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  1. Happy Birthday, Bloody Bill! Keep on shooting and inspiring others with your words and example. I was a waddie at EOT and talked to you a couple of times, lamenting how hard I'm finding it to start and improve at my "advanced" age in my 70s. Your advice..."practice, practice, practice.....I did it and you can too". Workin on it.
  2. I don't want to hijack this thread about favorite makers, but I wonder if other newer shooters (like me) also have questions about different holster styles in trying to answer the question of favorite holster-rig. I'm trying to work out whether I want my holsters placed at my sides or further forward towards front of pockets (using a loop-over-the belt type rig so the holster can be moved). Also, is it better to have holsters that hold the grip of the pistol completely above the top of the belt or completely below the bottom of the belt or somewhere in between. I know there are some category requirements (SASS handbook gives some information) and personal preference both play a part, but I'd be interested in how more experienced shooters have decided on "best" style for themselves. Thanks.
  3. Johnny, I need one new vaquero, 357, stainless, 5 1/2" barrel. If you happen to have one, let me know how to contact you; I'm here working as a waddie, not shooting. Thanks.
  4. Hey Yul, I'll be showing up Sunday afternoon to register for my waddie duties. Will find you to say hello. OO (Mr) Gayle Rhodes
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