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  1. Mine showed at the LGS yesterday and I grabbed it this morning. I put the Visa card on the line at 0637 on Tuesday on one of the few remaining G to VG Winchesters. I've never owned one, never fired one, but the chance that this one was carried by a young man that had anything to do with bringing the war to a close in Europe in 1945 was a strong motivator. The numbers say it was built in '42 and it was in shootable condition right out of the box. No cleaning and no cosmoline anywhere to be seen. A quick review tells me I have a later rear sight but everything else seems to be OK. I'm pretty pl
  2. Your kindness will be paid forward. Thank you sir!
  3. SOLD - Free for the taking, 85 Winchester AA low base hulls, once or twice fired, postage would be nice. Weighs about 1.5 pounds.
  4. SOLD - My bench is going to be cleaner one way or the other. A batch of .270 caliber / .277 diameter Spitzer bullets in different weights and quantities. Take it all for postage. Number of bullets in each box is after the description. Nosler AccuBond 130 grain - 16 Nosler AccuBond 140 grain - 50 Sierra 130 grain - 35 Nosler Ballistic Tip 140 grain - 32 Nosler Ballistic Tip 140 grain - 29 Weight is roughly four pounds all in.
  5. SOLD - Spent some time in Dad's barn a week or so ago. Can't determine the age but up for grabs is a box of Remington 20 gauge unfired new primed hulls with a high base. No guarantee they will go bang but they should and they will make great reloads. There are 97 new unfired hulls and one that's been fired only to make the rows in the picture nice and even. You get all 98. Postage would be nice, box weighs in at two pounds on my scale.
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