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  1. When both parties are satisfied It is a good deal.
  2. This is a 20 inch barrel short rifle, not a carbine. Sleepy Floyd.
  3. I am not taking trades.

    Sleepy Floyd.

    You can text me at 623 570 8385.

  4. 45Colt. Used as my main match for 4 years. This rifle has had an action job done but is not short stroked. Now $850.
  5. 1860 Henry for sale. Military version. Fully stock. Used for 1 match. Getting out of CAS. 45Colt. Price 950.00
  6. Mississipi, I am in Phx but can meet you 1/2 way.
  7. Yes, I have no idea. The gun is as it came from the manufacturer.
  8. Rossi Overland shotgun 20inch barrel Setup by Johnny Meadows Kick EZE recoil pad. $450.00 plus shipping Sleepy Floyd
  9. What hearing? All I hear is a constant ringing. S. Floyd
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