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  1. New update: The California D.O.J. (Department of Justice) Has Not Been Able to Keep Up With Demands of the unprecedented Increase in Firearms Sales. The California Department of Justice Firearms Bureau has now gone from being three days behind the 10-day Background check/registration to 6 days behind. This means the wait has now increased from 10 days to 16 days until you can pick up your firearm. We will continue to call you for a pick-up appointment. All other transactions, Gun purchases, Gun Background Checks/Registration, Ammo Background Checks, Accessory Purchases, P.P.T.’s (Private Part Transfers) and Selling Used firearms to Gun World are by appointment only. Per Burbank City Ordnance we can only have 4-5 people in the store at one time. We are still getting 200-300 requests a day for appointments. Due to the constraints of Social Distancing and the unreasonable, redundant and unconstitutional restriction imposed upon us by the State of California we can only help 50 Gun World Customers a day.
  2. The gunstores have posted on their websites that background checks are running up to 30 days due to the current goings on
  3. My Lassiter tuned IAC 1887 has only had one issue....me, other than that it has always ejected perfectly. It works better the harder you work it, so don't be gentle. It has never been an issue
  4. I sent Lassiter my IAC 1887 many years ago now, and it still works perfectly without problem. When I used to take it to matches ( I am just getting back in after a 4 yr layoff) people always used to comment that mine was the only one they saw that worked all the time!
  5. It lets you get as good as a stone without the learning curve. I have the cheaper original non ken onion version and it’s great
  6. Cowboys and Indian store has a great 1897 dvd for 20 bucks, used it for years.
  7. Native Americans used it all the time Navajo blanket:
  8. Carbide die works even better with case lube. Necessary, no, better yes I have same setup, never sticks.
  9. You can definitely see the resemblance between it and the ME 109 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=C2fUZQMf8dw
  10. If you have the itch (and $12,000) you can always go for a flight in the Collings fioundation privately owned F4D phantom http://www.collingsfoundation.org/vmf-flight-experiences-flight-training-programs/
  11. Losing engines....that's sissy stuff http://www.talkingproud.us/Military/B52NoTail/files/b52notail.jpg
  12. Some have a jump takeoff feature that overspeeds the rotor and then suddenly engages pitch, result is it jumps into the air, but since the rotor is unpowered it always need airflow through the rotor to keep it going so no hover (unless strong wind) I'd skip ahead to 1:30
  13. I think the idea of these videos is to get as many people as possible to watch, and I believe she's figured that out.
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