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  1. I'll take the blued Ruger grip frame and grips. PM sent earlier.
  2. SOLD For sale is a used, good condition Mernickle Shot Shell Belt. I got this for myself and it's a hair small for me so I've ordered a new one. Belt is marked 46", is 45" from end of leather to the middle of the seven holes. It measures about 46.5" from the end of the buckle. I wear a 48" and this 46" belt has me on the 2nd to last hole. It's a 2" belt with a group of eight 12 gauge shell holders, each holding two shells for a total of 16. The shell holders are leather and have tooled edges. Though they are doubles they will hold one shell. NEW INFO: This belt does not have any cartridge slots other than the shot shells. You can easily add your own slider if that is needed. There is some wear on the one end shown in the attached pics that could use a little stain to make it look consistent. Overall the wear is honest from actual cowboy use but is still in great shape. The buckle is an antique finish brass clipped corner with brass Chicago screws. Inside is suede finish to hold its position on your body. Mernickle sells a leather 12 shell single shell belt for $149 and a 12 shell with synthetic pockets at $139. Shipping is extra. My cost to replace a size larger, all in, was $158. Asking $90 $80 shipped in the US. Feel free to ask any questions. Photos were taken today. First "I'll take it" gets it. PayPal is easy and preferred. Thanks for looking!
  3. As I get older I try to embrace the thought of "buy once, cry once." I soon forget what I paid as I enjoy the story of how the purchase became mine, how much I enjoy it and how I feel when I wear it, whether it's gun leather, boots, hats or firearms.
  4. I'm a relatively new shooter but I find this, the flow, is the case. It's no different for me in rock crawling or desert racing or whatever else I do. Tune out the extraneous and then just do what needs to be done. That doesn't mean I'm fast or good, it just means I'm trying to reduce the noise in my head. If you asked me what I did with shots 4,5, and 6 out of my revolvers, I likely couldn't tell you but I will remember I was having fun doing it.
  5. I've got a Savage Axis in .223 I took in partial trade years ago and they are now down under $300 for the rifle at Bud's. They are priced at a point where buying new almost makes more sense.
  6. Sold and on its way to Oregon. Thank you sir!
  7. Offered is a used, good condition, Mernickle gun belt. I got this recently in a holster deal and it's just a little snug. I bought the same one in a size larger as I liked it so much. The model is the HP1B Cowboy Action Gunfighter Series, retail new is $129.95 plus shipping. https://www.mernickleholsters.com/CA-HP/HP1BR1/hp1bref1.html The belt is a size 46 which is measured from the end of the buckle to the middle hole best I can tell. In the photo I measured from the end of the leather to the middle hole. Holes are approximately 7/8" apart and there are seven. It's nominally 2-1/2" and has a silver (chrome) clipped corner buckle and matching silver Chicago screws. There are a few minor scuffs and a little Montana Pitch Blend had them hidden in no time. Asking $80 shipped USPS in the US. Feel free to ask any questions.
  8. If you're simply looking for a safe place to pull off for one night, swing into the industrial park at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I have friends with a shop there and we've spent many a night in the parking lot. Otherwise, you're driving up 15 to 168 and then NW of Moapa to find a park. Then you're headed to Ely before you see anything else. As stated earlier, a nice night at the Oasis is worth stopping earlier, you're only saving about 45-60 minutes of driving. Good luck.
  9. And just like that they're on the way to Ohio. Thanks Dawg!
  10. Mernickle Holsters .45 ammo slide, like new condition, leather loops, made for a 2.5" belt. I believe this color is called Gunfighter Brown. I have two of them, $25 each shipped, or $45 for the pair shipped in US. They retail for $37 a piece plus shipping. PayPal, personal check, whatever works.
  11. Your kindness will be paid forward. Thank you sir!
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