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  1. Pit Bull, I can only relate my experience. I used Trail Boss when I was shooting 38/357 and because I had it, l looked up 32 loads when I decided to go with 32 caliber. So far, I have fired a couple hundred rounds that all worked fine. - Trail Boss - 2.2 - 2.5 grains - RNFP 115gr - Starline 32 caliber brass - Federal small pistol primers YMMV, but this has worked well for me so far. I'm leaning towards the slightly heavier loads (2.5) to get a better chamber seal. Good Luck OO
  2. Thanks to a number of people on the SASS forums, I have a 32 H&R magnum rifle and pistols....looking for one more tweak. Trying to match-up my pistols (Now have "salt and pepper" combo - per Doc Red Dawg - one blue, one stainless).....want two stainless. WTT - Single Six 32, blue/case hardened, 4 5/8 barrel, white SHORT grip/grip frame....absolutely no issues, looks good, shoots well. Like to trade for (or buy) - Single Six 32, stainless, 4 5/8 barrel, white LONG grip/grip frame (although I prefer the long grip/grip frame, I could use a short one...by using long grip with spac
  3. MIke, thanks. I have had a couple of other options come up; will get back to you if they do not work out. I appreciate your contacting me. OO
  4. Doc, thanks. They do show backorder...if none turn up otherwise, I'll go ahead and do the backorder. Appreciate the information.
  5. I'm starting to shoot the 32s regularly and starting to reload. Finding that another 100-200 rounds of brass would make my logistics easier. If anyone has any extra 32 H&R Magnum brass, I'd appreciate a PM from you. Thanks. OO
  6. Marshall, I know it is very difficult to deal with losing a job in your 60s. I also know that a manufacturing engineer with 30 or more years of experience has something to offer to employers. Obviously the situation in your area is not good or you wouldn't have been laid off, so you do have to broaden your area; even if you have to commute to a decent job, its better to use your expertise that to consider Walmart or Home Depot....not that they are bad, but you can do better. Whatever you have to do to keep that dream house...as you said. I did a quick internet search and found
  7. 32 20 - Yes! It has taken me a few months to put this outfit together, but these are what I plan to shoot for the foreseeable future. The rifle is a Marlin 1894 CCL. Pistols are brand new Uberti Cattlemen from Taylor, with Runnin Iron hammers. They are exactly the same as my 357 Runnin Irons, except the Runnin Irons have a thinner, checkered grip. OO
  8. Al, you know what they say about great minds thinking alike...it took me awhile, but i got there. Last night I was looking at the short and long grips. Interestingly enough, both sized grips fit both guns, even the locator pins were OK. Of course when the short grip was on the long frame, a lot of metal showed below the grip... and when the long grip was on the short frame, the grip overhung....and that's when I saw exactly what you have described. I put both long grips on the short frame and sure enough, it felt just like the longer one. So, that's it....add
  9. Hi #4. Yes, the one on page 1 is my original want-to-buy. I have a 32 mag rifle as you know. Need one more pistol like the one in the picture. Do I remember correctly that you and your wife are shooting 32s....32 20s? I plan to start back to shooting regularly in February and look forward to shooting 32s. Thanks, OO
  10. Still looking for a single six 32 like the one in the picture....stainless, 4 5/8" barrel, fixed sights, long grip. Covid vaccinations will be complete by end of January and I'm looking forward to shooting .32s. Thanks for all the good feedback I have gotten. Ozark Okie
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