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  1. I hope this is the right forum for my inquiry......couldn't seem to find a better fit. I'd like to determine if there are Cowboy shooters who might be interested in high end fly fishing gear I gathered over 30 years of living and working in the Northeast USA, and fishing for trout and Atlantic Salmon. Some brands that FFers will recognize are Sage, Orvis, Winston, Thomas and Thomas, Howells, Ross, Streamline, Valentine, Bogdan. With my current location and other circumstances, I'm unlikely to to be using these (except maybe for an occasional trip out West). Selling the gear is OK, but not so easy to do with the type of equipment it is. Trading might be better, requires the right connections, ......and donations, which I have done to Trout Unlimited. Some may stay in the family, but this isn't really their thing. My thing now is Cowboy Action Shooting. Just completing my first year of CAS and looking forward to lots more. I'll never beat the other "Cattle Barons" with whom I shoot, but I can enjoy competing with myself and and pride-of-ownership in the equipment I use. To that end, for example, I'd like to add a high end SKB sxs 12....maybe a 200e with special wood...or a 100 with special wood (special wood is a priority with me....also like the smaller forearm of the 100). If there happens to be a Cowboy or Cowgirl out there that is interested in high quality fly fishing gear, and/or might have a high end SKB, I'd like to hear from you with comments, suggestions or questions. Detailed discussions would be better by PM, phone or email. Thanks for your consideration. Ozark Okie (former Fly Flinger) PS - forget to mention a pretty extensive library of books.....some out of print, some special editions, trout, salmon, fly tying, upland bird hunting. PPS - I am not in a position to provide an extensive inventory of all that I have, so if you do have questions, the more specific, the better. Thanks again.
  2. Hey Thunder Creek, I'm thinking of getting back into shotgun reloading....sold all my stuff years ago after I stopped shooting skeet. Have tried to do some research on the grabber vs others, but after a while, my eyes just glaze over. I get the idea of manual indexing from station to station (I think the MEC 650N does the same). Any information you can provide to help understand the benefits of the grabber will be helpful. Assuming the machine is in good condition without excessive wear or broken parts. Bottom line for me is this - can I take your grabber and what comes with it and start loading 12 ga light loads, without adding any other dies, measures, etc. Need to load maybe 75 rounds a month...not high volume at all, so I really cant justify the cost of a MEC 9000, for example. Thanks. OO
  3. In a previous life, one of my most memorable meals at the end of a hard day afield was a grilled ven'zin tenderloin, a grilled/baked sweet potato and grilled asparagus.....along with a glass of Tanqueray.....one while cooking and another while eating. This memory from the Catskills. Also enjoy roasts in my cast iron dutch oven on a regular basis. Ozark Okie
  4. Bullett, thanks. It looks like mine and fits the bill for my project. Sending a pm.
  5. Patagonia, thanks. I agree that both those threads are great, especially the one about latching; with very good pictures of what changes cause what effects. I think I have a lead on a project/parts gun that will allow me to get even further into the innards....hammers, cocking rods, etc. I appreciate your response. OO
  6. Cherokee, I've tried twice, cant get a message to go....."Cherokee Slim cannot receive messages". If its convenient, you are welcome to call me any time - 845-380-4573. I live in New Orleans, zip 70124. Thanks. OO
  7. PM failed.....".....cannot receive messages"..
  8. Cherokee, I'm interested I'm the books...maybe all of them. Will send a pm... thanks. OO
  9. ozark


    i have a storer double bbl that was shot by one of SASS's world champions.


    here is the issues, when you close the bbls the gun does not lock into battery.

    in fact the shooter shot it while holding the action closed!  YIKES


    it is missing the lever, i think

    it is also rising the rear stock.


    if you want to see pictures wend me you email.


    you can have it "as Is' for the price of postage.





    1. Ozark Okie

      Ozark Okie

      AD, that does sound interesting. I would like to see a couple of pictures if its not too much trouble. Sure sounds like it can be a good learning project. Email is - gdrhodes70@gmail.com   

      Thanks again.


  10. I realize its a long shot but wondering if there might be a broken or retired gun (or receiver/action) out there that I could use to learn on. My regular shooter misfires occasionally and I've read a lot about possible causes - inadequate lock up/action opening, binding cocking arm, etc, etc; but really need to get inside one to learn the details of operation, without taking my shooter out of commission. (I have replaced the firing pins with Longhunter's). Appreciate your consideration. Thanks
  11. Garrison Joe, thanks for the feedback and suggestion to contact Slick....just wouldn't have thought to contact him on the 22. OO
  12. Have been spending some time taking down and looking over the Rough Rider 22s I recently purchased from Stumpman. Gun seems to be pretty well put together and decent parts finishing, looking forward to shooting it. Biggest BUT is the hammer spring.....it takes a major effort to cock the gun. Does anyone have any experience or advice on lightening the hammer spring? I can find information online for reviews, shooting and disassembly but nothing on lightening the spring...so what to do. Don't really trust myself to know where or how to bend it...or how much or where to grind it thinner. I will appreciate any comments, suggestions regarding rough riders in general, and especially on how to lighten the hammer spring. Thanks. OO
  13. Cowboys, thank you for the feedback. Agree the forearm wrap would tighten it up, as would the tape (I'm a big fan of duct tape, having used it for everything from bandages to small boats with my grandkids), but I think I can tighten it up by a little careful "hammer adjustment" on the underbarrel lug.....gonna try that. czhen, I'm ready to modify the contour of my forearm as your are; thinking of taking off maybe 3/16-1/4" on each side, leaving a little up on the barrels. I believe I can do most of the removal on my bench sander and finish the rounding contours by hand. I'd be interested in hearing and seeing what you come up with. Again, my thanks to all of you and my best wishes for a Merry Christmas! OO
  14. Just wrapped up my first year of shooting with our club shoot yesterday; thinking of my improvement plan for next year. In addition to practice, practice (physical and mental), I will likely add a different SxS shotgun. My Stoeger coachgun has served me well and I'll keep shooting it until I find the right deal on an SKB or similar....something that will handle a little more nimbly for me. My least favorite thing about the Stoeger is the forearm: 1) I cant get it to fit tightly...gun locks up tight, but forearm moves a little in my hand. I've used leather shims between forearm wood and barrels and in the locking hook under barrels...still loose. 2), I've never been a fan of beavertail forearms, wonder if there is a way to refine it a little. I know its not a fine English field gun, but if anyone has done anything to reshape one and thin it down a little, I'd like to know your experience. Would have to be well proportioned and I wouldn't want to botch up the checkering. Thanks for any comments, suggestions on the coachgun.....and many thanks for all the help and information I have received over the past year. Merry Christmas to all! Ozark Okie
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