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  1. We need to make that night shoot happen!! How far can the 10 gauge spew fire at night?? I don't have the light saber yet, but I've got time to get one.
  2. My will power wore thin!! LOL Will do. Looking forward to trying out classic cowboy
  3. Looking to buy a fixed sight Ruger Single Six. Blued or stainless, .22 or .32. Just about any configuration will work. Let me know if any of you have one you'd like to part with. Thanks for looking!
  4. They do not. I believe they're all from old models. I can add pictures.
  5. Looking for one set of gunfighter grips for New Model Vaquero. Let me know if you've got a set you want to part with. Thanks for looking!
  6. Cleaning out the gun room and I've got 4 sets of Ruger factory Bisley grips that I no longer need. All are in good shape with screw included. Looks like these are all from old models. $40 per set shipped. Order by number. Thanks for looking!
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