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  1. This is the important part of the rule, that you quoted. Sentence above what you have highlighted. "However, if the action is opened, etc..", this is why you haver a cocked hammer. A rifle with the lever open, cannot be considered a cocked gun. If it was, we would never be able to ground it at the conclusion of the shooting string. K
  2. haha, and we'll let you do that. Don't let that lever fall to the half way point though, might get some people calling you on it. Have a nice day Phantom. K
  3. And your wasting time running around all day with your rifle. K
  4. I rarely post on the wire, for personnel reason. But when I heard of the loss of the Judge on Saturday I was at a complete loss. I figured if I did not respond, it did not happen. Very hard to write this and I was in tears when Witch Doctor told me. Judge was just such a wonderful person, words can never explain. We will miss the Judge terribly, he was such a force in the SE for cowboys. And touched the hearts of so many people. TT we are doing our best to change some doctor appointments and make it on Thursday. May be hard, this is with oncologist, scheduled almost a year ago. Cardboard Cowboy, Foxy Filly & Black Diamond Nicki
  5. It is not a violation of a round in the chamber under a "cocked hammer". Please show where it states this in the "book's". The violation is the round in the chamber, no matter how much is in the chamber. It's either in the chamber or not, any portion of the round, is in the chamber. Simple, lever open or closed, a live round cannot be in the chamber, no matter how little. Lever open has nothing to do with it. K
  6. Or use a headspace go/no-go gage. No guessing then. Headspace also take's into consideration bore erosion, which a case may or may not do. .004 is not much at all. Check out the difference in brass, way more then .004
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