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  1. I smiled more shooting and watching this stage than any other stage I've ever shot. I wish we could do this more often
  2. Thanks for the link -- this is a good read. The author claims sawdust and sawdust alone accomplishes all the goals of fluxing the melt. I have some paraffin too, so I think I'm going to try a bit of paraffin and a spoon of sawdust to get the best of both worlds. Is there any reason to not combine paraffin and sawdust, or is it just overkill? I scored a small pile of lead cable sheath recently, and it's fairly clean, but it does have some dirt caked in it from where it was laying on the ground for a few years. I'll probably wash it, dry it, then flux with sawdust and paraffin before casting into ingots. This will be my first attempt at melting scrap down -- thanks for the great guidance in this thread!
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