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The F-4 Phantom Is About to Make Its Last Flight

Sedalia Dave

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Seems like America has been getting a weaker and weaker Military ,

In the last 8 years ?


I hope we Trump some of them bad decisions .

And Make America Great and Strong Again !

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Even though I never flew jset, the F4 Phantom was one of my favorites. I got to sit in one at an airshow at Fairchild AFB in 1975. I was in 8th grade and it was already a tight fit.


Awesome plane.

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I started my Navy Career working on F-4's


The F-4 Phantom Is About to Make Its Last Flight


The last flight occurred on December 21st


I was stationed at Luke AFB in 73, and we had a dozen or so squadrons of F-4's there. Three German F-104 squadrons as well.

Watching the F-4 take of on AB at sunset was a glory to behold, however all the homeowners down the flight path would call to

complain about kerosene on their pools later. It was a magnificent war fighter that could take a pounding and deliver one in turn.


The 555th brought the first squadron of F-15's to Luke whilst I was there, and frankly, I never would have believed how much better

a combat plane could be. It was a quantum leap improvement, and a far and away better aircraft. In spite of that though, I still

love the look and sound of that ugly war horse.


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However, my favorite all time jet fighter is the F-86. Most beautiful air frame ever.

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