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  1. While I agree with most of this, in the case of feral hogs its not completely accurate. Boars (sexually mature males) develop boar taint (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boar_taint), this is common in all hogs both feral and domestic. Once the males have reached this point they are no longer edible in my opinion. We shoot them and leave them for the coyotes. Also, all feral hogs tend to be very lean. Even if trapped and fed straight corn, they will likely not put on much intramuscular fat.
  2. These are a couple of boars taken in East Texas.
  3. Many outfitters in Texas offer feral hog hunts. If you want to keep the meat, the best time of year is winter months after deer season. It's too hard to get the animals processed before the meat spoils in summer months. Best eating hogs are sows or young pigs, 65-85lbs. Keep in mind, that feral hogs (also known as wild boar) are not the same as javelina (collared pecaries). Feral hogs are common in many parts of the country while javelina, which are not pigs at all, are only found from South Texas through the desert Southwest.
  4. Fellow had one for sale on here last week, look on page 2. Believe his alias is Rabbi Sixgun, from San Antonio area. Bear
  5. Check out the Kenai from GunfightersINC. I use one for my 4" 629, best rig I've used for a heavy revolver. http://gunfightersinc.com/products/kenai-chest-holster/ Bear
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