12ga, .38, and in my ROAs. Surprisingly, I've found the cheap Estate hulls reload very well on this machine with a gray claybuster wad. For APP 3f, I use the largest powder bushing the machine came with, and the 7/8 oz bushing for shot (#7.5). There are no other adjustments to make. I'd normally suggest you save up for a "lifetime" machine, but this one is cheap enough to dabble in loadin
  6. You could always shoot the DitD WBAS match Friday morning and then be touristy in the afternoon. If anyone is looking to try it out, I'd be happy to set you up with gear, guns, and ammo.
  7. One final plug for this new match -- it should be a big time! Check out the attached stages. If you attended WR this year, a few of these stages should look familiar. Serenity crafted some excellent stages this year for WR WBAS, so we thought they deserved another go around. If you're on the fence, now is the time to hop down to Tombstone for some fun. See you Sunday! OPSA_WBa_Oct2020.pdf
  8. Thanks, Sarge. I appreciate the extra information, and I hope your hunting trip was productive. I'm going to pass on this one, but I'm sure it is a fine shotgun another shooter will enjoy.
  9. SPF For Sale: H&R Shikari with ejector and brass cleaning rod. This is a fancier version of the handi-rifle. 28" barrel Shoots great -- the longer barrel helps it flop open for quick ejecting/reloading. Lock up is tight. $450 plus actual shipping to your FFL
  10. There were 3" versions, and I do not want a 3".
  11. Thanks, Tully. It actually makes more sense to me to have the WB match as its own event and on a weekend so more folks can participate, but thanks for considering it. I certainly didn't expect you to change it -- I just didn't know it was already scheduled. That opens up a couple of days between matches to visit The City or spend some time in the trees (if there are any left).
  12. Two weeks from today we'll start shooting Wild Bunch every 2nd Sunday (and every 4th Saturday) at the Tombstone Livery. Bring those semi-autos and buckets of ammo! See you on October 11th!
  13. Hey Tully, this sounds fun! I tried to find some historic information on Arroyo Cantua, and it seems in 2019, it was the last full week of April. Is it safe to assume after the Western Frontiersman Territorial we'll be able to shoot Wild Bunch April 26-27 and then more CAS events April 28-May 2nd? If so, a week full of caps, balls, 1911s, single-shots, and short-strokes makes that long drive a little shorter I'm also enticed by the mandatory Master Gunfighter-type stages, thanks to Jed I. Knight.
  14. If the .45 Auto is large primer only, I'll take 2k raw.
  15. The Old Pueblo Shootists Association is excited to announce a 2nd monthly WBAS match at the Tombstone Livery just north of Tombstone, AZ. This match will occur on the 2nd Sunday each month, starting on October 11th. This will start as a fun 6-stage match similar to OPSA's 4th Saturday match, but we're looking at throwing in the occasional pop gun, doughboy, battlefield pickup, etc. type stage in the future. Come check it out, and let us know what you'd like to try. The Tombstone Livery (home to Bordertown) will soon have a CAS/WBAS match every weekend: 1st Sunday - OPSA CAS 2nd Sunda
  16. Howdy Timekeeper,


    Do you still have the WB holster and mag pouches? I'm trying to get a WB rig together and would love to have them if still available. Thanks!


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