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  1. We don't want more peaceful protests, we want more peacemakers...
  2. That's funny/terrifying... We live in a fallen world, Adam was there with Eve the whole time it was going down "she gave some to her husband who was there with her"... He knew better and chose not to intervene and eventually joined her as well... the original sin is all sin, deciding that we know better than what God told us.
  3. as a professional desk jockey, I need reloading in my life, If I don't get to work with my hands on the weekends or after the kids go down, I think I'd go crazy... er...
  4. I'm in SE Kansas, My folks are in Springfield. I'll be down visiting my grandparents by Bull Shoals lake in July. I have several models you could try. Grips and ergos are important, so is clean up after. I've found that I like Remy's better for cleanup, about half as many screws as a colt, but it's easier to change out the grip style on a colt. I have a new spiller and burr that I love, (it's based on the predecessor of the Remy) but my left hand locks up in funny ways when I try to run that gun left handed, right handed it is my easiest gun to manipulate for some reason. So if you are i
  5. Welcome! I attended my first match in December, I showed up with a single action .22, 2 cap and ball revolvers that didn't work and a double barrel. I also brought along two friends, between them they had another .22 single action and another double barrel. We had a hoot and a half! Get thee to a Match and don't miss out on any more of the fun!
  6. Sold some stuff recently so I bought the prime all compound and cap making tool. We'll see how it goes, planning to keep this compound away from my smokeless guns for the time being since I'm mostly shooting cap and ball right now recreationally, I won't have to dip into my purchased primers very often.
  7. didn't you read the part where God told Adam to multiply and fill the earth, or the part where Women wouldn't have found it uncomfortable to do so, or the part where kids wouldn't have been sniveling little tyrants bent on their own self interests? Who needs a condom in those circumstances????
  8. I'm just allowing common guns that aren't currently allowed that non cowboys might actually have in their closet. especially .22's (while currently allowed at many ranges you wouldn't know that by looking in the handbook) it's about getting people to the match, they'll upgrade trade etc to get what they need to compete in real categories, but my category gets them shooting now while they learn the stage flow, posse chores, safety etc. I wanted to codify so much of the "lore" that you don't find in the handbook but gets echoed all over the wire, "bring what you got, we'll hook yo
  9. Please do read the first post in my my beginners category is only eligible for "no miss" and "best dressed" awards if provided. it's meant to get people out with whatever they have to hand, reduce ammo consumption/allow more varied ammo types (inside of what's permitted for safety) and allow "on the clock" practice in a match environment without modification to stage design or separate events. guns can still be loaned to new users to try out, but don't have to be monopolized by a single user for the whole match as long as they brought at least one gun with them. with fewer guns, new s
  10. I can't stand wrist watches, I carried pocket watches for a while, gave away my last one about a year ago to a friend on the occasion of his wedding, been meaning to replace it but I've been picky as to what I want. I still carry a fountain pen every day, at least I was until last week when I misplaced it, I think it's here on my desk somewhere under all these papers..
  11. What is the gal on watch watching?
  12. Pics added; pic credit, Big Timber long story short, this mold doesn't work in my new spiller and burr, I would like $30 shipped for my single cavity Lee 375-130-1R conical mold. Will consider trades for round ball molds in the .375-.380 range. if you have a 36 cal conical mold that uses a heeled bullet that sits down in the cylinder before going to the rammer, that you don't want anymore, that's more what I'm after let me know, but I just need something to get this running now.
  13. Taylors and Co just announced their Aces model, 3" barrel, no loading lever... maybe you can pre-order those?
  14. from Unprofessional Category - SASS Wire - SASS Wire Forum (sassnet.com) "Equipment The minimum equipment requirement is 1 gun with approved ammo. All guns must be main match, side match, buckaroo or wild bunch approved guns (exceptions listed below). All ammunition must be main match, side match, wild bunch, or buckaroo legal, no rifle calibers, no exceeding the main match velocity requirements or deviation from permitted bullet construction. All rifles and pistols must be, limited to 5 rounds loaded. Tube mag shotguns allowed to load 4 in tube. (not perm
  15. I like, and you can try paper cartridges, load them up beforehand, stuff your ball, lube, and powder all in as one packet, ram and cap, pretty fast, Cap and ball guns don't take long to show clear at the unloading table. Alternatively, if you don't want to make the paper cartridges, you can have the preloaded tubes of powder and balls, a little more time consuming to put in the gun, but less time to assemble before the match. remember, you can have everything complete except for capping before you go to the loading table, so you should only have to take your rifle rounds, shot shells and cap
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