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  1. Howlin' Wolf was not only a generous sponsor of our event but, as Ike says, was on site for the entire event returning each morning with repaired/refreshed items so shooters could shoot their best. I was the beneficiary of that customer service as he took my shot shell belt and re-sewed a portion to make it a little more convenient for me. It was a game changer and I had my best match in quite a while. If he could, he took care of things right on site. Class act all the way around.
  2. Like this one here? Looking forward to this match and the raffle is going to be a good one.
  3. Sorry for the delay, notifications aren't coming through. I would like to have it. I'll drop you a PM with details.
  4. What barrel length? I've got a 6-1/2" and would like a dedicated holster.
  5. My only thought is that you could cut it carefully and keep each piece and stack them back on as she grows. About the time she's ready for a full size might also be time for a new shotgun. Kinda like growth rings on a tree.
  6. May I suggest a saw? Fair enough, I'll send it on to Crawdaddy.
  7. Fair enough. Let's hang loose a little until he responds or the body is cold.
  8. I have available a factory Stoeger large model buttstock for the 12 gauge model. It has already been cut approximately one inch in length, has a DIY style grindable/sandable Kick Eez pad in place and measures 15-3/8" from the grip end to the middle of the pad. It measures 14-5/8" to the end of the wood. My two uncut models measure 15-5/8". The wood is in good condition with no visible cracks or known cracks and the checkering is as good as a Stoeger gets. When I bought the gun it was a little short for me and so I bought a replacement. I have six photos I can email to you after receiving a direct message with your email address. Price is $70 plus shipping.
  9. Thanks for all the help and suggestions. I was forced to go out of town this weekend fishing and was off the grid. I appreciate the replies.
  10. Been reloading .38 Spl for monthly matches but want to get in on some pocket pistol side match action at our annual event in September. I already have an older S&W revolver that's chambered in .38 S&W and would like to stick with that cartridge. I'm shopping for an appropriate pocket pistol now. So here are a few questions: a) recommended dies for my Hornady Lock N Load progressive press? b) recommended loads for what will likely be a turn of the century/probably black powder originally break action revolver? c) whose got a gun they want to part with at a reasonable price? Thanks, Johnny
  11. Your kindness will be paid forward. Thank you sir!
  12. SOLD - Free for the taking, 85 Winchester AA low base hulls, once or twice fired, postage would be nice. Weighs about 1.5 pounds.
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