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  1. Coffinmaker, Goody, Fast Enuff - thank you all for your feedback. Looking at a Uberti, Pietta to modify might be an option. I did look at the Numrich large frame schematic, couldn't determine that the hammer and trigger combination would work for me, because of hole diameters in hammer and trigger, and pin diameter on the hand...and replacement hand is not available. If I do have to, I'll get whatever seems closest and be prepared to modify to fit. Goody, you may well be my salvation...thank you very much. PM sent. And thanks to all of you for helping. OO
  2. Gentlemen, thank you for your replies. I am looking for a gunsmith who could do the repair, rebuild. Its been pointed out to me that I could easily spend more than the gun is worth. I won't shoot the gun the way it is, but if worst came to worst, I might attempt the trigger filing and hardening myself. Springfield, if you were doing the job yourself would it require special equipment for heating, quenching, tempering? There are videos online that provide the basic steps. I know a special fixture would be required to get the right angle on the trigger. Thanks again to both of you. I really appreciate the feedback. OO
  3. It started when I bought a Hawes/Sauer Western Marshall at a local club sale day. Continued with a second one from Gunbroker, shot my first event with them this past weekend. I really like the guns in spite of their shortcomings...long hammer stroke, recessed cylinders (using my home made dowel rod) , etc. One of the guns has a problem with very light trigger pull; afraid it's the premature hammer, trigger wear that I've read about. (I think I can hear the chorus singing "been there, done that"). I'm including a set of pictures showing hammer and trigger wear surfaces. For reference, the pistol in a 357 mag, serial 8496/3...what I think is referred to as the large frame model....the hammer pivot hole measures .222 in, trigger hole .169. hand pivot/hole .077. Two questions - hopefully the pictures show enough detail to help answer them - is there enough material on the end of the trigger for me to file a new flat surface? - is there a recommended source if its determined that I need a new hammer and trigger? Thanks for any suggestions/advice. OO
  4. Giving this a bump to see if anything may have changed in terms of availability since I posted in January. I do need another one to shoot for the next few weeks. Thanks
  5. Thanks Rufus, Margarita. I have to take a pass on this one....on to next buyer. OO
  6. HI Charlie, PM and PayPal yesterday; appreciate the "pay it forward". I will do the same.
  7. SASS number 108129, shot first event last Saturday (need lots of practice) with borrowed leather. Please let me know PayPal info by pm. Thanks again.
  8. Too Tall, I'll take the 38 spl brass if the spf doesn't work out.
  9. Double Barrel, thanks but I'm going to pass on your offer. Seems a shame to cut up or somehow try to alter a new holster. I believe I can get a factory 1880 crossdraw if I decide to go that way. Thanks again.
  10. Hi Rufus, I'm having computer problems, using my phone to respond. Do I understand correctly that you want you keep the EPS belt and strong right holster. Does that mean you might be interested in parting with the strong left. Also appreciate you looking for other items. Congratulations on your coming retirement...guess you will be tying flies instead of reloading. I'm moving the other direction rightnow...blame it on a neighbor who is a cowboy shooter.....and that there aren't any cold water fish here in New Orleans.
  11. Double Barrel, thanks. The 1880 is close to the Texas Ranger I have, and I'd use one if I could find it for left side. Hmm, just thinking... wonder if I might be able to turn your right side into a cross draw. I like to dabble with projects like that, also have a friend who is pretty good with leather work. If you're interested in selling the 1880, how much would you want for it. You can either send me a pm or answer here. Thanks again.
  12. Rufus, thanks for continuing to look. The EPS looks like a nice rig, interesting that you prefer the money belt - as their catalog says "... allows you to conceal important papers and coins". If I cant find a left side Galco, would like to talk about the EPS. BTW, I haven't asked about the size; think I'm going to need 36/38 to 42/44. Hope you aren't hit too hard with the snow storm. I like your part of the country; have done some trout and steelhead fishing in that part of the country.
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