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  1. Hey Stumpman. I'm really sorry about your shoulder problems; afraid that surgery is coming up for me in the not-so-distant future. Encouraging news is that one of my shooting friends had the surgery a few months ago. is doing the therapy and is now able to hold and shoot his rifle. I'll take the heritage 22 pistols; will use them for practice and pass on to my grandson. Let me know how to handle the money and I'll send you my ffl guy's information. One thing I noticed....what is it that looks like a scratch across the cylinder of the lower pistol in the picture (one with lighter colored handle). Is that a scratch or just something in the picture? Thanks OO
  2. Muleshoe, thanks for the follow up. My wife sometimes tells me I have no sense of humor; guess I did miss it in your case. Have to admit when I read your post, I said to myself....now, that would be an interesting guy to have a cup of coffee with...or to share a posse. With that said, based on your sass number, you have been at this sport for awhile......how did you get better? Thanks, OO
  3. Well, the last response kinda leaves me speechless....Muleshoe, maybe my use of the term mental game was not a good choice. I'm not trying to play games as a SASS competitor; just looking for suggestions of things that others have done - beyond the actual firing - to improve their shooting. Thanks for the continuing feedback...from slowing down on tricky scenarios, pre-stage visualization and rehearsal, translation of the stage as gunfighter (gunfighter is hard for me to even score...maybe trying to translate a stage from a gunfighters point of view would be helpful for me...thanks Sarge). And thanks for all the book suggestions....will check them all out. Many thanks, OO
  4. Thanks for all the feedback and the suggestions. I'm reading them carefully...and have started reading the Doc Shapiro book...thanks Yusta. Quick Cal's 50 shot drill has good suggestions for working on target sequences, an area that I need to improve. I pretty much have my guns and ammo to the point where I don't worry about them doing their jobs. And I have developed pretty dependable routines for my gear, loading, etc. I'm not a very fast shooter just in terms of working actions and pulling triggers, so I wont be competing with all the faster, younger shooters (or the faster, older shooters...and there are lots of those). I'm OK competing with myself and working to continually improve. The mental concentration is what I'm really trying to focus on now. Of course, I wont mind if that helps me get a little faster! Thanks again, I really appreciate all your responses. OO
  5. I'm still in my first year of shooting...sorting out guns, ammo, techniques, etc. (comes much more slowly in my 70s than it would have in my 40s). Realizing more and more the importance of the mental aspects of preparing for and shooting a stage/match. Regarding that, are there techniques that experienced shooters use to prepare for each stage, memory techniques for target sequences (more than once, my mind has blanked at the buzzer) or other things to do/not do. Thanks for any suggestions or insights to the mental game. OO
  6. Hey Boomstick, can you tell me the length of pull with the lengthened stock? Also, did you do anything to lower the comb? I'm told there is a tendency for these to shoot high with the standard stock comb. Looks like a very nice gun and I understand the sentiment of not cutting original barrels. Thanks.
  7. Happy Birthday, Bloody Bill! Keep on shooting and inspiring others with your words and example. I was a waddie at EOT and talked to you a couple of times, lamenting how hard I'm finding it to start and improve at my "advanced" age in my 70s. Your advice..."practice, practice, practice.....I did it and you can too". Workin on it.
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