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One For All Stage sequence

Marauder SASS #13056

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Yep, just like the JUDGE stated.


I've heard it referred to as the 'Three Musketeer sweep'.


I also first encountered it a few years back at the KY State, of which I was also told it originated by Cherokee Big Dog.


Someone else will have to verify this info.




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We had a fun match today and stage 5 was the one for all and all for one secenetio. This stage also included 6 shotgun knockdowns. As this was a fun match and you could mix or match categories as you wanted, I chose to shoot it in a mix of Wild Bunch and Josey Wales. I shot the rifle targets frontier cartridge gunfighter with my Rugers, the handgun targets with modern 1911, and the 6 shotgun targets with my Winchester 1897 stoked with 6 shells.

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