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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaand he promptly rejected me. something about "they didn't shoot 9mm back in the old west" pff
  2. Maybe Fast Eddie will let me wing something. I've got some stages already written!
  3. Is there a vendor list for the match? Also, why is there no PCC?
  4. I bought my original Winchester 1873 38-40 from 1880s at Rock Island Auction Live. I also bought an original 92 takedown and 73 in 22 short. RIA sells these at just about every auction, and you can pick one up, depending on condition, for anywhere from $2k - $8k
  5. This is so weird I have to buy it ill take it
  6. Is that an opinion or is it written down somewhere or?
  7. Exactly. It’d be nice if anyone did know, like let’s codify the rules somewhere and put this dog to bed
  8. This is not a flea market. It’s also not a vendor area. It’s the classifieds.
  9. Moderators always wipe posts when this topic is brought up. I mean normally in a matter of minutes. Yet they’ve never responded to my DMs /shrug
  10. Now you've done it... Moderator take down in 5... 4... 3...
  11. ** tapping finger on table eagerly awaiting moderator social justice to intervene **
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