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  1. Does foul your guns much
  2. Captain C talked me into shooting FC. I was using Black MZ but it's no longer made. I really like it because it was fairly inexpensive and didn't require cleaning the guns right away. So the question is what powder do all you FC shooters use and why? I know a lot use APP and I picked some up. But it's a little expensive to shoot all the time.
  3. Yes Tite Group will definitely smoke up your cases.
  4. I shoot regularly with the Gila Rangers so far it hasn't been to bad shooting FC there. Nothing like it was last Saturday at Ruidoso. I think their small bays had a little to with the smoke hanging around.
  5. Thanks for the input Driftwood. It was very helpful. One of the hardest things is to slow down. I have to keep telling myself if I can't see the targets because of the smoke. Than the other shooters can't either.
  6. That's about what I was looking at Saturday
  7. That's kinda what I was thinking
  8. Thought I'd give frontier cartridge a try for awhile. Shot my first match with no wind and heavy smoke. Are there any tricks or something different you do when this happens? I'm shooting 45 LC
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