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  1. CN, if the other options don't work out, I have something that might interest you; wasnt really looking to sell, but if it would help you.... Its a Browning BPR that had some water damage. The finish was cracked and metal surfaces had surface rust...some deeper than surface. Affects the appearance, but I have cleaned it up and made sure it functions correctly...it does. Haven't checked it for accuracy but the bore is decent. Plan has been to keep it for my grandson to use as a knockaround plinker, but he has others....not pumps, tho. If it sounds interesting, you can send me a PM with your email for some pictures. Ozark Okie
  2. Very interesting what seems to be happening to 32 magnum prices. Obviously the demand exceeds the supply. Begs the question...are people buying them to put aside as investments...or buying them to shoot. If its the latter....possibly a function of an aging population of shooters needing smaller, lighter guns, maybe the folks at Uberti, Marlin, Winchester/Miroku, et al should be paying attention. Unfortunately, for me, just an old guy who wants to shoot, its a moot point...is what it is...and I'll need to look in some other direction. Haven't given up the search, hope springs eternal and all that....but seems like 32 magnum and me may not happen. OO
  3. Farmer Brown, I'm impressed...and envious! Wish I could create a rifle like that Marlin. I'd say you are blessed and talented to be able to do what you have done with that rifle. Great job with that old rimfire. OO
  4. These conversions offer some interesting possibilities/alternatives. I have done enough research now to see how much Marlin 1894 cowboy 32s are going for even if you can find one. Not sure I am ready to swallow that big a pill right now. A look on gunbroker shows that even 32 rimfire is way up there in price. And 32 20 even more. Tom, do you know where I could find one of the rimfires you mentioned in shooter condition for around $800? Farmer, I like the sound of your 92 converted to 32 S&W long. Just how basic is the gunsmithing required? I know some pretty good gunsmiths for basic work but don't know about their capabilities for barrel and chamber cutting. I'm guessing it would be more difficult to rechamber a 32 20 than a 32 rimfire because of the bottleneck configuration of the 32 20. Thanks again to you all for the interesting information and possibilities. OO
  5. Abilene, Boss, J. Frank - thank you very much for the feedback.....just what I need to help make a rifle decision. Seems like a Marlin Cowboy 32 H&R magnum would be a good choice if I can find one...maybe not so light (very interesting that it is heavier than even the 24 inch barrel 45), but still lighter than the 73 and weight in the barrel to balance better. Boss, I would like to know more about your experience with the Henry 327, will PM. Also probably a long shot but Abilene, if I understood correctly, you mentioned a 73 made into a .32. What would that entail...I do have a 73. Again, thanks for the information. OO
  6. Ike, I appreciate that input and I understand about more steel with smaller bullet, also the effect of barrel length. I'm trying to get my hands on a 32...a couple of friends have them... so I can make a comparison to my 73. Thanks, OO
  7. As I posted a few weeks ago, my 357 New Ruger Vaqueros and Taylor/Uberti 1873 are getting a bit heavy for me to handle, and I am moving towards a change to 32 caliber. I got some very helpful feedback from members and I have now bought a pair of pistols...Ruger Single Sixes in 32 H&R Magnum. Now I need a rifle to match. Hence the title....I want to buy a 32 H&R magnum rifle. If any one out there has one they would consider selling, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks. Haven't really though about trading but one possibility might be to trade my vaqueros and/or 73. OO
  8. Glad to see these go to oldhorsetrader.
  9. Sorry I did not know about that one and did not look up....should have. Already sent the payment. OO
  10. Good Morning, Cholla. I will take 5 - Wicked Western Slope, Grand Mesa Country, Grand Mesa Island in the Sky, Uncompahgre Country, and The Rhodes Reader. Let me know shipping by PM and I will send address. Thanks.. Ozark Okie (aka G. D. Rhodes)
  11. Ozark Okie

    92 questions.

    Pete, you identified the problem area very well. I worked on the lifter plunger to smooth the path out of the bottom "bowl" area; also smoothed the plunger end and took one turn off the plunger spring. It helped....how much will be determined when I can run it at the range. Thank you.
  12. Ozark Okie

    92 questions.

    Like the OP, I love how light and easy to handle my Rossi is and I often choose it over my 73 for those reasons. There is a condition that I encounter fairly regularly that anyone considering one may be interested in. The situation is that I do not always complete the lever-open stroke 100%. There is sort of a natural stop just before the end of the lever stroke...when the hammer cocks and the bolt settles into the underside depression of the bolt. At least on my gun that "natural" stop is too soon...need another quarter to half inch of lever throw to complete the lever/bolt opening and lift the carrier/lifter with new cartridge. With out that extra nudge, the carrier does not lift a new cartridge, I close the lever and no cartridge is chambered....so "click" and redo. I think it is probably just a user error, but wonder if it is "correctable" or changeable/adjustable. I love the gun and keep trying to train myself to make the complete lever throw; of course, when I mess it up is when I'm trying to go faster.
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