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  1. Hi Mike, I'll take em. Edit: your mailbox is full. Please PM me with the details.
  2. My wife is high-risk and works as a nurse in a COVID-19 unit. Last week, she lost 3 patients to the virus while she was on shift. Her unit is completely full -- they are shipping COVID-19 patients to other hospitals or cities. 146K people have died in the United States. There is a non-zero chance she will bring the virus home to me. If I can prevent even one of my pards from getting sick by wearing a mask, I will wear one all the time. Surgeons have been wearing masks for a hundred years to protect their patients from infection. Even President Trump says you should wear a mask. Anyone who refuses to wear a mask in public on principle -- or because it's inconvenient -- is incredibly selfish. That said, I don't shoot at any clubs that require masks, and I won't condemn friends who don't wear masks -- I'll just keep my distance from them. If I feel I can keep a safe distance from people, in an outdoor space, with a mask on, I'll probably still go shoot.
  3. Dear Bordertown Shooters, The current world health situation has led us to make a hard decision. That decision is to cancel Bordertown for this year - 2020. After considering all the restrictions and requirements needed to ensure your safety and with no end in sight for this year the Board has determined we cannot provide the caliber of event you anticipate and that we enjoy providing. We understand many plans have been made for Bordertown 2020, but hope you can carry them over into 2021. We are already planning for next year and hope you will plan to join us then. Please be advised that all cheques we have received will be shredded unless you notify us otherwise. Money orders will be returned to those of you whom have submitted them. Sincerely, Quicksand President - Bordertown Inc.
  4. I used Roger Rapid's guide to help reduce my lead levels last year. I suspect I get my largest continuous exposures if I'm camped at a shoot for a few days and don't shower every day. There is often a lot of dust blowing around too, and camping near the range might increase my inhalation. In addition to the things already mentioned, I also wash my cowboy clothes with D-Lead laundry soap (they go straight in the washer when I get home from a shoot). I also got some D-Lead body wash for the initial scrub in the shower.
  5. April 22-25, 2020 http://cowboy.okcgunclub.org/LR/Land Run 2020/index.html Edit: Damn -- I just discovered this conflicts with the Four Corners Regional. I guess I won't make it back to OK for this one.
  6. Howdy Timekeeper,


    Do you still have the WB holster and mag pouches? I'm trying to get a WB rig together and would love to have them if still available. Thanks!


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