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  1. Any Remington 870DM 6-rnd shotgun mags?
  2. $75 FTF only - chattanooga area
  3. Bump, still no luck I appreciate everyone that has reached out to help me
  4. Yep, I know several shooters in my club that shoot 16 1/8" trappers with 10 rounds 38 special without any problems.
  5. Wow, that's awesome Pard! Congrats. Dillon is really losing out on business by having an inaccurate backorder status page... ???
  6. The current wait time for a press ordered from Dillon is 12 weeks according to their website: https://www.dillonprecision.com/backorder-status.html I guess I'm too impatient!!
  7. I bought mine last week from Titan Reloading in 357/38. They have one in stock right now in 45LC: https://www.titanreloading.com/dillon-precision-products/dillon-presses/DILLON-XL750/DILLON-45-COLT-XL750 You can buy it and get a conversion kit for 223 if that's what you need (and sell the 45LC on ebay). There are also a few on ebay.
  8. Interested in 16" length Uberti 1873 rifle -- either the trapper (Stoeger/Uberti) or Taylor's compact carbine. 357 mag
  9. Please PM me if more 45LC starline rounds available
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