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  1. Is there any online RO courses out there with SASS approved certifications? Thanks, Mojo
  2. For sale a Big County 4 gun wooden cart. I am asking $125. I have used the cart for a little less than a year.. It shows normal wear and tear but is in great shape. I can bring it to Texas State match early April or Land Run in OK City in late April or I can ship it but might be costly. Thanks and God bless, Mojo
  3. I am looking to sell a brand new never fired Henry Big Boy 45LC. The model number is H006C. I am asking $700,00 or best offer. I can ship from my FFL to yours. I can also bring it to the Texas state match or to Land Run in OK City if you would like to pick it up in person. Would consider trade for old Ruger Vaqueros 4 5/8 stainless in 38/357. Thanks and God bless, Mojo
  4. Thanks Kid, I will contact Lassiter and see what he can do..
  5. Thanks guys for all your help. I will check out Klassic Lazer Works, when I get to Winter Range.
  6. Thanks guys, I appreciate the info. This is just a backup for the wife, in case hers throws a shoe at Winter Range.
  7. I need someone to checker the forearm of my 1873 rifle. Can you folks recommend somebody for me?
  8. I need someone to slick up and short stoke my wife’s Marlin 357/38 rifle. Can anyone recommend someone that mightn be at Winter Range that can work on it there or I can send to them and pickup at Winter Range? Thanks Mojo Rising
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