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  1. You are correct. All I could fine at first were the CCI. But Midway is limiting the purchase to one brick of 1000. So with the cost of the primers, shipping & Hazmat they are just too expensive for one brick of 1000.
  2. If the price is reasonable I would jump at them. Cowboy guns are not usually particular about the primer.
  3. I have heard others that have experience with CCI SPP in race ready guns say that they have had multipul FTF with them. I have also heard that CCI has recently changed there primers because of this problem. I don't have any first hand knowledge about this only what I have heard.
  4. Was it a fired primer or an unfired primer that fell into the rifle?
  5. I have a gently used Lyman Single Stage Press. It belonged to a friend of mine that used it for loading blanks for Civil War reenacting. It is in good shape but does show some use. $150 shipped to the 48. Send me a PM if you are interested.
  6. It's called a "Senior moment". LOL
  7. If I remember correctly I purchased some Goex in 50 pound bags not more then 10 yeas ago.
  8. I have always had good luck with any RCBS product I have purchased.
  9. If I don't wet the gasket before I screw it on it will usually leak.
  10. You are correct but you have to realize that there isn't an BATF agent behind every bush.
  11. Maybe you could find a local cowboy that reloads and pay them to make reloads for you. I know that there are many people that have friends load for them. I reload my own but then I kinda enjoy loading.
  12. No scolding intended, it is just that I have seen this a few times and I didn't want him to fall into this problem. Happy Trails to you.
  13. Also even tho you are shooting cap & Ball and it takes time to reload them, don't forget that you also have posse duty to do.
  14. Cypress Sun I would be interested in it for use in a 66 I use for reenacting. Where can I get one?
  15. Thanks for the heads-up but when you add the shipping and hazmat to the already high price, it is not worth it for me.
  16. Yes, components are hard to find at the present time, but sometimes if you search hard enough they can be found. The prices tend to be a lot higher then they were 2 years ago but so is factory ammo. I try to use both avenues of supply to keep myself shooting.
  17. If you are getting back into SASS you should seriously consider reloading. Not just for the cost savings but to have an additional avenue of supply.
  18. Starline sells 45 Cowboy Special brass for 141.50 per 500. But they are out of stock at the present time.
  19. Using Friends and Family on paypal and not saying anything about guns or ammo is standard practice for many. But the great price and bad English would scare me away.
  20. OP, It is a bad idea to put your email address or phone number in a WTB add. Bad people surf web forums like ours looking for this. Then they search the web and find a picture of what you are looking for and send it to you like they have it for sale. Once you send the money you never hear from them again. At least with a PM you stand a chance of knowing if they have a presence on the forum and can see how long they have been a member. Just my two cents.
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