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  1. Shotshell slide on the way to Lucky Lawdog. Thank you sir!
  2. Added more photos to the Dropbox folder with some additional detail shots. Check them out here: Dropbox folder of holster images
  3. STILL AVAILABLE This holster belt was made by Wylie Leather of Wyoming and is fully lined 3” belt with 24 loops for .38 rounds, polished silver-tone buckle, measures 48” from center of buckle to middle of the six holes, tapered ends. I’m a 42” waist and it fits comfortably over my cowboy attire on the 4th of the six holes. Asking $130 and I'll ship it in the US on my dime. Retail is over $200 shipped. SOLD Also available is a Wylie Leather 12 gauge shell holder with four pair of loops. The slide fits tightly to the belt and stays in place very well. Asking $25. SOLD Also comes with three Mexican Loop style holsters, a pair of strong side, left and right, along with a right hand crossdraw for the left side. The holsters as shown in the photos accommodate a Ruger NMV, a Colt clone, as well as an Old Model Vaquero. I used these with a 4.625” barrel and a 5.50” barrel. All three guns shown are .357s. The .45 Colt will fit as well. The holsters are unlined, have silver star conchos, four Chicago screws on backside and a leather thong for retention on each. Check out the Dropbox link for more photos: Dropbox folder of holster images Located in Reno, NV. PayPal, check, money order, whatever works best. Thanks for looking!
  4. We've got some older guys in our club that have trouble with walking but the drive to shoot every month is strong. We lend a shoulder to lean on approaching the stage and afterward on the way to the unloading table. We make sure someone grabs their long guns for the walk. It's not much but it keeps them in the game and they're still competitive in mind & spirit.
  5. SOLD Baikal IZH-43K Bounty Hunter II, 12 gauge, side by side shotgun, 2-3/4” chambers, 20” Cylinder Bore barrels, cocking levers, double trigger. Gun is in good stock unmolested condition with just one minor scratch (pointed out in photos) on right side receiver and a small amount of corrosion on the trigger guard, small nick on bead end of center rib. Barrels are clean, feature a center rib and brass bead. Furniture is in very good condition with no obvious blemishes. Length of pull is 14” from the front trigger. No recoil pad, buttstock is factory butt plate from Baikal. More photos are available at the following Dropbox link: Dropbox Folder of Images for Baikal SxS Asking $375 / obo plus shipping and will entertain interesting SASS/CAS and other trades. Located in Reno, NV and will ship to your FFL directly if allowed. Can accept credit cards as well. Feel free to ask any questions in this thread or via direct message.
  6. Your kindness will be paid forward. Thank you sir!
  7. SOLD - Free for the taking, 85 Winchester AA low base hulls, once or twice fired, postage would be nice. Weighs about 1.5 pounds.
  8. SOLD - My bench is going to be cleaner one way or the other. A batch of .270 caliber / .277 diameter Spitzer bullets in different weights and quantities. Take it all for postage. Number of bullets in each box is after the description. Nosler AccuBond 130 grain - 16 Nosler AccuBond 140 grain - 50 Sierra 130 grain - 35 Nosler Ballistic Tip 140 grain - 32 Nosler Ballistic Tip 140 grain - 29 Weight is roughly four pounds all in.
  9. SOLD - Spent some time in Dad's barn a week or so ago. Can't determine the age but up for grabs is a box of Remington 20 gauge unfired new primed hulls with a high base. No guarantee they will go bang but they should and they will make great reloads. There are 97 new unfired hulls and one that's been fired only to make the rows in the picture nice and even. You get all 98. Postage would be nice, box weighs in at two pounds on my scale.
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