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  1. Happy do you think this rifle has been reblued?
  2. I will take the uberti 1861s and I can meet you to pick them up if that is fine with you.
  3. $500 Shipped. 90 to 95 percent. Clean bore.
  4. I will take all of your brass new winchester brass.
  5. I am in Texas not too far from you and if you can meet up next weekend I will gladly take this from you for your asking price.

    1. Randingo


      Sure thing.  I am currently in Colorado and will be back in Texas the 10th.  Will that work?


      Randy. 719-565-7463

  6. Couple of pics of the .357 Colt barrel.



  7. Tried to send you a message about a dust cover but it said you couldn't receive messages, I reckon that means you won't receive this one either but I thought I'd try.


    Lone Gunman

    SASS 22106


  8. Do you know how much you need for the 32-20

  9. Leave the man a lone already he stated for you grouchy Internet Nazi's that his membership is current still and we have another member vouching for his good name.
  10. Is this a new production high wall or 100 plus year old orginal
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