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  1. Its been a while since I've done it but there are also trout in the eastern part of the state....spin fishing and fly fishing ....also a little farther east in Western North Carolina. OO
  2. When I recently started shooting 20 ga, I learned that I needed a different powder from the 12ga I had been shooting. Makes sense, but I just hadn't thought it through. When searching for appropriate powders, I found Winchester 572.....advertised as suitable for rifle, pistol and 20 ga. So far, I have loaded and shot a couple of matches with it and it seems to do the job.....and certainly convenient to use the same powder for all three guns. Not extensive testing, and others with more experience may have more or other results. Good luck. Ozark Okie
  3. I will take them for $30 shipped. May never use them, but I have an Argentine Mauser carbine, nice to know I can load for it if I want to. Let me know by response or by PM how to handle payment and I will send my address information. Paypal friends or personal check works well for me....shipping at your convenience. Thanks.
  4. KId, not sure from your ad, but if its $25 shipped to zip 70124, I'll take them.
  5. Coming to the fire to ask for expert/historical information about this gun; acquired over 50 years ago in conjunction with my first house purchase. I did not know enough then to ask questions about it's background. I shot it once and put it away. Have had a couple of people (knowledgeable, but not necessarily experts) look at it. General concensus seems to be - - its a gun assembled from available parts, maybe a rebuild/refurbish - Remington Rand lower/receiver, Union Switch & Signal slide, internals correct for 1943 time frame....barrel, hammer, grip back strap, etc. - it does not have normal markings.....no armorer marks, no "Property of US Government"...only markings are a serial number on the frame (falls in time frame of Remington Rand 1943) and the Union Switch and Signal logo on the slide. There is no apparent evidence of marks having been ground off. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks. Ozark Okie
  6. This may help... https://www.trapshooters.com/threads/international-clays-for-7-8-20-ga.513513/
  7. Dave, I am very happy to learn about that activity. I have spent some time in the Nantahala Forest and on the Nantahala River. Thank you for posting. OO
  8. Thanks Jack...sending you a PM. I am located in New Orleans.
  9. Making progress on my 20 gauge set up.....now have a pretty nice SKB 100 (27" barrels, mod and full) and 20 gauge dies for my MEC 600. Have a few odds and ends of hunting ammo...used it to shoot a match on Saturday. I'm going to enjoy it...have always loved 20s and don't hunt much anymore, but I do shoot cowboy regularly; this way, I get to enjoy both. Only decisions to make are how far I want to take the 20 in terms of cowboy modifications. I wont be better than a middle of the pack shooter (move to El Patron in June), but I can enjoy my friends and my equipment. Looking for hulls and wads to reload....and powder. I am on the notify lists for powder (Universal, International, 20/28); didn't realize the complications for reloading 20....lots of "no nos" out there about not using my regular 12 ga powders (Clays, some Red Dot) in the 20. Thank you for any feedback, comments, suggestions. I truly appreciate the collective experience of the many of you who have gone down these paths before me. Ozark Okie PS - Widder, if you see this, the Marlin 32 rifle is behaving at the moment. Will give you a call in a few days to update you.
  10. Perro and Sedalia, thank you very much. I think Trainwreck is going to get me fixed up. If for some reason, that does not work out, I'll let you know. Thanks again! OO
  11. I have always loved the lines and handling of small gauge side by sides, and have decided to try a 20 ga SKB for my cowboy shotgun. So now I need to set up to reload the 20. Looking for dies, etc. Since I have two MEC 600jrs, the ideal thing would be a set of dies and other required mechanicals for one of the presses. Or a complete press with dies. May also consider a Lee Load All, but a friend who shoots 20 and has used both says the Mec is much better. Will appreciate information about presses, dies, other requirements. Thanks for any comments, suggestions, recommendations. OO
  12. Goody - not exactly a cowboy poem, but some cowboy sentiments. I've missed seeing your byline. Back in the saddle again A man who has been my friend (and many others as well) Glad you're here again Ozark Okie
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