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  1. Just went out and looked at the machine. I was wrong on one item. The motor also has the ability to sense problems. Call a digital clutch. All these sensors are adjustable to the sensitivity desired. I have mine set really low, so it does stop on any problem detected, the torque sense will also sense a split case. In that during the sizing portion, it is too easy. It's nice as the sensor that fails is displayed on the tablet, so you know exactly where the problem is.
  2. Yes the motor has the ability, called torque sense. It's not really the motor but the software run on the tablet. Im running a 1050 with the mark 7. Love it. Run normally about 1500 rph. Rocks are also no problem. I've also got the laser sensor to make sure the bullet is present, or not upside down. If either, the system stops. Has a wonderful optical powder sense, primer de-cap sensor. both will stop the marine if a failure is detected. If you get a piece of 357 all the way through the stations, it will fail when it comes to crimping the bullet. The laser will detect the wrong size case. It is expensive, but the time saved for me is well worth the price. Funny in retirement my time is way more important to me. The 1050 is dedicated to pistol ammo. Ive got a 650 with a mark 7 for rifle and all my wild bunch ammo. Cardboard Cowboy
  3. Any chance of posting here? I get a big ? mark when I look at the schedule on FB. Thanks. CC
  4. Ha. Well I will tell you I did have several OOB with my original 73, that was built by Cody. No lever safety. But they were very slight and I did not know I was even having them. I noticed it when I started have failure to extract empties, at Ide's many years ago. For whatever reason I measured my lever against Foxy's and noticed my throw was almost 3/4 inch shorter. Yet both Cody guns were built at the same time. Yep, had slowly bent the heck out of the lever. Cody fixed for me, and installed the safety back in. Back in those days he was not having the safety in the gun. But I will also tell you I had a few OOB on my WB rifle, that had a lever safety in, and was fully functional. So the safety is not a 100% sure OOB guarantee. I figured out on that rifle I had distorted/warped the carrier and the rounds were getting hung up when cycling through the carrier. After about 40 rounds, and the gun was all nice and hot it would swell and restrict the feeding of the round enough for an OOB, got to love free floating firing pins. Have a great weekend, Foxy, Nicki and I are off to a several week adventure shooting. CC
  5. Bill, just curious why you deleted the lever safety? Yet you still have the 1/2 cock notch on the hammer. I did the opposite of you, removed the 1/2 cock yet retained the lever safety. Cardboard Cowboy
  6. Amazing. Nothing else to say. cardboard cowboy
  7. Longer than 5 sec for rifle reload, person needs to practice or jack many rounds. My rifle can be reloaded in under 1.5 sec. Jack enough rounds and you get very proficient with it. cardboard
  8. Way to go buddy. I knew the lawn tractor premonition was correct. Also congrats's to Pearly as well. Cardboard, Foxy & Black Diamond Nicki
  9. It's tough, with no thumbs. But she's getting better. C'ya soon. Cardboard Cowboy, Foxy Filly & Black Diamond Nicki
  10. Let me do a little looking tomorrow. I know when I researched this out years ago, I could get SS tubes from McCaster that were a perfect match for the tubes I have. Just needed threading for the end cap and the notch cut for the pin to hold the tube on. Im pretty sure all tubes were the same size. cardboard
  11. Hey Scrub Oak, Ive got 6 or 8 stainless tubes upstairs, that I bought many years ago. If you need dimension I can get them for you? Cardboard Cowboy
  12. Yes I figured it was the MC or Foxy said you had omitted a "0" on the $1,000. Oh well, got excited there for a minute. I did call you as I was really excited, but I knew it was not a BM. Thx buddy. CC
  13. Bullet Master or Master Caster? If it's a Bullet Master, I'll take it. Don't want the Master caster. cardboard cowboy
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