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  1. You are looking at close to a year of shoots to get good with an ‘87. Figure the cost of sending it to Lassiter if you want to be at all competitive with it. The difference between the gun from Coyote Cap and Lassiter's work was night and day. He will improve the new guns just as much. You will be faster with a double, but you will have a lot more fun with an ‘87, especially with black powder.
  2. I'll take the canvas belt. PM'd you.
  3. Muzzlelite MZ870 kit for an 870 shotgun. MWS is still in business, but doesn't make these anymore. All parts and instructions. I had it on the gun for 15 years and used it twice. Functions fine. Includes a cheap Red Dot type sight. First 3 pictures are the kit, last two is how it looked assembled. $85 shipped.
  4. My 06 Coyote Cap '87 did not allow loading the tube after Lassiters magic. You need to decide between drop two or having 5 or 6 rounds. The obvious answer is to buy two
  5. If you shoot 38 SC in a 38 spl you will build up a ridge of crud in the chamber that will stop 38 spl’s from going all the way in. Otherwise a good SASS round.
  6. It looks like they are made by Wuxi Bam in China. They make a lot of air rifles and a low cost AK shotgun that reviewers like. Also parts for Stoeger.
  7. They are on the Cimarron website at $623. Pics at the Firearms Depot website show a black finish, no blueing, but nice looking wood. You are probably getting just what you’re paying for and nothing more. I would guess you need to send it to Lassiter just to get it running right.
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