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  1. I still have a Hi-Standard Sentinel long barrel like on page 6. My dad bought it brand new.
  2. I have one.  Picked it up last year and it is just too different from my Piettas.  Wish I'd seen the one you sold last week in time. 

    Don't know the history, got it from Daniel Dodge.  Someone put a spacer in it and thinned down the mainspring for some reason, so it wouldn't fire any caps.  I trimmed a SAA spring to fit and it seems to work fine now.

    Let me know if you need other pictures.

    $295 USPS Flat Rate insured.  I think you can still ship them USPS, if not let me know how we have to do it now.





    1. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

      Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329


      Thanks for the response, but yours is not the one I am looking  for.

      The one I want is built on the smaller .31 frame, with a step in the cylinder to accommodate a 36 caliber ball. 

      Thank you though.



  3. Hi Red, 

    Happy to take the 38-40s pistols off your hands.  Can you share the serial numbers on both with me?  Have enclosed my FFl.  You can ship  direct via priority mail once I have payment sorted out to you.   Much appreciated.    regards, Levi


    R D Burns

    Burns Custom Pistols

    Meridian Id


    425 391 3202


    1. levi littleton

      levi littleton

      Just checking to see if you got my original message?

    2. Rillito Red

      Rillito Red

      Crossing messages.

      USFA  22358

      Colt 335657A


      I'm not an FFL. I can ship them priority mail?


      My preferred payment is USPS money orders.


      Art Johnson

      5647 Charles Russel Rd.

      Las Cruces, NM  88011

    3. levi littleton

      levi littleton

      Hi Art,

      Medium USPS flat rate priority mail boxes run $13.85 each.  No need for insurance or signature on my end.  $1450 per gun and figure on two boxes from the post office.  Makes it a total of  2900 plus $28 shipping.    $2928.  Is that correct?




  4. Original 1889 vintage, cut down barrel, bore too big to cut threads for a choke. The favorite local shotgun targets were 2" and 3" steel pipes that you had to knock over. 60 grains wouldn't do it. Ended up with 83 grains black with a modified shot cup to keep it together. Worked great and everybody on the posse felt the boom!
  5. I once loaded up a batch of cartridges for my standard broomhandle with Triple 7. It cycled well enough that I used it in an early Wild Bunch match.
  6. I did lose a screw from an original about 12 years ago. It was between stages, and I spent the entire lunch break covering the ground with a borrowed 5 lb magnet (thanks Fiddletown). Finally found it in time to shoot the afternoon stages. Original screws were custom fit, off the shelf ones need to be fitted. The new guns have standard screws (I know this because I'm a slow learner).
  7. I always thought he was the good guy in Posse. Or maybe the least bad guy.
  8. I used a full buckhorn with a Beaches' front sight on a carbine for a while. The double ring was real fast for target acquisition and I never missed with it. Should have kept them when I sold the gun:(
  9. They have been showing episodes on Sundays, but it looks like they are shifting to Saturdays come the new year. I get the channel on Dish. They are also showing The Restless Gun with John Payne.
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