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  1. Ignore Barkeep Casey, he's a troublemaker
  2. North Alabama Regulators naturally https://practiscore.com/clubs/north_alabama_regulators Great club, great folks. Many on this forum.
  3. Thanks. I ended up going with the Crimson Trace Laserguard Green Laser Sight for my H&K VP9; SureFire x300 flashlight and a HoloSun HS507C-X2 red dot for my CZ Scorpion pistol with brace; and a Streamlight TLR-8 because why not.
  4. I'm shopping for night-use optics for a picatinny rail, something like a Suresight XVL2-IRC that has dual laser and flashlight. High battery life, no re-zeroing issues, easy windage/elevation adjustment, etc. What configurations/options have people had success with? I spent a few hours this morning searching online and have become overwhelmed with the options
  5. I wasn't super pleased with my DAA wrist timer. It doesn't reliably pick up dry fires and some of the features aren't suited well for cowboy shooting. Their support told me it's made for Airsoft, not cowboy action
  6. The model is the pocket pro II. You can get them on amazon I also own one of the Double Alpha ShotMaxx 2 wrist timers. Main downside is lack of dry fire. https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/shotmaxx-2
  7. Dillon's press cover works well... https://www.dillonprecision.com/xl-750-650-machine-cover_8_3_23825.html
  8. From what I've seen at auctions, you can't get an original Henry in firing condition (and even then, calling it firing condition is a stretch) for less than $25,000. Modifying that valuable a collector's item for shooting doesn't seem like a great idea. It's probably doable though
  9. I don't think people left off information - I think the registration page unfortunately was buggy and LOST that information.
  10. I spoke to Ruby at SASS HQ yesterday evening and she made it clear that nobody is "in" until the list is finalized and published, sometime early next week. I placed my order within 2 minutes of the registration going live, my card has been billed, I got confirmation emails, and I spoke to someone at SASS. But, according to SASS, I'm not "in" yet.
  11. I’m confused at those that are saying they are “in”. I got the same call and was told nobody is in until the shooter list is released next week
  12. He’s also a world class competitive skeet shooter and really dang fast cowboy action pro
  13. Fast Eddie near Atlanta. He's amazing
  14. Sold pending funds to new shooter Col. Rip McCord
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