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  1. Blackwater, thanks. I believe I can do that. Will start looking for the replacement sweatband. Hey Galloway, sorry to jump in on your thread, hope the information about sweat bands may be of some use.
  2. Never had a "really expensive" hat, but I've done the wet it and wear it a few times. In fact, a friend once recommended wearing it into the shower to wet it (did get a few comments from my wife about how silly I looked with the circular waterfall off the brim).....works well for fitting to your head and shaping as you like. Related topic - has anyone ever replaced a sweat band. One of my favorite hats that looks a little like the above picture has a badly cracked sweat band that I would like to replace. Thanks
  3. A timely topic for me. In the past few days, I have encountered - 1) a large deposit in the middle of my front yard...although most people are good about picking up, some still do not.....very inconsiderate! 2) bringing in my garbage can after pickup, I find a smushed plastic bag of poop stuck on and left in the bottom of the can. The problem is that the pickup guys often grab the bag of garbage in the can instead of manhandling the entire can up into the back of the truck....and the loose bag of poop is left in the bottom of the can for me to deal with. People should take it to their own garbage. I no longer have a dog, but have had for many years (Brittany Spaniels) - always considered it my responsibility to clean up after them in residential areas.
  4. Don't want to hijack this thread, but with all the knowledge here maybe someone can provide information about a new-for-me map interest. I've loved maps all my life; have a file cabinet drawer of older ones, many were free from gas stations. Also an old crock full of rolled up topos bought for fishing trips over the years. My new map interest relates to the westward settlement of our country, particularly Trail of Tears, cattle trails, railroad expansion. I'm looking for frameable/displayable versions - especially would like to find remarqued ones. I like the small sketches showing details of the land, the people, animals, equipment...usually found in the margins/borders. Would welcome any comments or suggestions. Thanks Ozark Okie
  5. FYI....spoke to The Elder Katy at Pinto's Guns ...that one is gone.
  6. Hey LQJ, I'll take #5, Charles Daly 500 - per our conversation.
  7. ozark


    i have a storer double bbl that was shot by one of SASS's world champions.


    here is the issues, when you close the bbls the gun does not lock into battery.

    in fact the shooter shot it while holding the action closed!  YIKES


    it is missing the lever, i think

    it is also rising the rear stock.


    if you want to see pictures wend me you email.


    you can have it "as Is' for the price of postage.





    1. Ozark Okie

      Ozark Okie

      AD, that does sound interesting. I would like to see a couple of pictures if its not too much trouble. Sure sounds like it can be a good learning project. Email is - gdrhodes70@gmail.com   

      Thanks again.


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