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Gatling gun for sale

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Tipmann Armory 9mm Gatling gun for sale. New in box, unfired. Includes carriage, tripod, plus 2  40 round magazines I bought.


I bought this thinking my machine guns wouldn’t  be here until about Christmas. I was wrong. I already have 3 in my possession, so the Gatling is unnecessary.

Pictures will be added as soon as my wife is able.:rolleyes:

I will be at Tennessee State next weekend if you’re interested. In fact I’m willing to deliver within a days drive of Houston. Actual shipping of this is stiff. I know.

Actual price from a dealer is well over $6000, so it’s a bargain if you’ve always wanted one!

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PM on its way.

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6 hours ago, Tex Jones, SASS 2263 said:


It will look great on a gun cart!  :D

I’m thinking a gun cart that will allow the Gatling gun to be carried in an enclosed interior and when it’s set up at the line it will be mounted to a platform on top of the cart. Don’t think many ranges would want you rolling a Gatling gun around with the barrels sweeping everyone. I’m going to be laying awake in bed a lot at night thinking about this build if I get it.

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1 minute ago, Sedalia Dave said:

You could hide it in the front Box. When you open the top, it would rise up into firing position.

That’s been one of my ideas, too. I’ll give you credit if I do it.

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