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  1. I don’t know, I haven’t fired any 7.62x38 in it. The 32 ACP was at cowboy size targets, so I wasn’t doing precision shooting.
  2. 38-40 has been shot in smokeless and black powder, so some are tarnished. All have been tumbled. Some have been fired in modern guns and some in old guns, so the setbacks will be different. 1 to 4 reloads. SOLD 350 Starline - $90 shipped SOLD 450 mixed (mostly Winchester) - $100 shipped. 38 Short Colt 300 Starline, smokeless and black powder, 1 to 4 reloads. $70 shipped. 38 Spl Mixed brands, fired 1 to 5 times. No nickle, not all tumbled. Have not examined closely, so figure 10% may not be up to par. 650 mixed - $75 shipped.
  3. Trying to get down to one gun safe and haven't shot these in over 10 years or never. SPF. Arisaka Type 38 carbine, ground Mum, Nagoya arsenal, Series 4, 6.5×50mmSR. 19" barrel. Comes with 54 rounds original ammunition on stripper clips (shipped separate). My mothers' first husband brought it back from Japan and my relatives have been fighting over it for 60 years. I'm the last one standing and it's time for it to go. $575 shipped. Enfield 2A. Ishipore .308 NATO, 20-1/2" barrel, 12 round magazine. Marked R.F.I. 1967 62mm. Sporterized. I got this for Wild Bunch matches before SASS regulated them and haven't used it since. $450 shipped. Nagant revolver, double action, Tula arsenal. With holster and import box. Has both 7.62X38mmR and 32 ACP cylinders. $500 shipped.
  4. Mike, I replied to your November 6 message, haven’t seen one since.
  5. ..For various reasons I am leaving the game and Bordertown will be my last shoot. All of the guns have been either main match guns or shot a fair amount. No safe queens here. Some of the guns will be used in the match and won't be available until after the last stage. 1. Consecutive S/N USFA Rodeos, 38 spl, 4-3/4". My main match guns for the last 20 odd years. I got them from Gary Granger before he joined USFA. They are part of the first batch of 100 38 spl Rodeos, so B S/N. Complete with boxes, literature, and cloth sleeves. Patina. Action jobs by an old gunsmith at the Yolo County Airport when I first got them. One has a replacement bolt spring that has not been tuned and one has a replacement ejector rod that doesn't match. $1,400 shipped. 2. Uberti 1862 (5 shot model). I picked this up as a spare and have only shot ten rounds through it. No work done on it and will need better nipples. $265 shipped. 3. Uberti 1851, 5" barrel, 44 caliber. I bought this as a backup gun and for knock-downs. Less than 50 rounds through it. Action is smoothed, Treso nipples, and a cap rake installed. $325 shipped.
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