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  1. Been out of town and away from computer. The ROA's are still available. These Rugers are in EXCELLENT condition and have no issues. They are as reliable as a cap and ball gun can possibly be.
  2. Very interested in those Rugers. Are you in need of anything -tradewise? Or just the cash?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Lefty Too Slim, Sass#44564

      Lefty Too Slim, Sass#44564

      Just checking to see if you still had any interest in the ROAs.



    3. Cole Younger Requlator

      Cole Younger Requlator

      Still waiting to see if I owe $'s to the IRS--they were supposed to tell me on Fri-- Sorry- I do not want to hang you up-- if you have a sale - take it

    4. Lefty Too Slim, Sass#44564

      Lefty Too Slim, Sass#44564

      I dont at this time. For shits and grins what do you have for trade? You had asked about that earlier.

  3. For sale I have a pair of Ruger old Armies that has had an action job by Lassiter and Super Blackhawk spurs welded to hammers by Boomstick. I don't have the original boxes for them but they are in great shape. They also have the Slix nipples installed. I can email more pictures if needed. $1600.00 plus $35 shipping. No trades please
  4. Not sure if my buddy messaged you or not as my internet has been screwed up. I have a bss 28" in excellent condition with briley choke tubes already installed.
  5. No issue with APP but would use a grease cookie with real black
  6. I'll take them if still available

  7. Lefty Too Slim,

    I need your e-mail address to sent the photo.

    My e-mail address is farofallon@cableone.net.


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