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    Have to travel for matches, plan to visit several in KS, MO, OK and AR

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    My God, My Family, My Church, My Country, Shooting, Reloading, Powered Parachutes, Flying Cars

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  1. Lesco Brandon the pronunciation is not appropriate for little ears.
  2. still for sale, prices negotiable, make me an offer
  3. it's hard when you're hanging upside down holding on with your toes...
  4. we need a gator hitching post at the FL state match... and some gator wagons... Good on ya Ozzies for coming up with this one
  5. sooo, where on this map are the drop bears?
  6. looks like he's about to go out to get a drink...
  7. Or cowboy guns, just sayin
  8. I believe this is the consensus of people who actually experiment with these kinds of things.
  9. I cast outdoors only a couple times a year, powder coat. I try to wear disposable gloves when i'm handling stuff. I am extra cautious around the dross. Always wash hands. got tested a few years ago when we found out the house we were renting had lead paint, very low levels at the time. I'm more worried when I come across corroded powdery lead as the lead oxide is the dangerous stuff from what I understand.
  10. Apparently I was mistaken, the 45 acp version is on the Bulldog XL (45 colt) frame and It doesn't look like charter arms has anything in that frame size on the cali approved roster. probably best if you move sooner than later...
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