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  1. I set mine even more restrictive, to no notifications at all. Did follow the "learn more" link, which took me to Mozilla's page about Web Push. When I looked at my Firefox notifications settings, there are no websites allowed. According to the instructions, I can block a site, but I think only if it is listed in the first place. If I'm the only one having this problem, and it isn't an option on the SASS site to turn off, I'll just live with it. Thanks to you and Sedalia Dave for the help. EDITED to add screen shot.
  2. Tried that, to no avail. Set all "notifications" to "no", but still get the window prompt when I change pages. Even signed out, closed browser, then reopened and signed back in. Up she pops. I wish I could help. It reminds me of the window I see asking me to change my browsing options (all sites, not just SASS). IIRC it asks about change or ask me later. This seems to be a personal setting, not universal as only you have reported it. Following is a screen print of my Notification Settings and I do not see what you see. Try setting yours like mine Your screen will not be exactly like m
  3. I keep getting a popup window asking if I want to get notifications from this site. The selection options are “Always receive notifications” and “Not Now”. If I select “Not Now”, it goes away and comes back as soon as I change pages. Can I make it go away permanently without selecting “Always”?
  4. Howdy, Wyatt.

    Just posted an "I'll take 'em" on the Classifieds fer the .44-40 dies etc. If you can send me yer snail address, I'll get a check out to you right away. Don't need to express them to me; pony express works fine.


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