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  1. This has been bugging me for awhile. What is the difference between a standard hammered double and the Doc Holliday version. Sleepy
  2. Add Clays o the next year list. Back to unique and HP38 Sleepy
  3. yes, they said it would be available Jan of 23 back in 22 sleepy
  4. Just got an email from Hogdon Trail Boss is now scheduled for 2024. Sleepy
  5. Kid, I have some APP to hold you over. Sleepy
  6. I know Jimmy Spurs from my time in NH. He is now in VT. He did some work on my Vaqueros,, But, I found his shotgun action job prices way to high. I'll set the CZ aside and continue with my non hammered double.
  7. Ol number 4 got it. Thanks
  8. Sent Long Hunters an email. Has any body used Jimmy Spurs? Thanks Sleepy Floyd
  9. Finally got my hammered shotgun. They say timing is everything. Just a few days ago Johnny Meadows closed shop. Looking for someone in AZ to do some magic. It is a CZ. Sleepy
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