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  1. Hey Warden, good morning. Good to hear from you. I'm being very cautious about bending the lever. The gun is cycling well now that I have shaved down the back of the trigger so it no longer rubs the trigger guard. You know the approach.....easier to replace a trigger than a lever. Haven't had the opportunity to shoot much lately, but I did manage to run 10 rounds through it - cycled well, but had a couple of FTF. Suspect the ammo I was using (old cci bought on sale a couple of years ago.) but could be the hammer spring. Plan to try the ammo in my Henry, then if necessary add a washer to
  2. Some type of turnbuckle as Goody says...sounds right. Another thought. Maybe some form of rod bender tool...homemade?.....that would fit around the front "leg" of the trigger guard. Use it to bend that front leg part of the trigger guard and force the entire trigger guard and lever backwards. Interesting to think of ways....
  3. I understand....and of course, you do learn from each of those experiences....adds up over time. I'm all in favor of doing it myself.....don't plan to send the gun off; hate to ship guns. I need to be a little more adventurous. Hold my beer, please! And Thanks.
  4. Warden, that method makes sense and I can see how I would do it. What I'm afraid is that by clamping/bending in the middle of the trigger guard area, while it would force an bigger opening and move the trigger guard away from the back of the trigger, it would also bend the level portion away from the stock....which would require another bend to bring it back in line. What would you think of trying to come up with a way to apply backward bending pressure at the lower front of the trigger guard area and push backward toward the buttstock and parallel to the lower edge of the stock
  5. Nate, Warden, Goody - you guys are right, The lever is bent in the trigger guard area. Hard to imagine how...fell, dropped, run over, who knows?? I'm afraid to try and rebend it...wouldnt know exactly where to start or how to do it, and as Goody said, I would need a template. . I have shaved some off the back of the trigger to eliminate the interference and its cycling well. Probably just going to leave well enough alone...at least for now. Thanks for the feedback. OO
  6. Gentlemen, I appreciate all the feedback. OLG, you are right the back of the trigger was rubbing the lever. It didn't feel right, but I ground it down making the trigger thinner....figured not much to lose. Widder, I polished the hammer sides and the tang slot the hammer rides in. You can probably see from the picture of the insides, there is quite a bit of wear in there. I don't have any Mobil one, Warden, but did give the lever and carrier a couple of small dabs of white lithium grease. Finally Snake Eyes, I too found the lever mounting screw to be loose....even when tightened, its
  7. I recently bought a Marlin 39 Century Ltd .22; its a great handling little rifle but something isn't right in the cycling/cocking process. When you operate the lever, it is very hard to get the bolt moving rearward; much easier after it reaches the half cock position. It appears that the rear of the firing pin (a straight up vertical surface) is the "pusher" against the vertical surface of the hammer. Those two vertical surfaces do not make for a smooth start to the cocking action. Sort of hard to envision if you are not familiar with the gun, hope the pictures help. The outside
  8. Bramble, I will take the 3 boxes of 500 100gr RNFP @40/box, plus the partial box of 100 gr RNFP @$15, pending the cost of shipping to zip 70124. Please let me know shipping costs and if I can pay with paypal. Thanks
  9. I know others have looked for the same thing, but thought I'd at least give it a try. The 32 H&R Magnum pistols have become my favorites to shoot; looking now for one pair of white grips so they match. Don't need anything fancy, just plain white plastic. Willing to buy outright or to trade original type walnut grips. There are two wood sets in the picture - the set on the top pistol are for short frame grip; the loose set for a long frame grip. Thanks Ozark Okie
  10. They sold within the last 15 minutes.
  11. Kit replica of Jaguar SS100. How do you like the spare tire...."Remington"?
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