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Kinda quiet today.

Subdeacon Joe

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I reckon the people in hell got ice cream today, I had the day off and worked all day cleaning my garage. Well, starting to clean my garage anyway. It looks to be a week long project, too bad I don't have the whole week off.

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I'm still in recovery from the Black Gold Shootout! :lol:


:lol:This may take a week!! :lol:


Idunno!! I juast can't seem to get this silly smile off of my face!! :wacko::lol:

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you have been warned before , about using that NASTY 4 letter W*** word :blink:


ya know this is a family foram :unsure:


language like that WILL NOT be tolerated :lol:


CB ( whom has to do that kinda thing also )



BTW , when finished clean out my shop also :blink: ,




CB, I'm working on my garage, not my shop. Now that is a whole nother kettle of fish.

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Perhaps they are watching........ :blink:

Oh, no doubt about it! They ARE watching.....waiting...taking names...making lists :lol::unsure:

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