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  1. Capn' Bill, sorry to hear of your troubles making it home after the match yesterday, but I'm glad the story ended well. Fast Eddie is the type of cowboy that has always given more than he takes - he's a top shooter, but at the same time, takes care of others in a thousand small and large ways - from slicking up our SKBs to giving advice on how to be as fast as he is. Truly a great person; we're lucky he shoots at our club! EDIT: Did I forget to mention the huge role he plays in GA State matches?
  2. I went to the local UPS Customer Service Center this morning to ship 4 revolvers to Jimmy Spurs and got the usual conniption/mass confusion. According to this clerk, UPS stopped shipping all guns and ammo earlier this year and only recently re-instated it, and with new rules. She claimed you can only ship a single gun per box and they must only go to the manufacturer (not a gunsmith). She pulled out a printout that looked like a powerpoint slide deck of "new rules" and opened up the box. She called their support line and after about 15 minutes trying to explain the scenario to them, she wen
  3. I have 7,000 Federal LPP I'd sell, if you'll be at EoT.
  4. Come find Picket at EoT if you want ~2000 mixed head stamp 38 spc brass. Some are once fired, some are 5 times fired, some are clean, some aren't. Yours for free, first that says "I'll take it" here
  5. Since this topic was brought up, regarding coloring your sights, quoting page 34 from the January 2021 shooter hand book: At a recent match, I saw someone with fluorescent orange painted front sights. I'm not sure how strictly these rules are enforced, such as at a match like EoT. But folks should be careful.
  6. aaaaaaaaaaaand he promptly rejected me. something about "they didn't shoot 9mm back in the old west" pff
  7. Maybe Fast Eddie will let me wing something. I've got some stages already written!
  8. Is there a vendor list for the match? Also, why is there no PCC?
  9. I bought my original Winchester 1873 38-40 from 1880s at Rock Island Auction Live. I also bought an original 92 takedown and 73 in 22 short. RIA sells these at just about every auction, and you can pick one up, depending on condition, for anywhere from $2k - $8k
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