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  1. As a noob, I'm not turned off by a difficult target, right now my time is going to be over 1 minute whether the targets are 5 feet big 5 feet away or 1 in big 25 feet away, I'm still working on manipulations, transitions, safety and gear considerations. I do desire a wide range of scenarios so things don't feel stale and so I can experience why I might want to do things differently on different stages. Based on the one match I went to, the longtime players cleaned up all the 10-10-4 stages in the mid 20 seconds, the guy who had been going about year said he averaged 35-40 seconds a stage, bu
  2. I used to own a Win/Miroku .357 94AE and traded it along a couple years back. it had some nice features and some drawbacks, but I had originally got it thinking I might use it for CAS someday, I now understand that not many people like it for that use. I was wondering if anyone here had tried to use one at some point and what their experience was?
  3. SR rocks are getting harder to find at a good price. Someone was spreading a rumor that they are going to get banned. Some kid in the middle east took out a ranking badass in a duel with one and now congress is figuring out how to tax them... the locals made that kid a king or something.
  4. as a noob, at my first match I shot 3 stages. most of the time I was focused on safety, getting my guns running correct, not missing and not getting a P. the most interesting aspect of the 3 stages I thought was the challenge of the knockdown SG targets. I saw some of the fast guys with their 12 gauges have to take some extra shots and I wanted to do them clean. they all finished in half of my time, but my 20 gauge put them down first time each one. it was fun.
  5. do these point better for you? Also, do you have an unmodified grip you could take an overlapping pic so I can see how much material was removed? Lastly, did you use a set screw to hold the cylinder pin in place?
  6. I'll probably keep the wood ones and switch them out depending on what I'm doing with it at the time.
  7. is he serving his sentence in FL? "Florida Man" has competition now.
  8. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=inrangetv+davy+crocket&&view=detail&mid=580FF142F294265737E3580FF142F294265737E3&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dinrangetv%20davy%20crocket%26qs%3Dn%26form%3DQBVR%26sp%3D-1%26pq%3Dinrangetv%20davy%20crocket%26sc%3D0-22%26sk%3D%26cvid%3D88E8AC9BB5C64DC6BADE8DA407A4CAE7 not to change the topic, but those reared with a Texas history class, what do you think of this guy's findings?
  9. I'll keep that in mind, maybe if I get an itch to go gunfighter. I believe these would be bodacious in FCGF.
  10. I'm guessing both are eligible for age based categories, or are they not allowed there either?
  11. Do Kirinite, Acrylic and other fancy resins comply with the Simulated materials clause under stocks and grips? Here's an example i'm thinking about picking up for when I make my Remmie a birds head
  12. I see that the Uberti 1873 C&B is listed in exceptions "not allowed" for frontiersman, I see no prohibition for the Pietta 1873 cap and ball, is there a reason the Uberti is not allowed but the Pietta isn't mentioned?
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