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  1. I wear xxxl or 4xl. Sold a bunch a while back but look when I get home Friday. I may have a couple B-Western in that size. Maddog
  2. My mom worked in ER and would not let us get a motorcycle or a mini-bike like the other kids. She said they were too dangerous so we got an ATC -90 with th ballon tires. Much safer choice. Get well soon Pat
  3. I buy these as with the current $2.00 rebate on AA shells, they are close to the reloading price.
  4. Since you put in that much work, I will buy the first round. The second round will be after you load the U-Haul tomorrow with my safe and reloading equipment for the trip to Illinois and help unload it. Moving is such fun.
  5. It's sounds like Fun. But the real question is if you can tune a piano, can you also tuna fish?
  6. Well, it appears my son and I am not going to make Black Gold this year and I just canceled my reservation at the Heritage Inn. This is the closest and nicest Hotel near Black Gold. Maybe Next Year. Maddog McCoy Heritage Inn & Suites 363 KY-80, Manchester, KY 40962 Phone: 606-598-1800 manchesterheritageinnsuites.us
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