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  1. They sold within the last 15 minutes.
  2. Kit replica of Jaguar SS100. How do you like the spare tire...."Remington"?
  3. Happy to help. I went through the business of trying to figure out which was which. It got a lot easier when I got one of each. Good luck finding the grips you are looking for. Maybe take a look at ebay for older walnut grips which you can shape as you wish. Thats what I did for the walnut one in the picture. OO
  4. Take a look at the two pictures included. Longer grip frame has significantly more metal at the bottom. In the picture of the shorter grip frame, you can see a spacer added to the bottom of a longer grip making a short grip frame gun look and feel like a long frame one. You can also shorten a longer grip by cutting the bottom off to make it fit a short grip frame. (wouldn't want to try and say all that real fast) OO
  5. Hey Widder, I don't like the sound of that....hospital late at night. Hope it was just a little too much birthday celebration. Praying for you to be back "on the job" soon; need your help on a Marlin project. Wishing you easy breathin' Bud, Ozark Okie
  6. Pit Bull, I can only relate my experience. I used Trail Boss when I was shooting 38/357 and because I had it, l looked up 32 loads when I decided to go with 32 caliber. So far, I have fired a couple hundred rounds that all worked fine. - Trail Boss - 2.2 - 2.5 grains - RNFP 115gr - Starline 32 caliber brass - Federal small pistol primers YMMV, but this has worked well for me so far. I'm leaning towards the slightly heavier loads (2.5) to get a better chamber seal. Good Luck OO
  7. Thanks to a number of people on the SASS forums, I have a 32 H&R magnum rifle and pistols....looking for one more tweak. Trying to match-up my pistols (Now have "salt and pepper" combo - per Doc Red Dawg - one blue, one stainless).....want two stainless. WTT - Single Six 32, blue/case hardened, 4 5/8 barrel, white SHORT grip/grip frame....absolutely no issues, looks good, shoots well. Like to trade for (or buy) - Single Six 32, stainless, 4 5/8 barrel, white LONG grip/grip frame (although I prefer the long grip/grip frame, I could use a short one...by using long grip with spac
  8. MIke, thanks. I have had a couple of other options come up; will get back to you if they do not work out. I appreciate your contacting me. OO
  9. Doc, thanks. They do show backorder...if none turn up otherwise, I'll go ahead and do the backorder. Appreciate the information.
  10. I'm starting to shoot the 32s regularly and starting to reload. Finding that another 100-200 rounds of brass would make my logistics easier. If anyone has any extra 32 H&R Magnum brass, I'd appreciate a PM from you. Thanks. OO
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