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  1. I got lucky with my Rossi, it seems fine with my Lee 125 RF, and Lee 158 2R in both magnum and special length. Plan to try the Lee 200 RF GC for hunting this fall.
  2. Tulsa 2&4th. Saturdays love to have you 

  3. My friend and I are going to try for the August 14th match right before he starts college.
  4. And they shoot on Saturdays! Awesome, thank you!
  5. Hey all, haven't been on the wire much last month or so, been extra busy at work and doing summer activities with my kids. Looking to pick up a match late July or August in Tulsa with my late coworkers son. Any recommendations on clubs or events that are geared towards newbies? I did finally get my 1858 timing sorted out and worked up several loads for my rossi. Just need to source some 20 gauge and load up some ammo and fix some stitches on my leather and I think I'll be ready for match #2... so yeah, suggestions appreciated.
  6. If you want the speed of the APP and the utility of the turret, get a lee auto breechlock pro, it's a 4 stage semi progressive. Stage 1 is centered on the ram for all your heavy duty tasks, it'll take the four tube case feeder, bullet feeders, powder drops etc. Only downside over the app in my opinion is that it can't take single shell holders, so you need a $20 shell plate per case head type and tasks like bullet sizing if you do that are going to require modifications/custom parts or another press anyway.
  7. Fit and finish on this gun were mediocre. Overall I'd rate it as an okay boomer...
  8. I'm a big fan of their paintball guns for certain applications...
  9. Got my 22LRreloader cap maker in the mail last week or so, haven't had time to play with it yet.
  10. this is true, just one should do the trick.
  11. https://www.forgottenweapons.com/gigns-mr73-sniper-revolver-in-357-magnum/ I think the cool thing about these goes back to the ways in which revolvers and semi auto's are reliable in different ways. generally, revolvers are more tolerant of neglect and semi's are more tolerant of high usage. the Manurhin's are designed to withstand very high round counts from the daily training regimen's of the GIGN. I'd love a clone of the MR73 for a truck varmit gun. I wouldn't use a $3K+ set up for that however.
  12. So I'd be looking for the tightest group possible to reduce missed shot? approximately what velocity are you experiencing with the .44 and .45's? I think I can keep the group together better if I reduce the powder charge provided I stay above a minimum velocity that seems to work.
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