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  1. After I graduated College I bought my first gun, it was during the O'Bummer administration and ammo was hard to find, I picked up reloading and started trading around guns until I had everything in .357 magnum as the cartridge family was capable of doing 80% of everything I could see myself needing a gun for and I could feed a lot of stuff with 1 type of cartridge. one of the things I wanted to do was get into shooting competition and when I was researching what kinds of competition I could do with .357, I came across CAS. it's been 10 years since I graduated and started getting into this stuff and I finally have cobbled together enough stuff to get out to a few matches. paying off student loans takes a while, otherwise I probably would have been more involved before now. my next match is the Battle for Baldknobber's Ridge in Branson on June 4th. hit me up if you are going!
  2. that joke had everyone rolling during the French revolution as well...
  3. what ended up working for me, splitting carbs and fats, eating carbs only one meal a day, speed walking for long durations up and down hills a couple days a week and cutting out all sugar. I noticed I lost the most when I could get out and exercise more. hopeful to put off another 10 this summer, but it's been more difficult to get out and exercise lately.
  4. sounds like you have too much ammo, let me know if you need help disposing of it all
  5. Thanks all, for the advice, I ended up loosing 23 lbs and winning, but the winning pot wasn't as big as planned due to my brother loosing his job. Ended up getting parts for some of my guns, ammo and a harmonica. Looking forward to having everything ready to go for a shoot in June.
  6. kinda bummed timing isn't going to work out for this one. Between mother's day and my daughter's birthday I didn't feel right being away or dragging my family along for the ride. We are however looking at Battle for Baldknobber's ridge for my birthday this year. It's about a week to early for me to register as a Wrangler however
  7. In order of preference, disperse the remains of the delivery person, some armor has been upgraded with reactive armor that detects incoming projectiles and fires a disruption charge at the projectile. Some tanks have ablative armor that has a layer that is intended to blow up early to destabilize the incoming warhead. That's about all I think I know...
  8. a more interesting conversation would be, which character's played at cowboy matches currently on the wire would have killed Jonny Ringo and why
  9. Cold water is a great preservative see the Vasa wreck.
  10. having moved to Kenya in 8th grade, I knew better than to use American cuss words, but I happily picked up most of the British exclusive cuss words while there.
  11. the biggest cheat last time was sheltering the voters from the reality of the situation... that only worked before they were in office... they haven't been able to achieve their major programs to solidify their own power, Biden no longer has the political clout to achieve any of his agenda, I don't think they'll be able pack the courts at this point. This isn't a lame duck presidency, his goose is cooked. AAAAAnd, he just keeps doubling down on the stupid. Almost everyone who voted for him either knew what he really was and approve of all that is going on now, or voted because they thought he wasn't going to get into trouble. Well, that's why his polls look the way they do now.
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